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  1. Hmm... 4k monitor, or cyclops nerd goggles... #FirstWorldProblems
  2. Seems to be a cool method of dealing with the issue.
  3. Can't happen - the Australia office is answering email, and it is already tomorrow there.
  4. Well, the supposition my funding wouldn't go through is a stretch - but I'll play along. Go to the web site, pull up the direct paypal, and continue on from there.
  5. It would be neat to have a CheckYoTrack Tracker... If you check in, drop us a lat/lon and we'll put a pin on a google map for posterity.
  6. There is a similar but different thing out there called "Oort Online" that offers a zillion player "worlds" full of voxelly goodness, all interconnected with instant, seamless 'gates' that look mighty similar to the concept art ACE has up. Check out the game-play videos to get an idea of what is possible on a similar budget: https://youtu.be/sgLqTfsExmk?t=1m18s
  7. Nothing "OMG Racist!", just the Asiatic region has an art style where to emphasize an element as being super, the element is duplicated. A hero is a great swordsman, but the dude with multiple arms is amazing. An angel is pretty neat, but the one with six wings is uber... That sort of thing.
  8. True. Everything at this point is supposition unless said poster has access to a design doc. Which is why I used quotes on my size assumption. Regardless, it has devolved to semantics to avoid concessions. I have my thoughts on the matter, others have theirs - neither is wrong until the actual truth is known.
  9. The prevailing thought is each EK is an instanced world - so it might be tricky. We'll know more once the EK FAQ lands.
  10. These are fully featured Worlds (they just don’t produce materials!) would seem to indicate that an EK is a campaign world, sans materials, no? Add that to what you quoted - and you get why I quoted it.
  11. From the same FAQ: Point 25: 25. Does that mean the Eternal Kingdom is a personal instance? Like a housing zone? No. Kingdoms are unique -- you can build structures here, just like Campaign Worlds. They are persistent -- meaning they never go away. They are big – much more expansive than a housing instance, with monsters to conquer and lands to explore: mountains, caverns, rivers, valleys… you name it! These are fully featured Worlds (they just don’t produce materials!) They are multiplayer – if you want them to be. You get to decide how much you want to allow other player(s) to acce
  12. Charr... Speaking of, what is up with the Asian "multiples make it better" thing? I mean, Charr have four ears - what the hell. Or wings sprouting out of people's heads - that's another one that makes me head tilt...
  13. I'd like to see tiers of VIP. Like $5, $15, $25 I'll pay a bit more per month for - something non game-breaking... Whatever that is. And a small VIP tier might hook folks who seem to figure $15 a month (a trip to the movies for 2 hours) is too much to spend on a month of video game entertainment.
  14. I'm guessing parcels will not have to be contiguous as EKs are "the size of MMO continents". My bet is on having a capital and then a few remote towns, with roads and such.
  15. I'm in Alpha 1. I'll probably spend my time iterating through whatever bugtracker ACE is using, doing repro and writeup for vague entries and regression. I doubt I will "play" much before beta.
  16. The more I hang out in General, the more I look forward to Crowfall. It will be glorious to be in on the first six months to a year of the game, because it is going to be an incredibly target rich environment. Core PvP games have gotten so rare, that few of the current gamer generation can even conceptualize of anything more than matchmaker arena-style PvP. Many are basing their entire worldview on skill numbers and gearscore-style thinking, without any inkling of how flat skill and gear will probably be, and how often they will be completely tooled by someone with disposable sword, s
  17. If explosives are a thing - problem solved. If explosives aren't a thing: burning oil, counter tunneling, flooding, etc. Chances are this will be a thing, and placing your fortifications in locations that limit exposure to the problem will be key.
  18. I'm a huge Top Gear fan... And now no more Top Gear. My life is hollow and filled with pain.
  19. Hopefully it scales well from 5 man skirmishes for POI control to full-on 100+ per side sieges. Honestly any more than 100 per side is totally unwieldy anyway, and if the game allows for more than that - great! If they can get the entire guild in the fight - even better! Meanwhile I'll be robbing their banks, taking POIs, chewing up supply lines, and generally causing backfield havok while every able body is busy in the battlefield trying to not shoot their friends.
  20. The OP's question is another 1v1 supposition, which while great for thought exercise probably won't be a factor in-game very often. If mounted combat is a thing, and there are no modifiers we don't know about yet, and all movement bonuses are equalized, and there are no terrain modifiers, and the skillsets are comparable, then yes - the Champion will probably beat the Centaur. A ton of ifs and things we don't know applied to a really situational scenario. What folks really need to think about with regard to Crowfall is unit types and more tactical gameplay. The Centaur might be par
  21. The biggest thing I like about ArcheAge is riding a horse feels like riding a horse... They even got the bounding bit when going up a hill correct.
  22. An interesting thought. The hardcore PvPer in me that doesn't get attached to pixels figures it'd be interesting to scale back mount options as the world comes to an end. The squishy Roleplayer in me doesn't want to have to put Trigger down because he tried to take my leg off.
  23. Player-made custom UI elements are typically data display accoutrements used for tracking PvE elements like raid activity, boss timers, inventory managers, market analyzers, and other such things. When I was big into raiding in WoW, we lived (and died) by raid performance addons - which kind of sucked the 'fun' right out of the game. I've probably missed a few games here and there, but I've not seen a PvP oriented game that needed fancy UI mods - and the few mods I have seen tended to be borderline exploits. TESO, for example, has a fairly active modding community - but I've not ye
  24. Another form of healing is damage mitigation... Meaning I can main-line a "healer" with a support unit that can either reduce incoming damage on a friendly, or decrease output damage on an enemy - or both. This has the same overall effect of heal-hosing a health pool, but is more in keeping with PvP design criteria. Just my thought on the matter.
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