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  1. Fallout: New Vegas - scratching that itch caused by the Fallout 4 announce at E3.
  2. Fallout 4 - because Fallout 4. If it is multi-player, even better.
  3. #189... Would be lower, but I was in the car on the way to work when the KS started. :/
  4. I swing by on occasion to point and laugh...
  5. raeshlavik

    US Navy

    RM, commissioning crew SSBN-735.
  6. A big deal in certain circles. I'm guessing they are active in anything that has acquirable 'land' with any sort of salable value to it... Hence SotA and here. I would not be surprised if they were in ArcheAge early on as well being as land was totally RMT in the first month or two. Buy it all up, wait for market pressue to peak, then sell off fast enough you are done before the market reacts.
  7. This is the market penetration phase... The getting known as being a big fish that is above the rules everyone else has to play by. Once they get folks using the service, they can roll out other 'services' that continue to push the line in the sand in a favorable direction because of popular vote.
  8. How do you feel about sweatshop labor? Anshe has her uses... If there is anything in the system that can be gamed by using gargantuan sums of money, her minions will find it and exploit it. So if you watch them, you can get some good intel to use.
  9. Anshe Chung - the first virtual realestate mogul and millionaire. She managed a few back-door deals with Linden Lab of Second Life infamy to allow her to purchase servers (sims) for a dramatically reduced rate and rent them for about half the monthly cost of everyone else. So instead of having to drop $1000 in setup fees per sim, and then pay $295 per month for rental, which is offset by renting parts of the sim to other people. She was free to rent at a lower rate than any of her competition, ruining any chance at direct competition, and turn a huge profit while everyone else had a set base cost that was greater than hers. This program was called "Atlas", and is responsible for the 'big 5' land barons in SL. This group rents at about 80% of the cost anyone can, while making huge profits, and as they own some 60% of the grid Linden Lab is well known for bending to thier wishes when it somes to policy. The more you know!
  10. raeshlavik


    To elucidate a bit on the above 'no' posts. Macs are actually becoming a significant percentage of the gaming market, thanks mostly to Steam, but there are two issues a smaller developer has to look at before they make a Mac client: Lack of DirectX and parallel development. I'm certainly no Microsoft fanboi, but DirectX is really the heart and soul of !console gaming - and to get DirectX (and all of it's pieces like DirectInput), you have to go with Windows. Macs do OpenGL beautifully, but that requires a comitment to doing everything OpenGL - which pretty much drops you off in a rough part of town in your skivvies as OpenGL is "Open Sorcery" and doesn't have the support Directx enjoys. (in my humble opinion) Then you have the parallel development issue. If you code for Windows, you have a codebase to maintain, update, and debug around all of the 'windowsisms' like file permissions, UI witchcraft, and everything else. If you add OSX to that, you now double the maintain, update, and debug pipelines - meaning you need double the people. So if you are on a budget, you create for Windows as that gives you the biggest potential audience for the least financial outlay. And as a routine OSX user, I recommend just bootcamping your machine - chances are if it is a recent Mac it'll outperform many 'hardcore' gaming rigs.
  11. The short answer? No PvE content. PvE content requires a dozen engineers to create a cool quest/raid system, a dozen content designers to "make poorly made socks up" for it, then handing that over to the dozen asset folks who have to make said poorly made socks look good. Then it needs to be placed in the game by the dozen folks on the world team, then QA'd by a dozen in-house or third-party folks. By the time you're done making the intro area for your themepark you've spent several million just on salary. So leaving all of that themepark-ness out means you can cut the cost of development by half or more, instantly.
  12. I'm not a huge NASCAR fan, but the advertising hits the nail on the head... "When our idea of danger is eating gluten, there’s trouble afoot." Another line i like is "Sure, everyone in NASCAR gets a trophy - as long as they win the f*cking race..." - seems apropos for Crowfall.
  13. I play a mean game of chess, and my Warhammer 40k tabletop skillz are legendary... Does that count?
  14. raeshlavik


    I hope you guys get some good lore to work with. OCC's activities were amazing to even simply read about in the old days, and I really look forward to it again.
  15. #189 here... They launched while I was in the car on the way to work. :/
  16. Welcome to the fray, as it were. Any friend of Adall's is ... well... probably a large target.
  17. This is one of the (many) things that ended Archeage for me... So much random number generation. If I want the whatever, just give me a price and let me buy the damn thing.
  18. For me? Probably. Shadowbane was the addiction, and Crowfall is the new high everyone is talking about. I could have gone Gold for the free sample and then Amber for the six years of justification... But I've always been a 'go big or go home' sort.
  19. Started at EB sapphire based purely on hype - I think I'm backer 185, or some such... Went ruby to tip over the first stretch goal, and after a few of the various info drops solidified the Vision I went emerald.
  20. Based on the proposed action combat, the full collision and physics, and the friendly fire aspects - I suppose if you are 'boxing ranged DPS, and if you get the drop on a solo player, you could probably instagib them with focus fire. So I suppose if you edit out all the time you are having to reset your personal zerg from when you ganked that one guy and the other four with him owned you because the element of surprise was gone and you couldn't react to the combat from four directions at once, you might be able to assemble a few big-number kill-shot montages. The short attention spanned folks these day will probably love those - millions of hits on youtube no doubt.
  21. PBR... See, I knew there was a reason I just installed that Titan X.
  22. raeshlavik

    Bull Men

    Weapons: Anything handy... The game is physics-based, so I could see having a lot of fun with just simple boulder tossing (Bowling for Reds!) or uprooting a small tree for a club... The limp body or severed limbs of a previous opponent could do nicely as well.
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