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  1. It's always been fairly constructive. The spiritual predecessor to Crowfall, Shadowbane, had a lot of what we called 'forumbane' activities; lots of inter-guild politics and back-stabbing on the forums. But they've always been pretty self-moderating and things stayed at a fairly even keel - so even the most vitriol-fueled poster tended to be somewhat relevant. The general problem seems to have arisen when the Crowfall forums turned from a loose 'neat idea' structure to a more thought-out 'fully funded game with paying clients' structure. Which is right about the time ACE hired in a community manager and set the forums so that only people who put money where their mouth is could have an opinion on the development of the game. This changed the tone of the forums a bit, and prompted some doom and gloom - which is where this thread came from. There were a few specific problems as well, but only the people directly involved in those can really talk to those points. At least, this is how I saw it go down. YMMV
  2. As someone who has run a few fairly large online communities, and managed a degree in behavioral psychology, I have to agree 100%. The reason this is the case is because there are no real social mores on the Internet; general anonymity leads to a steady decline in accountability - and as the numbers of unaccountable people rise the opportunity to 'act out' without repercussion also rises, eventually stimulating a mob mentality where your forums are looted and set on fire... This was summed up beautifully by John Gabriel of "Penny Arcade" When active moderation enforces social mores, and in-turn creates a sense of the rule of law, the signal to noise ratio increases because people spend more time focused on the community markers over ego-based attack/defense and/or territorial chest beating. Granted, this will annoy anyone who is expecting that their 'swagger' will grant them easy popularity in the uncontrolled dregs of forum life, and these folks will tend to group up against the establishment - fist raised and bullhorn set to maximum - any time they get moderated, because that's what they do either way. TL;DR - Moderation decreases unconstructive posting, which annoys unconstructive posters.
  3. Hellian Dragon in Istaria. First, it was a freakin' Dragon, and once you managed Ascension to Ancient you were literally a flying killing machine the size of a house. And the Dragon played completely unlike the other races, almost a separate game in fact, which was novel for an MMO. Secondly, the "Helian" faction were casters - as opposed to the Lunus faction which were all about claws, bites, and breath weapons. It took some very careful planning and management of your character to really pull of a caster-dragon, but if you could - it was incredible. The best part of the whole thing was the work it took to reach those stratospheric levels of power, and few ever pulled it off. Life as a 'hatchling' was pretty miserable as you couldn't fly, had no real weapons or armor (because Dragon), and pretty much sucked at everything; truly squishy. But if you toughed it out for a few months, managed to make some friends, and successfully circumnavigated the whole darn world for the 50+ part quest chain for Ascension, you got to be an 'adult' - and then you got to fly and life didn't suck quite as much. Several more months, more friends, and an enormous quest chain ending with the eventual beating up of several of the 'bosses' in the game, you were eligible for Ascension to 'Ancient'... At which time you were pretty much a demigod. Good times.
  4. I certainly will be more active - as soon as I have a bit more information about the setting and how I can incorporate it into some sort of interaction. And I, like yourself, have gone and asked for some more lore... JTC replied, in effect, "soon", so maybe wishes will be granted here shortly. And yes; right now it's a bit tricky to play a role when no one really knows what the roles are, or even what the stage looks like.
  5. https://sketchfab.com/models/78ffa32212ba486f8cad5792ce0d5274 - an avatar someone is making for Second Life. (just needed a Elken post to liven things up around here!)
  6. No problem, and welcome to the fray - as it were. Right now we're on pre-alpha 2.0 according to the bugtracker forum. Ace is really good about emailing out the test schedules for the month to everyone who has access, so look forward to that.
  7. Caenth put together this great spreadsheet of the various pledge package and what one gets with them. That's a good place to start to see what may fit your needs. If you have any questions on what the specific things in the packages do - let us know!
  8. What made Diablo II great? Diablo I. On it's own though, D2 was built from the ground up to be an online multiplayer game while D1 was a single-player game with some sketchy network code tacked on to allow up to four people over IPX or modem connections. For D1, this was usually done by running coax (10base-2) around the living-room and using terminators and t-connectors and arcane ISA cards... Back in those days, having a 3com 3c509 network card in your computer was like having a Titan-X installed. So, in part, D2's success was because it released when there was an Internet, and mere mortals could play with other mere mortals without needing to know the vagaries of network engineering. There was also the random dungeons and the quasi-procedural loot system that was incredible at generating player retention. It's credited with some of World of Warcraft's success in fact, and the 'colors for quality' that D2 started are now a part of humanity's hive-mind.
  9. The Titan-X (Pascal) is definitely all it's quoted to be... 3DMark's DX12 "Timespy" still isn't working quite right with Pascal, but I turned a 19176 on Firestrike the day I got it installed. I've got a 2015 Titan-X looking for a good home - but everyone wants 1080's because they are faster. :/
  10. raeshlavik


    I used a roccat ryos for a long time - Cherry Brown switches in those and it's a really nice keyboard for daily / gaming use. Earlier this year the roccat stopped working though (the X went out), and after trying a bunch of keyboards I settled on the Logitech G910 which has Logitech's "romer-g" switches... To think I hesitated. The G910 is stellar. Highly recommended.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSQCecY9rFU - for scale (most likely), and the mouse comment.
  12. As this is one of our “monster” archetypes, there is no corresponding female version of this archetype (…yet?!) Stretch goal confirmed:
  13. Hi there! In game development as well as the Internet in general, we tend to only see and hear the upset; this isn't working, that's not right, you suck because, why the hell did you do that... What I'd like to do is start a thread that is just the positive stuff, because everyone here was attracted by something that prompted them to put down some hard earned cash for it. What was it? And why? What's the thing ACE is planning to do with Crowfall that keeps you here? What is it in the design doc that makes you say "Hell yes! Finally!" And keep it positive. I know people are bound to go off on "how things were supposed to be and aren't now and that's curtains for the free world cats and dog living together it's the end times repent now!" - let's avoid that, because there's plenty of that already. - -=- - For me it's two things: 1: PvP that actually means something. I can only mindlessly gank people in a static arena for so long before I start to self-harm. By this I mean that the act of fighting has to have some purpose other than 'that's just what we do in this game because the almighty leader board says we should'. I need a level of realism in the world; where I need to make my own 'cool stuff' and carve out my own spot of turf to put it on, and then other people can take objection to my stuff being on that spot and have the opportunity to wreck it - then we can fight about it with something actually on the line other than a score... This has a real effect on the world that isn't just sending people back to the spawn point. And in that, I really appreciate that the lore takes great pains to explain why we get back up again. So I suppose that I like Crowfall's ideas because there are visceral consequences to fight over. And I've sponsored the game not only for this reason, but because I also feel this is a direction the industry should go in. The 'No Gamer Left Behind" idea precludes any real consequence in a game, because if there is the real chance of loosing something other than meaningless points, not everyone can get a gold star. I don't even really care if the combat is exceptionally earth-shatteringly amazing, as long as I have a reason to participate in it... I'll make it work. 2: Non standard races. I'm so - so sick of six kinds of human in MMOs; tall, skinny, short, fat, blue - whatever - they're all just odd looking humans. MMO races are all basically cosplayers at a bad renfaire and it makes the world flat and uninteresting. Crowfall is making actual races that have illustrated departures from 'dude in a costume'... I mean, look at the Myrmidon - holy hell! He moves like a 500 pound hoofed monster, sprints on all fours, paws at the ground when he's getting mad, head shakes, bellows and roars like - well - a huge disgruntled off man-bull. This is directly opposed to, say, Tauren - who have apparently been sitting there in that spot for a decade now waiting to talk to me. The Legionnaire is another good example... No MMO these days would even attempt a centaur - it's too much of a departure from a global animation pipeline and common armor set. The fact Crowfall was showing off two of the old Shadowbane races was what first caught my attention in fact... So what about you? What's Crowfall's 'thing' that interests you?
  14. This morning? Blue Stahli... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7OKs-zqxXA
  15. The backer item also grants a figurine that allows you to summon the mount, this is in addition to being able to skin any future horses you go acquire in the game And no. The various sets (KS, 2015, and 2016) have unique looks as part of the perk for helping get the game out the door. That's the value-add over just building it yourself. (edit: I'm assuming the terse tone was just a translation issue )
  16. Trade is definitely one of the pillars of Empire for us, so "yes".
  17. I played NMS for, oh, 14-ish hours now according to Steam... I like it well enough, and it's pretty much exactly what I figured it would be: Myst, in space. It's definitely one of those games you turn on for a bit, do a few things, fly somewhere, take a couple screenshots, and then turn off for a week though.
  18. Achiever: 47% Explorer: 60% Griefer: 33% Socializer: 60% I pretty much do all the things...
  19. I've not quite made up my mind on archetype yet as I'm still waiting to see what the finished products look like. But, just on appearance alone I'm leaning towards Stalker - because a deer that hunts people appeals to my sense of irony.
  20. Seconded. JamesGoblin really does need to be immortalized on a t-shirt... I'll buy one!
  21. It's all in how you look at it I guess. I suppose I could just give ACE money flat out to fund development with nothing in return, but they decided to give me a bigdamncastle as a way of appreciating my generosity. For the KS gold you got a couple of horses out of the deal... You could also go tame those horses for free, and I'm sure someone will eventually give you grief for that too - it is the Internet after all.
  22. I agree with pretty much everyone above me; that looks really good! The animations have some really good mass to them, though the 'grab' is kinda weird yet. I especially like that you animated him to amplify his 'bull-ness' with all the stomping and pawing and head shaking. That was just fun to watch!
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