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  1. Yea, I play on renaissance and revealed, but since the updates to the enhanced client I absolutely love the way it plays and revealed is the only shard that supports the enhanced client in that era.
  2. Me and some buddies are playing on a free shard uorevealed.com it is totally free and you get skills really fast. the set up is easy too. The server just opened 3 weeks ago and it has become my favorite freeshard. It has enhanced and classice client support and is in the renaissance era of ultima. If you need a great pvp game come play with us! If you don't know ultima online is the MMO that started it all before Everquest. If anyone has any questions let me know ill be happy to help. www.uorevealed.com
  3. 1. One character per account. 2. Limits to multiple crafting proficencies but not making it impossible to get them all. I am thinking siege perilous type skill gains where at a certain point you can only gain x per day or week so if you focus on one it will finish in a relatively acceptable amount of time, but multiples would only be for the people who love it. 3. An off line resource system (wow garrison / archeage farm) but no carebear poorly made socks, gotta toughen it up 4. Meaningful reason to play when you have a "bank" "maxed character" etc. focus on end game.
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