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  1. If they'd not been so messed up that Auroria was delayed and gave everyone a chance to bounce off the level cap for a bit, I think the guild would have owned Kyrios and still own it to this day. We were just too far ahead. Luckily, many got tired of queues, down servers, broken systems, and supremely Korean content and left. The remaining folks went pirate for a few months (Brethren), but even that didn't work for long and that folded. Now I'm in line for Crowfall, and the other bloodthirsty savages with me are eying the game as well. And as long as I cannot outright buy the level cap, things should work out okay.
  2. I think I will give you another $50 just for this statement.
  3. The latter in my case. I look at it as if I am supporting an idea... The idea that games with visceral consequence are not only worth pursuing, but are in fact a direction the industry should go in. I am so incredibly tired of no gamer left behind mediocrity, where everyone regardless of skill gets a gold star anyway. Get better, or get shovelled into a dumpster. Crowfall.
  4. Threadfall: Pern Lore - http://pern.wikia.com/wiki/Thread For those not groking his reference.
  5. Currently no, but there was a note this morning regarding plans to allow leaders of EK realms to elect to fight it out.
  6. Similar in that TESO resets the map on occasion, different in that CF has an infinite number of maps.
  7. I dunno. Like GW2, I discovered that I could throw money at AA and create level 50's like popcorn by buying chests, selling the rare drops, buying mats, and making a billion sleeves. I hit level 50 with a stupid tailoring skill and top-tier gear before most folks had placed their first farm. Then I started ganking every red I could find with impunity because I was twice their level and four times their gear. Then i got bored and quit.
  8. Imagine RvR - but you actually built everything your realm owns, you designed it, you spent the coin to staff it, and your guild lives there 24/7... And the other 50 realms in-world want to take it from you. Skyrim? Do you mean TESO? If so, TESO was RvR almost identical to DAOC. Everything was pre-made and you just fought over castles like flags. Boring as hell.
  9. Fugger has a point. DAOC is all about realm conflict - which is great, but it is still "shirts and skins". Your team is everyone with a shirt on - regardless of if you like them or their skill level. SB is all about player faction, and how those factions interact over time. Your faction is folks you come to trust, and if you don't like the color of the shirt you are collectively wearing - change it.
  10. As long as money can only offset freetime, I am okay with it. Meaning: I work 50-ish hours a week, therefore I have liquid income. If I can use that liquid income to remain competitive with folks who spend that same 50-ish hours in-game advancing, I will.
  11. From what we know, based on the obvious lifting of Shadowbane's character system, Race will determine a few set options but you can trait and skill into other things (maybe just not as good as a class that is inherent to that skill set). As your character progresses, you can branch into subclasses that alter the core functionality of the archetype in minor or profound ways. Again, this is all supposition - but I'm pretty sure the character system will be well optioned for us RP folks.
  12. Ruby... Might go Emerald as things progress and I see more community thoughts on the matter. That and the one Emerald patron looks mighty lonely, and Ruby is getting crowded.
  13. Y'all should be nice to the carebear crowd. Be all smiles and offer them punch and pie, tell them about how great things like sieges will be, really emphasize the wonders of the EK realms, and espouse how great realm resets and win conditions will be. Because it will staunch the flow of tears before alpha even starts, making the Dev's lives easier - and these shall be the fodder for our cannons and the fuel for our forges on launch day, and we don't want a shortage of resources too quickly...
  14. Reusing an old image from another forum, but it seems apropos here as well:
  15. *shrugs* To each their own. I dropped a grand on it... Might take it to 2.5 so that one dude isn't so lonely.
  16. Nekrage is like a trigger word for a ridiculous number of people at this point. I, for one, hopes he puts up and plays. I want to make a 5 minute montage of him getting driven like a tent peg by damn near everyone to the tune of Yakety Sax.
  17. Where's the Cheetos!? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eD9U2CM-Y1E
  18. I used to live in Conifer Colorado, a little ranch on the outskirts of the town, and I can tell you with certainty that the ability of a 5-600 pound elk to move absolutely silently and not be noticed is uncanny. Every year a big herd would migrate through the property, lining up to jump fences and whatnot, or milling about in the front yard, and they are totally silent until they want to be heard - like some sort of creepy ninja cattle. I live on the eastern plains now, and all we have out here are pronghorn... Not nearly as cool.
  19. Interesting. I'm curious if the engine is DirectX based then.
  20. Indy developer using middleware to get to market within budget and this decade... Low. Lucky for you, Bootcamp exists.
  21. Murder Deer all the way. People need to be afraid to enter the forest - that's where I come in.
  22. Go fund Crowfall! http://crowfall.com Oh - you meant other websites...
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