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  1. Good stuff! My personal hype levels have increased. Typo: Discipline runes can increase your skill max will with certain skills, grant access to new skills and powers, grant you new crafting recipes, or give you the ability to master weapon types that are normally restricted.
  2. You know that little red guy on your left shoulder, the one with the horns and the pitchfork? That's pretty much CYT in a nutshell.
  3. In the environment art video it looked to be pretty easy to transition the land textures to pretty much anything pretty much instantly. So given some different seed values for the world generation, the literal sky may be the limit. We shall see.
  4. Nevermind - I'm just going to watch...
  5. Today I learned that video games are super serious exposes of both player psychology and larger world-views. Apparently avatar armor is a subversive element relating to the decline and collapse of human civilization, and the word you use for a game mechanic can quite possibly trigger a holy crusade to deliver emancipation to a conceptual story device... And these elements are critical to come to terms with during the development of a video game, lest said game lead the helpless masses into the pit of eternal damnation. Fortunately there are a few upright citizens manning the battlements on the forums; defenders of the ignorant who may be led astray by such careless words or art assets. What a wondrous time we live in.
  6. Fly! Be Free! http://www.scifixtreme.com/media_center/viewvideo/1128/mork-and-mindy/mork-mindy-egg-scene
  7. "When our idea of danger is eating gluten, there’s trouble afoot."
  8. There are a couple of additional points to consider here, being as the discussion seems to be more about 'combat effectiveness'. Don't discount player ability...I'm an official old fart, and no matter how many months of skill my character has, I will probably get rolled by younger, twitchier players if caught flat-footed. The corollary to this is "old age and treachery will always win out over youth and enthusiasm"; if I get to choose the fight, then my skill levels will definitely come into play. A lot of the various combat discussions on this forum seem to center around 1v1 slugfests.As a veteran of these sorts of games I will offer you a 'pro tip': If you go all lone-wolf RATM kill kill kill, you will rage quit in a week from spending all of your time dead. Any discussion of system skills must be looked at from almost a fireteam point of view. The group will have various strengths that collectively compensate for any shortcomings. So even if one character is not a 2 year veteran with 130% in longsword, their 80% when combined as part of a team is 'more than enough'. Just my thoughts on the matter.
  9. massively multiplayer character system for non-persistent tactical battle simulations MMCS:NTBS Wow - that makes my ex-military heart happy.
  10. Careful you two - you're really, really close to the phrase used to summon Derek Smart, which will herald a thousand years of darkness.
  11. Some folks in this thread need to play more Vampire: The Masquerade.
  12. raeshlavik

    Bartle Test

    We thank you for your support...
  13. Time-based skill progression does two things: It equalizes the leveling curve between no-life 10+ hour a day basement dwellers and working-class stiffs who have maybe an hour or two after the kids are asleep. One of the huge reasons Eve's skill system is such a hit, because there is no mechanical advantage to having mountains of free time. It adds a longer term 'carrot' in the form of mapped progression over a uniform length of time, so there is way to 'max out the character' in a weekend - which is generally followed by boredom and moving on to another game. Additionally, the fact the skills are gated by other skills means players will have other characters training to do other things, also over time, lengthening the duration of 'play' from creation to disinterest.
  14. What is this "Iowa"? Is that like a suburb of Chicago?
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmyJ1RVfnPE
  16. In the guild we kind of have this Role Played "Empire" thing going on, and therefore there is an Imperial Guard that looks after the royalty... I am 100% certain the EK will be PvP enabled, and the Imperial Guard will be striving to keep whomever is the Emperor/Empress from getting ganked. Should be quite a bit of RP fuel there.
  17. So far the avatar art blends very nicely with the scenery assets, creating a harmonious whole. Cell shading the avatars would only serve to make them more visible within the world - which is somewhat counter to a PvP game.
  18. I'm certain it will all look quite good. Generally concept art isn't as good as production assets when all is said and done - because concept versus finished product. And they've not had any polish passes yet I would guess as they were more than likely just trying to get something put together before the kickstarter.
  19. Ex AA player - and I feel your pain. Raph Koster is onboard for the crafting in Crowfall - so things will be about as far from AA's model as humanly possible I think.
  20. I bought in because I love compat testing a black-box app across a matrix of 50 cpu/gpu combinations, wiresharking IO through Charles Proxy to MITM SSL traffic to figure out why load balancing isn't working, or if I'm lucky - running around the same broken level of a game for 8-10 hours trying to regress assigned issues in Mantis before the next code push... Wait - that's work. I bought in because I believe in the crowdfunded game concept, and I enjoy seeing publishers freaking out because KS / Greenlight games are not only popular, they're a viable business model... The fact it gets me into alpha where I might actually be able to help out in some way to make the above publisher freakout even more entertaining, is just a bonus.
  21. An RP forum eh? This is relevant to my interests. And they are looking for a moderator or two... I have some passing experience with moderating a large RP forum and allllll that entails - but I think I'm going to hang back and watch what happens for a bit. There is some epic trololol in these forums, and I'm not certain the risk versus reward is quite there for RP in this group. Regardless, it is an interesting idea and I'm curious how it will pan out... A bit of a preview of how 'characters' will fare in Crowfall I think.
  22. Exactly. If we can coordinate guild operations across a half dozen separate games, organizing a few groups in the same game is a no-brainer. Some of the proposed campaign rule-sets make it interesting for us, as a large guild, because apparently deity choice is character-based, not guild based. So when the God War thing comes online all of the various members will be fighting each other anyway.
  23. In general guild size and success is a function of member ability, leadership ability, and basic game mechanics. They tend to be pretty self-regulating based on those three things. Granted, you do get the odd instance of like-minded forum folks such as the Goons, or things like Nekrage's vidiot zombie army. But as long as the game does not reward the zerg swarm, these massive piles of warm bodies tend to be easily countered with a little thinking and a handful of better players. As to the leaderboard idea - I hope not. Rivalry should be in the moment of the campaign, and fame / infamy should be forged in combat and left to be discovered by the unwary. I tend to play a very hardcore propaganda war in guild-based PvP, so I don't want to roll into a campaign for the next three months and have everyone look up Eternal's 'stats' on a web page. I want to roll in and have everyone know they either need to man up or be tilled under based on past experience, or have carefully crafted rumors and disinformation cause strife before the fog of war has even lifted.
  24. They do run rather warm - Jobs had a 'thing' about fans, but he's gone now and they are starting to put holes in Macs for fans again. Bootcamp is simply a second partition on the HD loaded with a bog-standard Windows install, and an EFI bootloader to make it go. So the space it uses is equivalent to running a whole Windows install and a whole OSX install on the same drive. Full OS installs are simply large. As for Bootcamped Windows being old - you can run Windows 10 preview in Bootcamp if you want... That's so new it's not even a thing yet. Being as modern Macs use the exact same hardware as high-end PCs, the gaming gadgets under Bootcamp are simply a matter of installing them. OSX has no idea what my G13 is, and there are no real current drivers for it. Bootcamped into Win7, the G13 works flawlessly. As someone who does game on a 27" imac on occasion (I have a dedicated gaming rig for dedicated gaming, but sometimes I'm stuck in my office) - the only drawback to Mac gaming right now is the size of the screens. My imac has an R9 290X in it - but the screen is 5120 x 2880, which is just nuts. The amazing video card in the thing simply can't push that many pixels very quickly, so you wind up running games in 1080 mode - making them about postcard sized on the screen.
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