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  1. Someone in the Legionnaire threads posted what looked like the start of the female centaur. SB had both flavors of pony - I don't see why CF won't... Other than it is still pre-alpha and not all of the assets are done yet. If we get into beta season, and your favorite race still can't make babies - then worry.
  2. Procedurally generated world bosses in procedurally generated locations with procedurally generated bonuses to the first to permadeath them. Some of the best PvP I've ever had was the result of several groups trying to PvE something at the same time.
  3. In two words? Friendly Fire. Zergs quickly hit an upper limit of viability when they start accidentally killing each other.
  4. One of the really great things about ACE's design is the ability to make damn near any scenario... Like, instead of king of the hill - king of the world... Total FFA PVP permadeath for one day per ten players, last man standing takes the title. I'd be willing to just spectate that, as it would definitely be amazing to watch.
  5. Yeah. If I was all by my lonesome and just looking to bust skulls and take a lot of dirt naps, I'd be there. But I've got a group of folks to look after who (right now) want to progress to that point after setting up shop. Lots of Eve players looking to build up in low-sec before trying to build a station in in zero-space, if that makes any sense.
  6. My answer from the other threads about this: In short? No one knows yet. Longer answer: I'm betting trade 'machines' and 'vendors' take parcel space, so if you want to make stuff, you need space. If you have a lot of makers and sellers, you get traffic to your kingdom, and other people want to be there for the traffic. At least, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.
  7. My thought is cosmetic pets are nothing but a waste of scenegraph. Cosmetic pets are purely for people who aren't involved in the game... If you are actually playing, you don't have time to admire Explody the Sheep following you around. If you are engaged in the game, you don't have a need to acquire 'fluff'. Just my opinion though.
  8. Huge fangy things that have an amazing pack-based AI. And in winter are simply things you run away from, because if you see one, the other three are right behind you.
  9. With the Hunger mechanics, I can see pet users having a majorly complex time finding food for themselves and Fido - if that's the case, where their pet 'power' is offset with complicated resource management, I'm all for it. I like the mount idea - in concept - but I'm having a hard time working up a method for the concept. Several races are 'bestial' and would just be weird on a horse. We have seen an oxcart and some beast of burden - I'm thinking that is plenty. And I agree on the armor bit... If you want to swap gear it should take time to remove and put on.
  10. If you played Shadowbane, EKs are like neutral nations. You go there to buy and sell stuff, equip, train, etc. You don't need one of your own (errant), but knowing someone willing to let you visit will be essential most likely.
  11. In short? No one knows yet. Longer answer: I'm betting trade 'machines' and 'vendors' take parcel space, so if you want to make stuff, you need space. If you have a lot of makers and sellers, you get traffic to your kingdom, and other people want to be there for the traffic. At least, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.
  12. I'll disagree. So much effort was put into the look and feel of the world, and to have every old meme to have ever graced 4chan show up everywhere in the game because HEUHEUHEU - sucked. And yes, I loathed the tshirts, flip flops, star bears, rainbow dolphins, and other crazy Korean eye-bleed crap too.
  13. I'll work my way down there, the the bad side of the cosmos, over time. And bring a boat load of friends... Immediately sticking my wallet in my sock and heading for 5-points alone doesn't sound like a recipe for a good time.
  14. One of the gameplay videos really stresses that there are ways to play where you don't have to get into a fight. That and the first 'ring' of worlds away from EK is 3-way RvR (chaos, order, balance) and new folks can pick one... So there should be a good mix of wild eyed krazed killer and new folks there... A learning environment.
  15. I'm not sure anyone knows yet. Being as combat will most likely be very interactive, there will have to be some kind of predictive positioning involved - but if that will be able to compensate from Europe to north america I don't know.
  16. We were talking about the glory days in Skype, myself and another got going about Shadowbane and its awesomeness, and I was googling it to see if ChangYou defaulted on the IP yet... And low and behold Crowfall.
  17. They permadeath'd your thread, and you want it back now?
  18. Your best bet would be to look around, read what the devs are planning, poke around in some of the discussion threads, and make up your own mind. A bunch of random people on the Internet aren't going to be much help I'm afraid.
  19. We don't know. I'm guessing the building can take up more than one parcel. Castles could be six and manors 4, for all we know.
  20. Yes, us geezers are not as twitchy as you meddling kids with your tab targeting, and your automatic save points, and your bosses that never reset when you fail. But I plunked down a good chunk of change today that says I can still take any of ya *waves cane around and leers* I kid, I kid. But having played as long as I have, I really feel the dumbing down of modern gaming. Hence my love for Crowfall.
  21. Doc is so old he has someone listen to TS for him and use sign language...
  22. It's not. I was just pointing out a fringe case of how even allowing a little cash for flash can be used to create an advantage. From what I see right now with CF - things should be golden. Sure, I will own a giant castle and have land for everyone who wants some, giving us a bit of a tactical advantage in market PvP... But that should be minor.
  23. We were joking about this yesterday; how the stone cold killers of SB lore were now a decade older and probably had respectable jobs and families. xXDeathDealerXx: GG, afk - need to change the baby... I was old when UO was the thing, so I definitely fall into the category of "old age and treachery will always win out over youth and enthusiasm"
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