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  1. Yep. I'm hopeful that players will be locked to a single campaign for its duration, but can come and go to the EKs as desired. The import/export rules seem to back up this idea; where you can leave the campaign and go buy stuff in an EK, but might not be able to import it when you go back - depending on ruleset. If that's the case, the weekly EK Event can still be attended by everyone even if they're a full-time EK resident or on campaign with the Legion.
  2. I think, given that only some of the farm parcels I got with my kickstarter pledge are marked "tax free", that even real-money EK assets will have upkeep fees - if only to cover the server instance costs... Being as at the end of the day it's all about making a real dollar so that employees can eat, I'm guessing that EK asset taxes will be paid either via in-game assets (campaign materials) or via real money. This will allow people like myself with spare cash but not a lot of spare time to contribute just as well as people with a lot of spare time but not a lot of spare cash. People
  3. Soon (TM) Vigil (my guild) has the palace parcel and parts, and a huge assortment of everything else ACE offers, so it should be pretty spectacular. I'm importing the RP setting we've been using in SL for ages now, so there's pre-made history, events, names, locations, etc, etc. I'm also writing a lot of new material specific to the lore of Crowfall as ACE releases bits and pieces of it - so when the time comes we'll be all set to bring the Empire to life.
  4. Yeah, most of what I have planned is based on systems that have either been announced or heavily hinted at already... For example: Already shows the granularity needed to do everything I want to do at a kingdom level. The crafting system allows/will allow custom text fields - so if I want the players to find a specific object in some ruins, I can (in theory) just place a manufactured item with the appropriate text in a box somewhere - and if they survive to get to the box, they can bring me (the NPC) the item to prove it. Thralls also play into this as some sort of basic in
  5. I think this is where the EKs start to really shine - in the right hands of course. The design spec for the EKs indicates that there will be some user-definable flags at a pretty granular level for things like PvP and whatnot. So, I'm currently operating under the assumption that for my guild's EK we can have an episodic series of events following a 'local' storyline of political intrigue and inter-kingdom tensions. If the PvP flags are as granular as indicated, then the palace area will be PvP enabled to allow players to try and dispose of various faction leaders who will be protect
  6. So today we have lunch with Doggett followed by watching Dave paint deer - sounds great!
  7. Also, if you plan to be testing, take a moment and create a hardware profile for your machine (DXDIAG) If you are running Windows Vista or higher go to your task bar. Click on, "Start Button". Click on, "Run". In the pop-up window enter DxDiag and hit ok. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool pop-up window should appear. Click on, "Save all information". "Save As" window should be present. Click on, "Save" (The file should be saved to your desktop as DxDiag.txt) Exit the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Now you have this handy if the devs ask for it or you can attach it to your bug reports. This is alway
  8. Every time they use that term, I immediately think they licensed http://bigworldtech.com/en/
  9. Yeah, I definitely get that - and I'm hopeful that what we are seeing are just limitations of the test builds specific to the test environments. Which is another thing I wonder if folks might be overlooking; that these are test environments... Normally when doing testing you don't have a win condition, because your testers will fixate on winning versus testing and start to get the impression the build is the real deal - when it isn't. Hell, for all we know the poor performance could be all the additional instrumentation in the test builds as ACE tries to compensate for bug reports of "
  10. I think one of the big things people need to ponder on is that comparing Crowfall's combat to Game-X's combat is, in general, really hard - for one big reason; physics. What I mean by this is that it's relatively easy to have super-fluid high-flash combat when your only concern is if two volumes connect at any point in time: bounding box A collides with bounding box B while key C is pressed is the sum-total of the procedure in most cases... Usually weapons don't even have volumes; you equip said weapon and said weapon may make the player's bounding box bigger to create a longer reach, but
  11. Several hours pass whilst the Elkin is off reporting to whomever the leader of these lands are, and this gives Darith ample time to explore a bit of the city. Curiously for him, the general language of these people is Vhirel’eth, the Old Tongue, the spoken language preferred by the Fae and those of their ilk - like the Centaur. Darith has never been one for languages other than his own because there was no real reason to pick up another… The Humans are so plentiful that trade tends to happen on their terms, so everyone somewhat speaks their language. The same held true here – luckily e
  12. I plan to still create singular characters with defined forms as much as possible, as that allows for a smooth transition from game to written works and back again. It’s just easier that way when you have to supply a coherent setting for other players, because people build structures out of static known elements to define their imaginary world. If you change things too much, too often, or you depart too far from generally accepted reality, it breaks the shared concept of the environment for your players. So to aid in creating this coherency for dozens of random people, I tend to write
  13. I just checked, and it's working here. I've had this happen before as well, where I got a 500 error on a pantheon link but other folks said it was working... I'm guessing there's a load balancer in the mix that is losing it's 'sticky' on occasion. Try shift-f5-ing the page to reload it from source.
  14. *is roughly shoved into the spotlight by unseen hands from offstage, and begins reading from a prepared statement* “Um… My captors want two million dollars in unmarked currency delivered to a nearby municipal airport along with a fueled helicopter and …” *looks offstage for a moment before pointing to the paper he’s holding with a puzzled expression* “What? Turn it over?” *flips the page over and reads briefly before nodding* Hi there! I’m Raeshlavik, ‘Raesh’ or ‘Ravik’ for short, and I’m another of the many people working on our Vigil initiative. You’ll note
  15. The gardens of the palace are always at their most magical under the silvery light of the moon. The various night-blooming flowers, artfully arranged by the groundskeepers, are scenting the cool night air with the sweet perfume of nature while myriad fireflies twinkle amidst the topiary. Even the lamps that line the covered walk around the garden walls are carefully placed to add to the overall ambiance. Though the Praetorian Guard had interceded a bit on that point during the design; preferring a lack of shadows to hide in over frivolous mood lighting. She’d counted four – no, there w
  16. (Just continuing the tale...) Alder leans his sturdy frame upon the windowsill with one hand, and uncomfortably fiddles with the collar of his outfit with the other. He absently stares into the evening though the leaded glass before him, taking in the sweeping view of the lights below… Out there, in the moonlit night, the city still hums - even at this hour; the lamps that line the streets and light windows strike sparks from the rippling inky black of rain-slick cobblestones. Alder knows that were he outside on a veranda, and not cooped up here in the palace, he could more than likely
  17. #GameOfCrows #TheDyingWords #QuothTheRaven is probably my favorite because it's topical to tweeting, contains a raven, and Poe was awesome.
  18. Hat, ring, tossed. It's a bit tricky to really noodle into the lore without a lot of lore to noodle into. Especially as I'm definitely interested in the Stalker archetype and the Elkin race in general and there is precisely zero information there... But as long as things are left as basic character interactions (read: combat) anything will probably fall within the realm of plausibility as we learn more.
  19. I had the game on in the background while I was burning the midnight oil on another project, and it was great fun to just listen in. More involvement: I think it's fine the way it is. The occasional call-out to the audience for a name is great. If you really want to involve people, have Todd work with Max to offer the odd "what do you think the NPCs should do?" with 2-3 numbered options for quick chat-room tally. At each break, get the audience vote on it (where the players can't see) and then run with it after the break... If the audience K.O.'s a player, have that artist sketch the s
  20. History: Crowfall is projected to offer gameplay scenarios that the traditional MMO does not offer, such as time-limited PvP campaigns, fealty trees, guild-level city building, and detailed empire-scale economies. Because of this, and after much thought, Imperious and myself (Vigil’s Core Leadership) have decided to ‘start fresh’ with a focus entirely upon Crowfall’s unique features versus trying to get our existing guild organizational structures and systems to fit it. For example, given how Crowfall works we can actually reward members with land allotments and things to put on said land
  21. I'm now the proud owner of a t-shirt someone liked!
  22. Did you see all of the little doodads and props they're making for us to place inside the buildings? I'm guessing there will eventually be a huge library of chairs, tables, lamps, shelves, rugs, trophies, etc, etc. so that people can make spaces specific to whatever they desire. Ye olde tavern should be entirely doable, and exactly how you want it to be
  23. Yeah, the last was that the land ends with an ocean; and then JTC teased that this was because oceans might allow for naval battles someday.
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