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  1. Something to take into account is that, by and large, the SB crowd is trying to jerk your chain. So most of the time the 'suggestion' is some sort of thinly veiled, slightly topical, asinine postulate designed to "not sure if serious". So hopefully you are not talking about these incidents.
  2. Something non-human. I want my fantasy escapist reality simulator to be escapist. Other than that, I've not really made up my mind... I'm a lore guy, and tend to play things with a story I can get into and expand upon. I like the Elkin simply because it seems like an awesome concept to be hunter killer deer. I am leaning towards the Centaur as well, because my guild is all Roman Legion based already so the back story fits without any real work. I'll probably do both - and a gerbil, because bringing a gun to a sword fight is very swag.
  3. I agree. By the time release rolls around in two-ish years, everything possible will be totally over-analyzed in minute detail anyway... I think Crowfall is simply old-school enough that some newer players are just having a tricky time with some of the concepts. Oh, and are you Knossos from Istaria by any chance?
  4. Where did you find information on the banners / flags? As for the question, I recall reading somewhere that choice of god is part of character creation, and players get to choose - now if that is 'all gods' for each race, or only subsets I don't know... But given that the gods are split up into order, balance, and chaos it would be rather limiting to like an archetype, then be forced into a specific grouping in the 3-way RvR games.
  5. I want my murdeer to make racket on stone and wood, he has hooves after all. But he likewise will need to be absolutely silent on grass / in a forest. Hopefully it won't be too hard to detect the surface under the avatar and make this sort of thing a reality.
  6. TESO is another one designed around a console controller... It works 'okay', but man it could be so much better if it was built mouse/keyboard.
  7. I like the way you think, and that sounds like an amazingly fun mechanic.
  8. I saw that! And I'm excited too! I will obviously need several groups of rodent strip miners... Maybe n00bs - if they can follow directions.
  9. All the way from 'Jersey... Hard to get a good chip these days.
  10. I like you. You remind me of when I was young and stupid. The reality is, because I'm not supah PK hardazz killah that I can take time to show new players how to do things like bounding overwatch, that I have such an amazing force I can field in these games. In fact - I think you win a spot in my signature... So I can remember you.
  11. Aha! I did not get that from your first post - it reads entirely different. To this subject - I've not played an MMO yet (meaning like 15 of the damn things at this point) that did not allow players to 'respec' if the game play of the class was altered radically. WoW is famous for respecs when classes get 'rebalanced', for example. Now while I would not expect them to allow you to change Archetype - I would expect ACE to allow changes in sub-class if they were forced to make some massive alteration to it's playstyle. Danke, Doc.
  12. It sounds to me like you probably cannot follow directions and all of your previous MMO experience has been nothing but FOTM and gearscore. Give me ten n00bs who can follow instructions, and I'll show you a world of hurt in-game.
  13. Then you need a better guild. I run what is arguably a very competitive guild, and I can say with 100% certainty that none of mine will turn down even one point of extra DPS. This isn't a themepark MMO raid situation where I get to pick ten folks to spend the next three hours with and if one sucks we all waste hours... This is PvP, and if you get killed - run back. We'll keep your corpse company.
  14. You are given all of the decision gates up-front. If you choose to not understand the choices you will be presented, that's on you.
  15. What Doc said. So many one man armies in these forums - a target rich environment.
  16. Because decisions should have merit - even bad ones. I'd love to go respec some of the stock decisions I made last year - can you point me to the NPC that does that please?
  17. You are thinking like a lone wolf. Yep, you'll be a bit behind the day-0 folks - and if you go try to solo them, you'll be dirt napping. Now if you are in a group - it magically no longer matters because the pack is far more powerful than the weakest wolf in it.
  18. I'm going to summon the dreaded Shadowbane reference again; but that game really nailed it with classes, and everyone was free to be as gimp as they wanted to be. I used to haunt enemy bank buildings with a bird thief that I originally made for backfield mage killing - but the build I came up with just didn't have the survivability. So I found something it was good at; solo ganking bank alts. I didn't 'reroll' or 'worry about my wasted time'... The game was big enough that no matter what you did (or didn't do) you were effective at something. So you really didn't see a lot of sweating the small poorly made socks back then. Now SB did have FOTM builds, but the more advanced folks tended to ignore them. FOTM were created when some dude killed some other dude's super build and posted it on the forums... Then a bunch of people would roll that build, get driven like tent pegs for a week or two, then return to the forums to tell dude that his build sucked. No, the build was fine. They just weren't him and didn't have his play style. That's the real trick with really deep character systems - you build what works for you. This will take some trial and error, meaning it will take some time. So kick back, relax, have a beer, and play with the game a bit. It's a game, not a science exam you have to cram for so you get a passing grade.
  19. I'm hoping there will be plenty of information on the tooltips for everything. And while that still won't allow folks to be statistically perfect min-maxed killing machines right out of the gate, it will allow them to make informed mistakes.
  20. Don't forget to pick up fishing as your gathering skill - some nice synergies there.
  21. An excellent point. I assumed there would be, for reasons such as that and to limit the amount of silly.
  22. Haha! My list of runes was taken from old Shadowbane... All the strength boosters.
  23. We don't know yet what / if there will be racial locks on certain discipline or trait runes, or what those runes will be - but we can assume something similar to Shadowbane. So, what would you like to see? Something that would make your dream build possible, or just something funny - sky's the limit! Without racial locks there is the potential for so much fun... Giant's Blood, Blacksmiths Apprentice, Juggernaut, and Hero's Strength - on a gerbil, for example. "You never saw it coming, but it was the biggest, meanest damn rat you ever saw! And when it hit you with that hammer, it was a home run over the castle wall..."
  24. I think there are two gathered 'types': resources and materials. The difference is still somewhat hazy for me.
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