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  1. Limiting content in a game with such scarce content by making it even scarcer would be a terrible decision for this game. So unfortunately these days it stands to be implemented, catering design this early on around a small handful of disgruntled and vocal players(compared to the amount that backed the kickstarter) is ludicrous. Further the legitimacy of the feedback on this thread is questionable at best, lots of new accounts are coming in and offering nothing but +1. The score system is fundamentally broken in this current iteration of it, however removing all of the small groups of peoples ability to have an impact on the game is nothing but a recipe for a ghost town. I'm not seeing very many people advocating that the current system is perfect or even good, but it at least allows for some constant impact and score changing by the majority of players. I sincerely question the motives of those trying to limit others ability to even play the game through the use of time gates.
  2. A lot of that is less due to the templars kit and more just how ridiculous the range advantage is currently, back when range was a lot more even in older patches Templar had a chance against ranged enemies. I believe JTodd has a tweet out about moving max range to 64m(or close to that), which is still a tad ridiculous but it's better than it currently is.
  3. I completely agree with switching back to giving Templar a pip on every lmb hit and returning the attack speed to what it was. It felt like an asinine change for absolutely no reason when it was done, and I can't see any logic behind the change. That being said, Templar is a class built around punishing other melee classes. It should by design be in a bad spot when trying to fight a ranged character solo.
  4. Or use a myrmidon and become immune to CC. Honestly if the Druids current powers are all working as intended then I feel they should leave the myrm alone outside of maybe increasing a few cooldowns. He's really busted up the druid 2 2 2 stun combo that maybe the game really boring to play.
  5. The 5km is just one continent, they did mention being able to link up multiple continents. So we might be looking at 5-10 continents per campaign map (maybe more) in order to achieve those walking times. https://www.twitch.tv/crowfallgame/v/74814435?t=1h35m40s
  6. Like I said I never played rust, so I can't really speak for it. A quick google showed that they have large player numbers for servers that's about all I looked into it. I'd be interested to know what features you think Forgelight, Unchained, Hero Engine, etc. have over Unity as an engine. About the only thing I can think of is that they would save some time on a few things, but waste just as much trying to cut out a lot of the chaff from those engines they don't need. Plus you are looking at licensing costs in excess of 75k + 7% of revenue for Hero Engine. Outside of Planetside 2 I can't recall forgelight ever being able to hold large amounts of players in one area without self imploding (Landmark is a joke in terms of performance). In either case it doesn't matter because ACE went with Unity. However, JTC's quote has more or less zero relevance on what I have said. My main and overall point has just been that they could do it. Doesn't mean they are, will, or have to. Also last I checked they are still going full force with the physics engine in the game as well.
  7. You seem to have fallen into the Unity isn't as good as other engines trap, Unity is as good as the people using it. It's bad reputation comes from it being free to use, not from any inherent flaws in the engine itself. Also I am fairly certain that RUST is a unity game, can't speak for performance as I don't own it but they do have servers for it that can host 500+ players. I also find that answer from the ESO dev's to be utter hogwash. If a game as poorly optimized as Mount and Blade could run 200 some odd people in a mod firing muskets with player collision and bullet drop, a team with a lot more resources to throw at the problem could achieve it. Without being able to look at crowfall's source code I cannot say for certain, but I guarantee you that they already spend the time doing these checks on the players in crowfall currently. For one we already have the collision which the ESO dev's were so afraid of. Additionally as you so kindly pointed out in another thread: They are already spending the time to check and snap player/power positions. Further as Fenris pointed out further up the thread the response wasn't that they couldn't do it, but rather that they didn't find it fun.
  8. I'm not quite sure on that either, I've played plenty of games where you have to take that into account when you play archer and people seem to do just fine with it. Mount and Blade, War of the Roses, Chivalry, Overwatch. Etc.
  9. Well the request was for the actual strength of the bow, which I find an interesting thing to find out. But in terms of making an arrow arc that's pretty simple. I think one of the first handful of unity tutorials on vectors goes through how to do it. But all you would need is the firing velocity (70m/s), the initial vector of fire (built into unity), and then the constant by which to pull that arrow down along the arc (9.8m/s2). You could also put in wind resistance or make the arrow slow down after time if you wanted, but don't try and tell me it's too hard to do. The basic principles needed to do it is like baby's first physics class. I mean in all seriousness, even Minecraft has bullet drop on it's arrows.
  10. There is a lot of factors that go into it but I will try and come up with a good comparison/average on things and come back with my results. Biggest issue is that they sell tools to do the whole calculation for you when you draw back an arrow on a bow these days, so the formula and variables needed for the calculation aren't high up in search results around it.
  11. It would depend on the poundage for the bow. Iirc something in the 50-80lb was average for a short bow and could get 100 yards easily. Ofc I am trying to do this from memory so take it with several lumps of salt.
  12. Really just depends on how much damage that base vessel you can pick up from a graveyard can do. If it's cheap but has a decent damage output then having a few people using it makes sense. Especially if the economic cost for someone losing a high end archetype is much higher than the cost for those base archetypes. Semi-Permanent death only matters if you care about the archetype you are using, akin to how some groups in EVE will do low cost fleet runs to try and pick off a few ships that cost more isk than their whole fleet combined.
  13. They put damage splitting on Slice N Dice, at this point I'm really not sure what they are trying to accomplish with the damage split. What's the point of putting it on a short range attack that roots you in place.
  14. TT Esports has a pretty decent line of membrane keyboards, I've had one that I used for a few years of heavy use with no issues. Only downside is that some of them look a bit cheesy.
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