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  1. The deed is done, now begins the long night of development and testing, and more development and more testing. ACE has been amazingly communicative so far, and I look forward to a continuing dialog and a front and center view of the game coming together over the next year and a half. Speaking of communicative: today I finally had to use the forum's ignore feature. While I have pretty much infinite patience with people and will always strive to clarify concerns or assuage trepidations - I finally ran out of f_cks to give for a few of the more valiantly ignorant / purposefully inflammatory folks. Ahh, blessed silence.
  2. The backers will be the folks with the thousand yard stares and the facial tick every time someone brings up boobs, P2W, gender locks, or adding PvE content. The new folks will be the ones posting about boobs, P2W, gender locks, or adding PvE content.
  3. Yep. You rolled in here with a serious holier than thou 'tude and an obvious agenda for converting the heathen Crowfall fans, which is why you've harvested so much vitriol. Job well done?
  4. Negative attention is far easier to garner than actually fostering a discussion relevant to the group - but it is still attention. This is the secret sauce of trolls. They want people to care about their presence, so they do inflammatory things to get attention. If you ignore them, they wander off in search of better food sources on other platforms.
  5. "Your pledge to Crowfall - Throne War PC MMO has been collected!" Spend it wisely! Blackjack and beer are acceptable in small quantities.
  6. So close to 20 pages... Please, continue - your petty bickering amuses me.
  7. Being a huge lore nerd for any game I'm interested in, as long as there is a decent explanation as to why everyone in the game with flight is female - I'm cool with that. As long as there is no real lore reason for not having both genders, this will keep coming up - it's the way people are. Fortunately it looks like the cost for a new model is right around $100,000, so as Crowfall progresses they can easily add Does and Cows for the Bucks and Bulls as "If you want it, put your money where your mouth is" items on the funding site.
  8. UO -> EQ / AC -> DAoC very briefly -> SB / Horizons The Mix of Shadowbane and Horizons at the same time was interesting. SB was the best PvP game ever made, Horizons was the best PvE game ever made - both were buggier than a bait store, but mostly because they were so inventive.
  9. It's softcore porn with a budget and actual actors. That said, it is still an intriguing series to watch.
  10. Pay To Win? It really depends entirely on who you ask. I've seen players scream "P2W!!!" when a game has a subscription that simply allows priority server queues. Because the subscribers get extra time to skill / level / craft / whatever... A lot of the time the argument is really rises from players who are "Too Cheap To Win", because everything must be free, always. This is because the game was made by people who, due to their excessive good karma and oneness with the universe, do not have to pay bills or anything.
  11. Not yet! It's not reached 20 pages yet - as was foretold in the prophecy...
  12. The lost boys follow the Pann, and no one is allowed to know more than the Pann. Seems like a perfect moniker for a community manager.
  13. Filthy casuals. Crowfall's soundtrack should be the pleading and screams of the fallen, and the low droning wail of the Thralls harvested for our gods. That said, I do like the strings in the current bit of music ACE uses in the videos - more of that please.
  14. KS is just one of many phases of funding. Phase 1 was their own money as seed capital. Phase 2 was getting some small funding to get to phase 3. Phase 3 is Kickstarter. Phase 4 will probably be on-going crowd funding from the web site. Phase 5 is likely sell-through. Also, 100+ million dollar MMOs need to hire buildings full of content developers to create and manage the static world that the player base will be consuming... 2000+ quest chains, raid content, boss fights, and all that other PvE fluff is really where the money goes. So if you build a smart system where the players make the game content, you shift most of the cost to the folks paying for the thing in the first place. So you can get triple-A games, without triple-A cost.
  15. We are in the last 48 hours... The forums are going to turn into a cesspit of inflamed opinion and self-righteous entitlement. Luckily the devtracker is available on the front page of the site - so if anyone needs to bail on the stupid, you can keep up with anything relevant there.
  16. I finally stopped playing/paying two years ago... I was paying a yearly subscription for anywhere from 5-10 days of play, per year, just to keep the lair I about killed myself making from being reclaimed. At the end no one I really know had been on in over a year, and all I got in response to the post on the guild forums was 'meh' - so I walked away. Sad really - I'd been on "Order", on and off, since its inception.
  17. As long as we're playing around with the wayback machine - while I was playing Shadowbane, I was also playing Horizons... If y'all offer up playable dragons, I will tithe 10% of my income to the church of Artcraft. Just sayin'.
  18. That's an excellent question... We have Centaurs, the Aracoix equivalent Assassins, and now Minotaurs. Nephilim, Shades, and Vampires maybe?
  19. As one of the folks who paid the extra in SB to get all the races at the get-go - I don't see any issue with this. I don't remember how much it was, but I seem to recall it being like $80 instead of $50 for the box. A pittance for how much fun I had, and it obviously made zero impact on the game from a pay to win point of view.
  20. *deploys flares, and then departs to go have beer and pizza whilst the forums rage about the fact someone got something by actually paying for it...*
  21. And here we are on page 3... It's tough being psychic and all...
  22. CYT's account has been hax - someone ban it before they take his stuff and have him dancing nekkid for iron ore...
  23. Another 20 page forum freakout over something totally inconsequential to the future of the game? Just a guess.
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