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  1. My kind of weekend. Oh how I miss stealthing into banks on my bird, cranking some poor guy making a deposit, and flying out over the walls to safety. Glory days.
  2. In all reality, crafting (done right) is the panacea for all of the fuss and bother over RPK antics. RPK folks don't tend to wander around picking flowers, flowers that are needed to create better stuff. (this is an example) Therefore they tend to require the services of friendly nations to keep them armed and armored. If they go wholesale bananas and just 'thug' everyone in line of sight, they build negative reputation, and the supply lines start to dry up. Enough thuggin', and they start to eat their own from supply starvation. Even if they form 'tight, yo' connections with other non-thug groups, it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out the link - then someone burns the linked groups to the ground. This results in the aforementioned eating their own. Within a few weeks, the kill 'em all group has split up and the pieces are all in other nations. This isn't supposition - this is how it worked in SB. It will work even better with Koster's plans for the economy and crafting. I'm not worried in the slightest.
  3. Well, there hasn't been an original thought since the 1600's... So calling anything Crowfall is doing 'revolutionary' is difficult - everything will be reminiscent of something else. But, the sum of its parts are pretty unique in the MMO space. For example, creating a game design where the 'world' has a defined lifespan and someone will eventually 'win' is fairly odd for an MMO. MMOs tend to be a static creation that the players exist on top of, unable to do much more than trigger some bit of phasing that changes the environment to the next premade setting. Crowfall's design, on the other hand, is such that the players are the static elements and the world is built around them, by them.
  4. And deer. True story, he's the model for the Stalker archetype.
  5. TESO was $80 for early access (plus a bunch of in-game toys). ArcheAge "Founders" was $150, with similar perks. Shroud of the Avatar was $45 for Alpha access. I have spent far more on kickstarters though for really cool perks like one-off houses or titles - if I really feel the game/whatever is truly worth it.
  6. PvP that means something. I can only mindlessly gank people for so long before I start to self-harm. A level of realism in the world, where I can make 'cool stuff' and other people can wreck said 'cool stuff'. Non standard races. So - so sick of six kinds of human in MMOs.
  7. With all the Voxel-based whoosiwhatsits involved - I am certain someone was all grins about the press getting to see their dirt path.
  8. If you can only bake bread, that's unfair to the pastry players and they are going to pitch such a hissy.
  9. Given the discussion, and the realities of making assets for vidya games - I suggest if folks want Death Does to compliment the Murder Deer, and they are not part of the plan come Tuesday, that it be a stretch goal on the Kickstarter. If the players finance the model and the asset creation time, it might have a better chance of happening.
  10. Then you are qualified for the next question... If you eat pasta and antipasta at the same time, will you still be hungry?
  11. And as we all know, there is no saving throw versus the plot device.
  12. This. Many players do get really wrapped up in character creation and spend an hour fiddling with the nose slider - and then the rest of the time they play the game either the nose is 5 pixels, or hidden under a helmet. I am a pretty avid roleplayer (meaning I will kill you, take your stuff, and speak eloquently about the battle to others), and I really do get the desire to be in complete control of every aspect of the character. But I am also a writer and a game master, and I also get that to tell a good story with other people involved you occasionally have to say 'no' and not let them do whatever they want. I see the supposed restrictions in Crowfall as this latter point. But we really don't know everything yet.
  13. Because it takes the unique aspect of the thing - amazon in this example - and artificially makes it redundant to satisfy external pressures. What if the other side of the coin likes the fact the class is unique and there is no 'its the same thing, but a dude, with a different name, because tears'? Should we not cater to their desires as well? I really think the issue is trumped up to garner conflict, because I only know of a handful of gender-locked class examples in MMO history, but even those never seemed to get much press. The real talking point is the fact it appears that the Elkin and Centaur are male only races. In Shadowbane the Centaurs came in both flavors, but the Minotaur did not... For lore reasons. And there was exactly one class that was female only - again for lore reasons. In reality the reason for the apparent lack of sexual dimorphism in a few races in Crowfall is probably because it costs mad bank to model, texture, rig, and animate a model - and then a ton of development hours to create duplicate sets of armor for both body types. So if the devs can wave their hands and state "only male Elkin, because magic", that saves money that can be used for other, more important things.
  14. I don't think it has been defined completely yet. I know the term 'infected' has been used a few times though - so some kind of planet destroying magical virus maybe?
  15. Tuesday at 7am local? Like others, I will be at work. Maybe I can move the director's meeting to the afternoon and press F5 a lot at my desk...
  16. My most recent was ArcheAge. I was a 'trailblazer' early-access account and played through about a month after launch. Before that was TESO - early access through about a month after launch. Currently I am messing around with "Shroud of the Avatar" a bit when the MMO mood strikes me and I find myself pining for the good old UO days. I'm in early access for that as well. I see a pattern here.
  17. I will guess the game will "run" on pretty much anything that will run whatever OS the game supports. The issue will be does your hardware allow you to defend yourself, or will you be slide-show cannon-fodder.
  18. Keep up the great work, everyone. I sense a false sense of security forming.
  19. *stands off to the side, in the shadows, idly fiddling with the point of a wicked looking knife* "Bows are all fine and dandy for the grunt work of killing - but nothing beats the personal touch and artistry of a dagger..."
  20. I love music... All kinds of music. And I love hearing things I've never heard before. I also tend to have playlists for things I am doing in-game - like PvP! So, my question to get this started is; do you have a PvP soundtrack, and if so give us a sample. I'll start: Sabaton - Carolus Rex - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us2ylGAwBnk
  21. I met a few folks from Test, but never saw the place myself. Everyone from there seemed to really like the other folks from there - I guess there just wasn't enough of 'em or something. Mourning was the shiznit. Yeah, it had issues procedurally with things like the economy and whatnot, but in reality they didn't really matter. Duped stuff only matters in as far as it gives an unfair advantage - there was so much duped stuff everyone had the same basic access to it... It became another currency. For me it was, as Doc mentioned, all about the skullduggery. Yeah, we had huge battles at epic banes - but in general a bane was "standing around for a long time waiting for people to get their poop in a group". The real fun was working the other players on more socio-political angles, or monitoring the grapevine regarding the same. Every day there was some rumor about so-and-so doing such-and-such and whatever-guild joining those-other-guys because someone-else teamed up with those-goons and dropped a bane on that-one-guy. It was awesome.
  22. Was it 2003? It was, wasn't it... Thanks, now I feel even older.
  23. Yes, you could have opposite but equal classes - but why? Why water down your lore or shoehorn in garbage (which costs dev dollars) just to promote some 18th century idea of gender equality? I mean, heaven forbid women get something in a game unique to themselves... Macho men with swords is everywhere, why can't we have a girl's only class in a game? Because it makes you uncomfortable? You're not one of those Internet PhD's are you? Dammit - and I was having so much fun feeling smart. You must have a MobyGames profile I bet. I do, but it's probably not as cool as yours.
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