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  1. Graphical content opinions are always a fascinating thing to watch because graphics, like art, is purely subjective. But there are a few things you can learn from the topic... Hardcore PvPers rarely care about the graphics as it's all about the gameplay... The game could just be various multicolored cubes, but if the combat loop is phenomenal they'll play it religiously and theory-craft about it for hours and hours. If the game has decent graphics, and there's a hot pink thong that is best in slot - they'll wear it without a second thought because it's all about the win and the graphics a
  2. Me personally, I'm up for just about anything; wipe it all, wipe nothing - I'll adapt and overcome. The discussion does bring up an interesting design element though... I was under the belief that Crowfall's 'mechanical' skill limitations were going to be super shallow to allow for the player's skill (or lack thereof) to be the prominent decider in a fight. But what I'm hearing is that it's really all about getting a blue+ vessel and a couple of months in the skill trees as that's an insurmountable mechanical advantage given the numerical disparity they grant. At least, that's what i
  3. As with any PvP game, I just browse the fight videos to stay on top of the meta... Hard to find a recent Crowfall PvP video that isn't a translucent blue winged dude skulking about and roflstomping 2-3 people at once. Over and over. For ten-ish minutes at a time. Not that it's impacted me any; my PvP deaths tend to be delivered by running into a roving band of 5-10 enemies - as it should be.
  4. I believe so. The crafting stuff is in transition from skills to disciplines and it's a bit weird while it's in flux.
  5. I'll let the question hang out for a while and see if anyone else has input, then post it up as feedback... I try to make sure the perceived issue is not just me being dumb before suggesting a fix.
  6. Yeah, I get that the goal is to drive interdependence and I'm all for it - the only reason I brought it up is arrows specifically... Imagine if a dagger user had to purchase 3-400 daggers per hour due to interdependence. I saw the quivers in the crafting list and that's a goal; I just need to find someone selling them as it takes three crafting disciplines to make them. And quivers apparently decay just like weapons, so I should probably buy a couple of them. Or I just go back to confessor; one weapon that decays and no ammo requirement.
  7. I've noticed that the crafting recipes now seem to be contained in the various crafting disciplines versus unlocked by gaining skill in the associated skill tree - even though the various skills in the trees mention the recipes they unlock. Is this intended? I ask because I've been running a Ranger, which by design burns through arrows like there's no tomorrow - but I cannot inherently make anything but basic trash arrows (which are actually worse than the arrows you get from the noob equipment vendor) because to get access to the arrow recipe requires slotting the woodcraft rune, an
  8. I think this is what the fealty trees are for... Back in ye olden Shadowbane if you were a smaller group and wanted to play the city game, you had no real choice but to get in with a bigger group to have the muscle to defend it. And that made for some amazing game play when xXBr0F0rceXx decided to roll some 10-man city and in turn got erased by the continent's superpower.
  9. I didn't see it as dedicated leveling as the levels were a byproduct of gathering stuff to make things with... I didn't pointlessly farm spiders; I killed enough to figure out the ranges, play with some of the abilities, and get enough hide to make a set of leather armor. Then I discovered that making food is the key to early success as it's easy to 'press F' on every mushroom you see while you're gathering stuff you actually need, you make way more food than you can use even with basic skill, and Malekai seems to really dig leftovers. So in the process of Learn2Play I made level 15 on a
  10. I've not really played pre-alpha content since hungerdome - just to set the tone... I leveled three classes in the last four days - almost entirely solo and in 2-3 hour sprints with the holidays and family here... Templar to 15, confessor to 25, and cleric to 28 - not been ganked once, not run into any issues getting mats to try my hand at making things (other than needing to ask if wells were actually in the game as I'd never seen one), fought in two sieges, taken countless outposts, had a few world-pvp encounters that were a hoot... I guess from where I'm standing I just don't see
  11. The really big advantage I see to a passive level system over an active one is it equalizes things between people like me, who tend to log 50+ hours a week at work, have families and responsibilities - and the folks with pretty much unlimited free time. I can progress just as fast and not be left behind because of needing to adult. One option I was thinking of was making trained skills part of the vessel, and therefore part of the import/export rules. This allows people who stick with a plan skill-wise over time to get some return on that, but with the cost of limitations on the sorts of
  12. Some of it is presentation. VN can be an insufferable font of buzzword-laden 'leet gamer as he talks down to the unskilled plebes of the forum - though I don't think anyone has convinced him to put his talk to the test in-game yet. I'm another one who generally keeps him muted, but again he made some good posts recently, so it was time for the yearly sampling. And yeah, I think ACE will try just about anything as a ruleset if people ask for it, but given that friendly fire has been shot down for a few reasons, (least of all the lack of melee mitigations that no one ever mentions) - t
  13. Ahh. Yeah, I can see that. In general though, of all the developers/publishers I've interacted with over the years, ACE is hands-down the most open with their fans and players. It's pretty amazing really.
  14. I need to check, but I'm pretty sure there's no NDA on the backer forum. There is a standing 'please don't record on the test server because stuff be broken, yo', but I've never seen an NDA. Let me go look, and I'll report back. Yeah. Just a note from Tyrant stating the reason for the backer forum is to allow a more direct Q&A is all there is. They even make a video monthly with a lot of the Q&A that goes on in there.
  15. Actually, the problem is that your ability to miss a point is the very fabric of legend around here. When you can wrap your head around there being more to the game than the combat mechanics, we might actually have a discussion about PvP on our hands... Ahh, yes - the "throne war simulator" with it's reliance on player made everything, market dynamics, sociopolitical maneuvering, supply chain management, and many-month long campaign coordination is totally not within the spectrum of game I enjoy. Thank you for taking the time to tell me my preferences. Much appreciated. See, this
  16. I do not think that word means what you think it means. This is irony... In that mentality, chess is the same as D&D is the same as PUBG is the same as poker; all are players versus other players, right? The problem is, they are totally different things that appeal to different people. Twitchy shooter people may not like Crowfall's PvP - this is fine, they are not the same thing. MOBA warriors who bank on playing pre-gen characters may not like having to actually create a character in D&D - which is also fine, they are not the same thing. Where the problem comes
  17. Not really. There's no real hardware ID that can't be easily spoofed. The best option is to not allow cheating in the first place with proper design and code. For an example of how to do everything wrong with regard to cheating an MMO, read up on "The Division".
  18. Is it only me that completely and totally disregards someone as soon as they use the term 'carebear'? Anyway, defining PvP by the games that contain it is like defining art by the medium in use - sure it's art, but what kind of art? Most of the PvP games touted here are either MOBAs or scenario shooters, which don't apply to Crowfall's design... if you actually isolate the PvP mode (not the general game loop, but the specific PvP modality) in an actual MMORPG, you'll find it to be very comparable to Crowfall's intent. Crowfall does mix things up a bit by adding emphasis to the d
  19. The best anti-cheat is simply to never trust the client and use server data as authoritative... They did this early on. The second-best is to have strong encryption on the data stream to prevent tipping your hand - pretty sure they did this too. The third-best is to generate unique UUIDs for every item in the game that can be placed in inventory, because this makes it trivial to detect duplication. Not sure if they did this. Finally you get to the typical 'anti-cheat' system which tends to be a utility that runs on the client and watches application memory for injection. If you
  20. I've not really noodled into it, but so far it looks like the passive systems garner, at best, a 10% increase in the base numbers and some crafting unlocks... 10% is not exactly an insurmountable advantage for the proverbial 'noob' to overcome. Now - while I'd like the passive skill system to offer more depth and options for individualization, with more depth and options comes more cliff for new players to overcome. If the goal is to not offer any real insurmountable advantage for having been playing for years when compared to someone just starting out, there cannot really be anything "go
  21. Another no vote on proximity chat. Unmoderated voice tends to devolve to 'the loudest in the room wins'... That and everyone+dog has Discord for the low, low price of free. And Discord has the option for someone to ride shotgun on it to prevent it from becoming it's own special level of hell... In-game voice services generally only have one option; turn it off - which is what most sane people do. Now, I'm willing to meet half-way; perhaps something like Vivox integrated for the EKs (with essential per-user server mute) would be handy as that's a more controlled environment. Thou
  22. Point of reference; we crashed the server over the holidays which exposed a nice bug, and they rolled a fix for it really quick. That was a legit issue with something that was quickly locatable and fixable. So things can (and will) happen quickly when they can. Part of the bug -> fix slowdown is that when dealing with untrained testers one person's end of the world the game will never work abandon all hope showstopper bug is another person's minor annoyance. And some "bugs" reported are due to systems that aren't implemented yet, other "bugs" are simple misunderstandings of game system
  23. The Internet in general has an opinion for all of a week or two before it forgets what it was so opinionated about and moves on to the next fiasco, so I'm not certain this is something to fret over.
  24. Speaking as a games QA guy IRL - testing is pretty boring... You don't know what fun is until you're on hour ten of negative testing the same broken assets in Barbie Dream Castle, on a Saturday, with no building AC... Or on step 500 of 2300 for an XBox certification pass and if you have to look at a config menu one more time you might just jump out a window. We're testing/stressing everything 'new' in the patch notes (race/class split, new harvesting systems, new race, new class, changed skill trees, combat tuning, etc, etc.) ... And it's clearly netting some input given the 200 odd posts
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