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  1. I like to think I played the Alpha back in 2004.
  2. You are right, because they watered down the classes to such a point that it did not matter. But, what if the devs wanted an "Amazon" class? I suppose, in your version of things, having a dude in a chainmail bikini is the expected norm? Or how about the "Huntress" class from SB again - that was the gender locked class. Mostly because the Lore was cool enough to support, not a single person griped that I ever saw. Most of your side of the discussion is purely about you and what you want, so pinning the argument on the desires of "the people" or that your opinion equates to "success" is a fallacy... As demonstrated here, on this forum, for this game you seem to be at deep fundamental odds with, you are a pretty solitary voice. Ultimately though, thanks to free will and all that jazz, you are free to not like or play Crowfall. We won't hold it against you.
  3. You asked for an example, I gave you one. Buuuut, because you ask... You might have heard about this little MMO called "World of Warcraft"... A bit of a flash in the pan, so I will understand if you've not. Anyway, they had the gaul to determine that only Dwarves and Humans could be Paladins, and only Trolls and Tauren could be Shaman, or that only Night Elves and Tauren could be Druids. And yes, it was absolutely horrible for them and the game was a total failure.
  4. Shadowbane had gender locked races and classes, and certain classes were locked to certain races - and it didn't seem to phase anyone. In fact we had to pay more to unlock three of the races at launch.. And I will argue that SB had some of the best RP ever in an MMO because of the limitations on the characters. I mean, Ordo Castum Carnifex had their own freakin' graphic novel and all they could play were 4-5 Human classes and the 4-5 of the Centaurs if I recall correctly... Because the players had to work within the bounds of the lore, the resulting immersion and interaction was spectacular. If you saw a Minotaur, you knew that one right there was once a slave to the Elves and he probably hated them. In fact, on many of the servers that player would be forbidden by system rules from joining a guild with Elves in it. Period. If there is a lore reason Centaurs cannot use magic - then the players should not have the option to build pony casters. If there is a lore reason the Elkin are all male, then the Murder Deer should all be male. That said, I can see where you are coming from: player choice is a big deal and I really dig casters, I also really dig the Elkin. It does not appear right now that I can have my cake and eat it too, but I will work it out. But players can also choose some really lore breaking stuff in the interest of being a super special snowflake. The Hunger does not care how unique your character is - it will kill you. Your enemies in the world will not care how special your character is - they will kill you. Band together with your people, build your character within the bounds of your race, customize yourself with stats and traits, and venture out into the world to find the runes that will make you truly powerful.
  5. Raid6 is just raid5 with extra parity - so you can lose two drives without data loss. The trick is the card - I use a rather spendy Areca caching controller. Speed-wise, it is faster than iSCSI so it works. If I were building a raid for gaming, it'd be raid10 - fast and stable.
  6. SATA connected SSDs are quite nice, and are getting cheaper every day. Anything that has a lot of read/write will benefit from them - MMOs are notorious for thrashing HDs as the entire "world" is the 20-something gigs on the HD, and as you move around it has to be read from those files to display all of the fancy to your eyeballs. SATA SSDs do have a problem though in that they still use the (I don't believe I'm saying this) "old" SATA data scheme and are therefore limited in how fast they can move data to/from the system. This is usually 1.5, 3, or 6 gigabits per second (gb/s) - depending on SATA version. The new hotness is NGFF, aka M.2. These are relatively inexpensive cards that use a dedicated PCIe channel directly on the MB, and are good for 10gb/s a second. In laymans terms - retardedly fast. Most new motherboards have a NGFF slot on them, so if you are in the process of upgrading - it is something to think about. I run a Samsung 512G M.2 on an MSI X99S motherboard for boot and games, and a raid6 set of 5 1TB WD blacks on a separate server via iSCSI for long-term storage. The 512G boot drive is backed up at 3am via network and Clonezilla to the external server - which is a bit copy of the drive - so even if the M.2 craps out I'm back to the previous evening in about 5 minutes. This is not a typical system by any stretch, but like a few others here abouts I've been doing the I.T. thing since the packet was invented.
  7. raeshlavik


    Another "trailblazer" here... AA was pretty amazing - to level 50. After 50 it is so incredibly rinse and repeat I was faced with either killing myself to escape MMO-based Groundhog Day, or uninstalling it.
  8. The kickstarter for this runs past the announcement for Crowfall, one will get my money. I've not found any reason to be active on ToA's forums, so it is pretty easy to see where my allegiance lies at this time. They definitely piqued my interest with dragons though...
  9. Elkin something... I'm still not clear on if the 'class' is tied to the 'race', but I've definitely settled on death dealing deer.
  10. Not really lurking. If you head down the list of forums, there is one dedicated to old SB folks.
  11. Horizons (now Istaria) had this sort of biome-based resource tracking migration thing back about 2004 or 5, so yes - it is eminently doable. The complication was (is?) the emergent behaviors of both the systems and the players, and it wound up taking a ton of effort to keep everything in balance. There was also an issue where players can put stuff in the world, which caused complications in the migration code - if my hazy memory recalls correctly. So the system was nerfed and things could only migrate within predefined areas afterward. Horizons took the idea one step further even, and the "Withered Aegis" (their Hunger) used the system as well and would seek out player towns to overrun and expand its territory, or try to envelop resources to keep the players from them. It was entirely too good at this though, and was roflstomping the player base and razing their towns all the time which caused many, many tears... So the WA was made static just like the critters. Some of the WA 'mobs' though did get to keep some of this code, and would (will?) evaluate combat based on threats and successes... Meaning if you pop off a heal on someone they are fighting, the WA group will focus you down then go back to beating the tar out of the first guy. Or they will "con" everyone in the group and go after the weak one fist. They used to also level off of killing players - so you would get your butt handed to you by an Aegis Lieutenant, and come back to find he'd gained a level.
  12. Pretty much what everyone else says: Research, ask questions that concern you, don't take anything at face value. The devs seems to be really chatty for an MMO, so ask them specific questions and see if the answer jives with you. I will say that Crowfall gets my dime because I played the hell out of Shadowbane, so I have some experience picking up what they're laying down. And so I like the cut of their jib so far.
  13. Depending on the mac - you may be fine. The new(er) big iMacs, for example, are I7's with NV860(70?) cards in them and fast SSD. Just bootcamp the thing (easy to do, really), and reboot OSX into Windows when you have a hankering to crush people in Crowfall.
  14. Suggested System Spec: Something less than my gaming rig. We can make a few assumptions if folks are looking to upgrade though: CPU: Voxel Farm lives in CPU-land and DX12 / OpenGL Next / Mantle are all aimed at moving things out of the GPU to spread the load. So either way, cores count. Get a hex-core I7 or... whatever it is AMD is working on that does lots of threads. Video: The poly count on the models (so far - it is alpha) do not look too extreme, but it looks like there be a lot of textures making use of shaders to create details (one 1024x1024 texture can be a combination of specular, diffuse, and normal textures of the same dimensions - so 3x the data). Also, any time you have amazing 2D artists in house, you wind up getting a painterly look in the world - which takes lots of textures. So get a video card with some ram in it - like 3Gigs... You will thank me for this later when you get a high-rez monitor as well. You wont need bleeding edge - NV800 or 900 series or the AMD R9 cards will do everything and then some, plenty fast. Ram: Lets face it - ram is cheap (unless it is DDR4) and Win8/Win10 is like carp and will expand to fill whatever amount of ram you have. Get 16G - that's about the breakover point of system performance versus cost. Drives: SSD... Just do it. If you get a newer board that supports NGFF (M.2) - do that. Really. Nothing else you do inside a computer will net as much seat-of-the-pants performance than replacing 1980's magnetic platters with solid state magic.
  15. Now I am torn... I really dig non-standard races and an literally sick to death of the race choices being variations of short, tall, fat, long-eared, and odd-colored humans. Fond, fond memories of the Centaurs and Minotaurs in Shadowbane. You had me at Centaur, and I was all set to just roll a pony. But now there is the Elken... The Elken read like something I would really get into, especially if the race lore is equally awesome... The gerbils are cool too, and if Reepicheep from Naria has taught us anything, it's that rodents with swords are totally badass. But I need to see one in action first. Oh, and voxels are cool too.
  16. Agreed. I will add up to a 250G SSD for Crowfall - so there's your limits ACE - 250G.
  17. Mallius, CoC Never thought I'd put this on the internet again:
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