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  1. Mind sharing what you are going with?
  2. My current understanding is that everything will be pre-built and we as players can choose to allocate resources we harvested to building it and ranking it up. But no original design.
  3. Is anyone going to provide any answers to these questions? They seem fairly relevant. I always loved city building in SB - and here the EK does a great job of what it "could be". Is this going to be something everyone can do in a single landmass in dregs?
  4. Hello Crowfall Community, tl;dr's - could a que up for arena fight mode for those seeking immediate combat gratification be a fun option? It is likely this idea has already been discussed - but for full disclosure - I didn't do a full "forum review" (is this a new term for literature review?) Recently I have been playing Conqueror's Blade - very fun and simple combat action type MMO - (think Mount & Blade's single player mode turned into an MMORPG) or for those of you who enjoyed the wonderful cRPG mod for Mount & Blade: Warband - think an upgraded version of that. Crowfall's throne wars idea is great. But generally I have 1 to 2 hours to game. (I am a dad gamer with a full-time job, kids, and limited time) Sometimes I want an easily accessible and really fun combat experience. But I also like the level up, gather resources, craft gear, build a city, etc...piece of MMO's. It makes me feel like everything is just a bit more meaningful. Can Crowfall be a 2-in-1er? I am sure there are technological hurdles, likely insurmountable, but would like a simple arena deathmatch type game be an option players would like? Let me know what you think and have a wonderful week! Best, Numa
  5. Possible solution - could the passive training be more of a teeter totter versus a positive linear growth curve? Example - new account necromancer - is actually able to make better green vessels compared to an old necromancer account that can craft legendary vessels better. Thoughts?
  6. Not really a solution - I mean we can ignore the issue. But it is likely we will lose some players because of it.
  7. Hello Crowfall Community, I was talking with some fellow testers. TLDR; I like the passive training system, others don't - they view it as barrier of entry for new players. So I view the passive system as a mechanic to balance powergamers vs dad gamers. This goal is accomplished with the current passive training system. But the main complaint is that new players have to wait x-amount of time to catch up. So my question - is how do we on board new players who want to do action X,Y, or Z, but are curtailed by the passive training requirements? Please forgive me regarding my lit review - (I didn't review forums to see if this question has already been asked).
  8. Hello Crowfall Developers, We tested some ring types and think we found a bug - the rings do not get any Exploit Weakness: Animal See screenshot. Please advice, Best, Numa
  9. I was curious if anyone has already reverse engineered the formulas for assembly/experimentation/and experimentation points? If so do you mind sharing? If not could ACE release this data for testing purposes? Thank you, Numa
  10. Hello Community - I made an observation - why would you want strength or intellect for harvesting if tools + leadership buff + jewelry + armor can make a non-strength character crush through R10's like a hot knife through butter? Dex increases your critical harvest chance - which seems to be the only thing you would want if DPS isn't an issue. Anyone else agree or disagree? Also - I like to post a recommendation when pointing out potential problems. (I tell my daughter "if there is a problem, there is a..." and she replies "solution") Make armor of the nodes much higher so strength or dex is required to dps quickly. Make it a cost of time increase for increase in criticals versus time decrease for increased dps. Thoughts?
  11. Hello scree, Yes I responded late. But I maintain a longer term perspective on the world. I played Shadowbane from 2004-2008-9. I have been with my wife for over 16 years. I expect to live circa 50-70 years. So, Crowfall is going to be a big deal game for me. I am hoping it will be my main form of gaming entertainment from 2019-2025ish, if not 2030. That means I will have been a part of the Crowfall community from Jan 2015 to possibly 2030. This makes 2 years not so bad. Anyhow - I also work full time, have 2 young children - bottom line - not much time. But when I do I test Crowfall!
  12. Hello GP, I remember you and moonglow - was fun to ally with you and hunt you at times as well. The majority of the Takeda Shogunate fellas (ever only about 7-9 of us) will not be playing Crowfall. But I will! and I am super excited about it too boot! I am definitely looking for an old SB guild that knows how to organize and win fights, but also is somewhat casual and chill. I look forward to playing a game with you. Numa
  13. Hello (anyone who will listen) I have recently purchased a new phone and my google authenticator doesn't work anymore. I was wondering if this is something I need to fix or is this something that can be fixed on the artcraftent side? My general issue is - A) I cannot login when executing the crowfall updater and I cannot login to participate in testing. Also - when I do login via reset passord and clicking the link sent to my email - I cannot remove the 2FA feature or change my password (because it all req's the 2FA). So any help/suggestions would be appreciated (no trolling please, ((or does that just mean I am asking for it?)) Best,
  14. Hello Community! We are an old school family/friend gaming guild. We have been around since 1999 - UO/AC our roots. And just have been jumping game to game trying to get back into a good MMO. Really haven't had one since Warhammer - and that wasn't really even good! Anyhow I don't know if anyone will remember us from the old Dread days, we crumbled and mostly left SB once our little city of Shinano was seiged and destroyed. Hope this game is something like an updated SB!
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