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raeshlavik last won the day on January 3 2018

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    Game theory, systems, and development.
    Roleplay settings and systems.
    Writing and illustration.
    3D modeling and world design.
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    Denver, Colorado

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About Me

The Man

The CIO for an outsource software QA firm by day, a mad inventor of fantasy and science fiction settings by night, and co-lead for a guild called VIGIL.


The Myth

I got my first box-set of D&D in 1977, and have been an incorrigible roleplayer ever since. This has led to a life-long fascination with the realm of the imagination, and eventually led to my 20-ish years in the Interactive Entertainment industry.

Over the years I've worked in some capacity on more game titles than I care to mention, published two roleplay settings of no real consequence, and have led literally thousands of people through various fantastic realms of the imagination both in-person and online.


The Legend

Video Games offer the opportunity to invite someone into a living, breathing version of someone else's imaginary world, and when MMOs like Ultima Online became a reality that offer was extended to thousands of people at once. But building a full-on MMO requires a herculean effort by dozens of specialists over years of time, so the medium is limited to a few dozen content producers for millions of content consumers.

The 'Holy Grail' for me has always been an MMO where I can create some or all of the content, and until Crowfall's "Eternal Kingdoms" idea I was limited to things like Second Life. Granted, I'm told that what I do in SL is astounding, but SL's downfall is its flexibility: you cannot hold the players to a rule system very easily because SL exists to not place boundaries on players.

So with Crowfall I've found that potential Holy Grail of uniform game / combat system and the ability to bend a bit of it to my will.

And that's why I'm here.


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