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  1. I think it's more a point of interpretation. Having played AA, and after reading the above portion of your post, that is the best example of why it is P2W or Pay to succeed. You pay $14.99 a month and play your ass off in game to make that gold. I am so in favor of that. But, I can be a free player and open my wallet and do the same thing. I never did anything in game to get that gold. Then we both can compete for the crafted gear. If I don't have to actually play the game (and by that I mean grind, craft, farm etc.) and can open up my wallet and get the same thing as you, that is P2W. And that I hate.
  2. Definitely intrigued. But, I'm looking at everything over the fence. I'm not ready to climb over and jump in the pool.
  3. So...when I read the FAQ and many responses here it sounds like the OP is correct, to an extent. If I want to be ranged DPS that isn't magic based I am a Stalker and I have to be Elken. If i want to be a Tank I must be a Human Knight, etc.. Hmm... If that is how it works then I hope they offer many, many, many archetypes because I'm not sure how well this will fly with many gamers. Hell, I like it when you lock classes to races and gender, but I sure don't want to see only one race per class no matter how awesome the promotion system is.
  4. Ok... I guess I missed your point from the post I quoted. I hope whatever penalty there is is steep.
  5. So you think if there is no penalty, and you can leave whenever you want, will promote contested campaigns? You don't think instead that they will become extremely one sided as the majority of players want easy wins? Interesting theory.
  6. I'm being cautious here. The previous two times I was incredibly hyped about MMOs were for WildStar and Horizons, so, yeah...
  7. Definitely concerned with Human nature for the Campaigns. How they manage leaving an in progress campaign will make or break it for me. I hate losing, hate it with a passion, but I hate quitting or giving up even more. Nothing would be worse than being in a year long campaign and finding myself 1 or 2 months in on the losing end, and people bailing from my side. Suck it up and strategize and put forth effort to try and win. Don't quit! But we know human nature for a game is not that way. If exiting a campaign is meaningless or trivial then there will be a whole lot of hopping going on.
  8. I fell for it! Nice one freeze
  9. How goes it folks. This looks like it has some potential and it has tickled my interest. Look forward to learning more and discussing things with you.
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