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  1. So much flop and twitch over 1v1 skill level and short-attention-span gaming... If played as intended - which is, as stated, "Bring friends, you will need them" - then the skill level is very flat as it is a culmination of skills, talents, and player ability across the group. If you mano-e-mano some 2 year vet with your 2 month scrub - you will die. Just like pretty much every game ever made. if you are a 2 month scrub in a group of players that crosses the gamut of time-based skills, then your contribution and survivability is amplified by the group. If the other groups are likewise comprised, then the game is what we like to call 'balanced'. If someone will not group up - then the fault lies with them, not the game design. Regarding the question of "Why time-based"? Simple - it 'balances' infinite free-time basement dwellers with folks who only get an hour or two after the kids go to bed. Active levelling systems penalize anyone who cannot spend 10+ hours a day in game. Being able to hit the level cap in a balls-out weekend fueled by redbull and cocain is great for a themepark MMO, where level is just a carrot and a mechanical gate on content. But in PvP it really matters. This is why the proposed design from ACE is already a hybrid - it has active leveling to a competitive point, then passive levelling to really hone those skills you want.
  2. Withholding my opinion until we see what is actually available. Right now, getting worked up over addons before there is even a UI is a bit premature, in my humble opinion at any rate.
  3. I'm going to assume "on a wall" just to preserve my childlike innocence.
  4. With cloud-based servers, the possibility of dynamically allocating server time for EKs is definitely doable... Meaning if no one is in the EK, it is just data in the SAN, and no processing time is needed. So that CPU time can be used elsewhere. In the other direction, if someone creates Mega EK that has people in it 24/7, and is hosting some 500 vs 500 guildwar - it can dynamically add servers as needed.
  5. Yes! "as the crow flies" for a huge stamina cost, while others have to run around the obstacle for free. This buys you a few precious seconds, so you land and stealth, using more stamina and now you can only crawl along at a snail's pace - but they can't see you! Until the caster in the group AOE's the area, depth charging to find you! You change track and move slowly across the forest towards an outcrop of rocks, hoping the new direction throws them off, but just as you reach the rocks an NPC monster detects you! Out of stamina and now visible your only choice is to book it - so you run in the direction you were going, and because of your speed trait you get some distance between you and the monster! And take an arrow in the back from the Elkin who has been watching the whole time... He kills the critter you pulled and then takes the stuff you just stole from your cooling corpse. Welcome to Crowfall...
  6. 15. I'm guessing of the bunch the alpha damage on that one will be the best.
  7. You have to realize that flight is the same speed as running - unless traited up. So even though they can get out of melee range using the Z-axis, you simply have to keep under them until they exhaust (10-15 seconds) and come back down. Think of flight like a WoW Paladin's bubble, or a Priest's shield. It removes melee damage briefly - that's it.
  8. If you set the wayback machine to 2003 - that's exactly what we had: Aracoix could fly over walls and whatnot. The down-side to this is the burned a lot of stamina to do this. So they had to be tactical with flight - flying over the walls into combat would end them because they were out of stamina. Flying away over the walls had to be done just right or the centaur with crazy ground speed would just wait for them to land, exhausted, and kill them. And their flight ceiling was never out of range for casters / bow users. Flight was purely their special move on the chessboard - a move that played poorly would kill them.
  9. Let us see some actual combat with destructible worlds, a full physics model, 12 races, 36 classes, a few hundred traits and powers, a truckload of spells, and a zillion kinds of weapons - then we can talk about adding things because it isn't enough.
  10. Hehe. With 1.4 billion people, they kind of own the zerg market. As I like to say: If you are one in a million, there are 1400 just like you in China.
  11. The term "zerg" comes from Starcraft and is the name of a cheap to produce unit for one of the races that is very weak and virtually useless on its own... But you can make hundreds of them very quickly, and overwhelm your opponent by simple numbers. Likewise in MMOs, a "zerg" is a large mass of generally disorganized people all running from objective to objective, hoping that numerical advantage will overcome tactical inferiority.
  12. It just artificially inflates health pools, placing the emphasis on who has the most healbots versus player skill. Though I do have fond memories of heal trains - where you have 3-4 dedicated healers, each at some range from the next, heal-hosing a melee DPS that was pretty much unstoppable.
  13. Friendly fire and a lack of healing will really limit the ability to be a disorganized mob. When the zerg starts killing the people in it, the dead will rage and the whole mass will turn on itself. I really don't expect it to be a viable thing in Crowfall.
  14. How about, "Awesome". Personally I'm going for "That game I play" and expanding from there when someone asks.
  15. If it is anything like Shadowbane ( ... ) flight will be stamina based, have a limited ceiling that never exceeds ranged capability, and be subject to several flight cancellation abilities in other archetypes. Like everything else, flight will be situationally OP - it will be up to the players to get good with those situations.
  16. I think a lot of it will be dependant on the speed and flow of combat. If combat is frenetic frag fests where life expectancy is measured in milliseconds, then there will need to be some fancy mitigation going on to keep the fight interesting. If things are a bit more realistic, where the damage wears away armor to the point where someone can get in a coup de grâce blow and end someone - before you or they run out of stamina to keep swinging and blocking at any rate - then healing is best left to a more realistic battlefield triage sort of deal where combatants have to tactically fall back be healed / recover / rearm if they survive the fight. Me personally, I would like option two.
  17. Just as a point of note: two more years of development. Being as ACE does not have to write, asset, test, and debug several thousand quest lines, develop, debug, and balance a dozen raid encounters, or design, asset, and flow balance ten thousand POIs of PvE - the majority of billable time will be on systems. So, two years to iron out Network systems, Combat systems, Voxel systems, Crafting systems, Siege Systems, and etcetera. Add to this that they are banking on a literal book of lessons learned from previous MMOs - of which these guys have collectively made most of them. It's not like ACE is staring at a blank whiteboard going, "Holy hell - how do we do predictive movement!?" ... I know a lot of folks don't really grok the nuts and bolts of this - but two years is a really long time for systems development.
  18. ACE will need to hold player's hands to tell them they won't be holding their hands. I agree. It's sad to say, but yes. Players, in general, have gotten used to the homogenization of classes. They are told, up front, that these are the buttons they will press - and if they press them in the correct order they will get a cookie, a gold star, and even a level! And every one with the same class has the same buttons, so there is no worry about someone doing something different and upsetting someone else. Most of this I blame on the holy mantra a few years back of "bring the player, not the class" - which is amazing in intent, but the chosen execution only served to dumb-down game-play even more. All of a sudden deep tech-trees became a single choice, and every class became a self-contained holy trinity so that all players were perfectly equal despite talent, ambition, or practice. Variation in classes after the "bring the player" days became nothing more than tales told by old timers as they sat in rockers next to the fireplace and spun yarns about the days when gimped class builds could actually happen... But at the same time truly magical things could also happen. It's like games are all on Prozac these days: players can't be upset anymore, because being upset is bad - but they can't truly be happy either, because that might upset someone else. They just exist in this sort of 'meh' haze of level treadmill... Press buttons, get cookie, hit level cap - rinse and repeat in a different game. On and on.
  19. Soooo... Yes. While the training is time-based, like Eve, I don't see why - by the time Crowfall hits GM - that anyone with even basic google skills won't know exactly what they plan to do and how to go about getting there. Me? I'll keep making characters based on what I think will be fun to try next.
  20. As we covered in the other thread, I tend to agree 100% with BSR. While twitch skill has its merits in a tactical combat simulation like Crowfall is shaping up to be, banking on 'mad skillz' and expecting a lot of circle strafing and jumping about is setting up for disappointment. Which is definitely something I've been noticing here in the forums - a lot of soloist one-man army types who seem to be judging proposed combat systems purely on a 1v1 viewpoint. I will be very surprised if 1v1 happens very much at all, if ever... Anyone with any experience in this sort of game knows you need to activate your buddy system any time you want to head out into the world and that 4-5 people together is the optimum 'bumming around' number. These lone-wolf types are going to spend a lot of time angry I think.
  21. We've derailed so far at this point I'm not sure it matters. That and I like the topic. But, yes. As long as 'skill' is a variable that contains 'work as a unit'. As I pointed out in another thread this evening - with ten total noobs who can follow directions, I'm pretty sure I can roll an equal number of uber leet soloists who have no idea how to work together. Individual combat prowess simply cannot trump teamwork. Which is why the military invests so much money on unit tactics and drills the poorly made socks out of you until they are muscle memory... Because even if dude #5 in the fireteam is the best sniper in the known universe - without dudes 1-4, he's a casualty.
  22. This. I like to think of Crowfall as more like medieval ARMA. 'Winning' will occur at squad and above levels, and while being an amazing fighter will certainly be a good thing, at the end of the day you will rise or fall based on your teams efforts over your own.
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