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  1. Today is the best funding day we've had since February 27th. Not bad for having three more days to go! http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/crowfall/crowfall-throne-war-pc-mmo/#chart-daily
  2. Frost doesn't have enough DPS - sorry man. We can get you a spot on the B team though.
  3. A surprise? I love surprises! They already gave us a pony... What else could we possibly want!?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5_DuZ8WuMM Crows using people as tools... Scary.
  5. I think it is purposely vague because no one really knows yet. I have art assets as well which certainly won't break the look and feel of the game - so it will probably just be their guy converting the .png to whatever format the engine uses, and then resizing it to 64x64 - 1024x1024 for the various things that it could be put on. Other guilds? I expect some poor soul at ACE will get very tired of dickbutt memes.
  6. It says, "Subject to approval" - meaning someone has to approve.
  7. Well, to begin with, Crowfall is essentially offering you server space (EK) to do whatever you want with within the bounds of the game, and 9 acres (roughly) for the cost of the box (~$60)... So let's look at another game that offers server space: Second Life. Second Life offers a full region (16 acres) for $1000 in setup cost and $295 a month, but you are literally god there and can do anything your little heart desires - no bounds. Being as Crowfall will be more limited, I expect the pricing to be reduced accordingly and ~$60 for ~9 acres seems very reasonable, and I expect pricing will follow that benchmark. As for custom graphics / artwork. Someone has to check the artwork and they need to be paid, and artwork takes both server resources and bandwidth - so it should cost something... What that is? I have no idea yet. But I'm sure it won't be beyond the ability of a guild to pony up for.
  8. There are always multiple reasons for a systemic failure. sb.exe was a huge blow, rampant duping was another. Shadowbane was also a decade ago, when no one was really sure what 'hardcore' really was. But it was a fact that a lot of new blood quit because it was relentless. So as the game wore on, everyone was simply an alt of someone else and it stagnated. If SB had offered an EK-like concept, it would have fared better against the rising PvE juggernauts of it's era.
  9. As I mentioned in the other giant "EK vs PvP" thread on announce: The issue seems to be that EKs will allow players to not stand in the slaughterhouse line for a few hours here and there, and therefore will not be pumping the hardcore players kill ratios 24/7. And that cheeses them off, so they get all up in the forum's grill about it. TL;DR - non-stop blood-bath MMOs fail, elsewise we'd not be here. So Crowfall has to appeal to people outside of the hardcore demographic just to be potentially viable. If EKs were removed right now to appease the hardcore, Crowfall would suffer the same fate as every other 'hardcore pvp' game that has ever been made - a slow agonizing death of attrition.
  10. As gets told to the carebears a dozen times a day: the game isn't for everyone. If a certain PvPer is so hardcore that if they stop stabbing virtual people for an hour to engage in crafting they start to self-harm - maybe Crowfall isn't their bag. I'm not being flippant - I'm pointing out it is a two-way street... We are asking crafters to risk getting beat up on occasion - and we are asking killers to do non-stabby stuff on occasion.
  11. That really seems to be the crux of the kerfluffle here: EKs might make it so that not everyone will be available 24/7 to report for killing duty. God forbid players might do something other than stab / get stabbed for a few hours here and there. But ultimately in Crowfall they have to report to the killing fields to continue to play in their hidey holes. At least occasionally. So there is still the opportunity to stab them. Okay - let's pretend the EKs don't exist. Now the folks who don't do 24/7 non-stop stabbing don't even show up - even occasionally - and the player-base winds up eating their own and eventually shadowboxing themselves just like the last bunch of pure PvP games. If the non-stop blood-bath MMO model worked, we wouldn't be here. So let folks take a breather somewhere where they aren't going to get farmed for getting up to get a soda, and look forward to collecting their scalps when they show up in the campaigns to fund their happy place.
  12. Count me in. But I will want to make a game out of it... I'll put up X materials that say I win, you put up an equal amount that says you win, we agree to the terms of the battle (numbers and win condition) - and lets have at it!
  13. Crazy amount of buzz in the guild forums. It is looking like the EK we populate will be all PvP, all the time... While this sounds scary for market potential, I'm hearing the beginnings of a police force that will be attempting to 'serve and protect' - so some risk for hardcore merchants in that ne'er do wells may be roaming the streets, but there will be defenders likewise roaming the streets. In this regard, I would love to get some more detail on the permissions settings for an EK. Is the allow/deny list granular? meaning can I deny 'captured / killed' felons from re-entry? Essentially, the goal would be to detain the alleged criminal for trial, and if found guilty lock them out of the EK for however long the sentence is. (we can play around with prison breaks as well - if N friendlies manage to get to point X, we allow the escapee back in to raise more hell).
  14. One of the things I plan to do with this toolset is host some emergent, themed PvP games. In other games my guild is involved with, we have a leader - lets call her an Empress - and she has an Imperial Guard, which are a bunch of hardcore military-type PvPers. And we have another leader - an ousted member of the court, for example - and he has a band of wicked cut throat killers at his side. One side wants to keep the Empress alive at all costs, even as she has day-to-day tasks to complete around the kingdom. The other side would really, really like to see her dead. Both sides can recruit from the general player-base, but both 'leaders' are part of my guild, just to keep the power pyramids in-bounds and the numbers at an agreed level. Now I turn on PvP in the EK - and let the games begin... And this is simply a side-game to Campaign based mass murder, but it adds a 'living story' dynamic to the guild, and allows the involved parties to have a bit more story to them outside of win-loss ratios. But, that's just me.
  15. That right there is what I was looking for. Complex enough to offer some game play and be integral to the overall Crowfall 'experience', but not PvP game-breaking. Okay, time to go all-in.
  16. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3740-artstyle-boob-plates-your-thoughts-on-the-matter/ It's locked, but preserved for the historical completeness of these forums.
  17. 10 pages, 2000+ views. I do think support for a weirdass monitor has rustled more jimmies, quicker, than even boobs did! Good job!
  18. Oh definitely. I'm curious how they will all connect at the macro level. Will every EK have some kind of Eternal Address to go with it? Will there be some sort of omnipotent google map people can use to see what is out there? Maybe there will be a cosmic Yellow Pages we can advertise in.
  19. I'll buy in on that, given that the people they've hired have made most of the NA MMOs that have been released since the term was coined. In fact, I did!
  20. I wouldn't say the forums are toxic at all. You have a collection of highly competitive people here - as PvPers tend to be - and that drive to not lose extends all the way to ideas and beliefs on the game they are looking forward to. So there is going to be some growling and fussing over the food bowl every time ACE drops some juicy new info into it. If you're not interested in getting bit, wait for them to settle before getting involved.
  21. I think it's time to bust out bairloch's axiom for Crowfall forums: "If it's not my way, it's stupid."
  22. Just a note here: 500+ views and 4 pages of arm waving in an hour or two... I'd say the marketing value of VR whatsits is a pretty good move.
  23. Hmm... 4k monitor, or cyclops nerd goggles... #FirstWorldProblems
  24. Seems to be a cool method of dealing with the issue.
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