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  1. A lot of older boards back in DDR1-2 days once you go to 4 dimms the max speed the ram could do drops. For example back in DDR1 days my ASUS board could run all 4 dimms at 400 MHz no prob. When that board died the cheaper board I got could only run 2 dimms at full speed. Same happens with ddr2. I've seen friends pcs who w 2 dimms could run 800mhz/1066mhz. Once you go to 4 dimms the machines either beep w memory errors or could only run the 4 dimms at 667mhz. All depends on board/chipset/quality/ram brand. They make those approved lists for a reason. Another example is back in DDR2 da
  2. Solid client performance. Good UI Solid client performance Good race/class/combos that are balanced Client performances......... Can't stress it enough dit oes not matter how good a game is conceptionally .........if the client/server performance sucks.....player pops will plummet and everyone will trash talk the game to the friends and it will just be that MMo that everyone hopped on for 2-3 months in dec 2016. If the performance is solid they can tweak the in game mechanics/balancing later.
  3. Have to check your ISP for throttling. My home I got 50mb/s but the second I use Hulu or Netflix my ISP throttles me. I see pings go from 20-50 to 500-600+ and download speeds of 4-6MB stop streaming and poof all good. It seems common in my area for people who get internet only and no bundles.....(it get so bad I lose connection to heart stone tons of times during matches while streaming...... But at my work and my fathers which uses slow 8 meg DSL I never once lost connection to heartstone while streaming despite the inferior connection.
  4. Makes you wonder when game studios published by corporations traded everyday on stock market, how much influence/pressure is put on developer/management meetings. Pre-WoW if you had over 150k subs that wasn't bad....was actually pretty descent. Once wow came and hit millions upon millions of subs seemed every MMO owned by a publically traded company all went if we don't have a million subs you guys aren't doing your jobs right. Why I have high hopes for this game beyond the team working on it...its a small studio not answering to EA, Activison, Sony, etc etc who all have to report gro
  5. Pc games.....ultima 7 / 7 part II....8..... Elder scrolls arena and daggerfall..... For multiplayer battle drome, mech warrior......falcon 3.0...... X-com enemy unknown, wing commander 1-2, privateer 1-2. Diablo I, II... Wolfenstien, doom 1-3 Warcraft 1 & 2...... Quake 1 and 2 X-wing ....tie fighter......xwing vs tie fighter........ Wayway too many to name...... As far as MMO A small space game called sub space played that 95-97......1st game I played that had 100's of people playing same time that didn't require everyone being on a lan. Game took a good amount of skill.
  6. Minotaur were in Shadowbane at launch.....years before wow ever went live.
  7. Where I was kinda going with my question. Also as a way to detect enemies that are incoming. In large battles though might be to overwhelming the amount of extra sounds. But in small scale could be fun.
  8. Will there be any use of player foot step sounds.......or with mounts hearing mounts hooves? Just curious.
  9. Based on what's be revealed so far this seems the most powerful via Imgflip Meme Maker It's in pre-alpha we haven't even hit the tip of the iceberg yet.......... The art/animations make me want more........draw ACE...draw!!!....more races more classes........
  10. What's more important your virtual pixels.......or your virtual world pride!!!
  11. There was the whole EB caused melt down of Galahad RL ..caused by our intense baning of his pixels......that was both epic/sad.
  12. I'd would siege the kardasian compound ....set it ablaze after full looting.....pour salt on the yard in the shape of #Crowfall if I thought it would help...... But alias their legal team is more powerful then their media/gossip site rolling team.............. Kick starters/crowd sourcing supporting other great kick starts/etc is the new paradym which will hopefully just the small indie studios revolutionize the way games are made......for the people by the people....not too make a game to make sure some companies stock doesn't go down.
  13. In any PVP game with full loot the majority of the players will use armor/weapons recipes that are the most economically viable. No one in their right mind is going to run solo with the most uber gear...just to get ganked and lose it. Like in UO most people used GM made armor weapons....rarely unless running with a crew would the bring out the good power/vanquishing weapons. CrowfAll im sure will be the same. Where a range of affordable mid tier gear is used for the daily......and maybe 1 good set is saved for the huge more important sieges at the end of a campaign when the world w
  14. The shout out from Chris Roberts/Star Citizen I'm sure helps a ton. That provides a lot of traffic and attention to this project.
  15. I do wonder if eAch God will grant a particular buff or world bonus to make char creation even more tricky :-)
  16. If you like that one, here is one more for you...... via Imgflip Meme Maker
  17. There must be an error I don't see Malok on the list :-)
  18. True but the majority of casual pc gamers just use their pcs instead of consoles.....so games, FB, porn, web...etc......there's only a small percentage that are huge power users.......ie can build there own....and use it to its full potential. It's like someone building a x99 build and they only play wow 1080p , and them complaining about their frames....when they already got a Titan card and them moving to new Titan will fix it. ( RL example of a friend who buys way way way more hardware then he needs....yet never even oc'ed his cup....or set his ram timings properly....yet alone how to opti
  19. Just keep in mind CPUs in desktops are usually far superior. For example mobile i5's are dual cores......while desktops are quad cores. CPU clocks doesn't matter if its amd or Intel are far higher on desktops. They usually advertise the top turbo speed as its actual running speed when in fact it will run much slower due to heat constraints. That why notebook gaming pcs although extremely over priced offer far superior fan and ventilation then the cheaper laptops. Either way for a gaming rig always go desktop. A cheap 500-700 dollar tower can usually smoke a note of almost twice the
  20. For a descent 1080p setup tower monitor keyboard mouse = 900-1400 going over that reaches a point of overkill......it's like get a $3,000+ pc and all you do is play LoL..... For 4k same thing = 2000-2700 The main troubling thing as a pc gamer is the low quality of console ports......cod:ghosts and Ac:unity for pc....just to name a few of many....when the developers get past 3+ patches for a game in under 2 months and still has a lot of bugs even on top end hardware........makes you wonder how good a pc do you need when the large corporations tArget release for consoles and us pc use
  21. They see saw depending on who has the better architecture at the time. Just go to toms hardware look at their video card section...and for the best video cards for your money for that month.....and pick one that meets your budget...... Also if you plan on going 4k I'm going to assume you have a huge budget just the monitor alone costs more then some peoples towers......... Best thing is first make a budget.......say least I will spend is x and most I'd spend is y.......then find the best parts for the money......also do you plan to overclock? If not that can save you some by getting no
  22. I'd love to lie and say it was the only one......but me and my roommate both played a lot of UO once stat loss for reds was put in and you died from lag or server boundaries keyboards died it was irrating....although since 2002 no others keyboards has been broken over my leg. So I've grown a little :-) We used to keep 3-6 spare keyboards.....at all times.......drunken UO was a dangerous game....... Like being 15 beers 4-5 shots...and a bong rip in on a Friday night then showing 4 friends some ok action....being so tanked going into destard kill one person die to dragon breath ( which i
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