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  1. Limiting content in a game with such scarce content by making it even scarcer would be a terrible decision for this game. So unfortunately these days it stands to be implemented, catering design this early on around a small handful of disgruntled and vocal players(compared to the amount that backed the kickstarter) is ludicrous. Further the legitimacy of the feedback on this thread is questionable at best, lots of new accounts are coming in and offering nothing but +1. The score system is fundamentally broken in this current iteration of it, however removing all of the small groups
  2. A lot of that is less due to the templars kit and more just how ridiculous the range advantage is currently, back when range was a lot more even in older patches Templar had a chance against ranged enemies. I believe JTodd has a tweet out about moving max range to 64m(or close to that), which is still a tad ridiculous but it's better than it currently is.
  3. I completely agree with switching back to giving Templar a pip on every lmb hit and returning the attack speed to what it was. It felt like an asinine change for absolutely no reason when it was done, and I can't see any logic behind the change. That being said, Templar is a class built around punishing other melee classes. It should by design be in a bad spot when trying to fight a ranged character solo.
  4. You're both going to have to turn the resolution way down to get anything near a terrible framerate. Specifically try 800x600 or smaller if you can get it. For heat issues you'll need to get one of the coolers/fans you can put on the bottom of your laptop. Outside of that however, you're stuck waiting on ACE to optimize it.
  5. Honestly can we just stop feeding the creatures that dwell under bridges and get back to the cool stories I like to read about from time to time?
  6. I guess you're going to need to find some then.
  7. Man that match where we had the whole team on one side was pretty fun.
  8. Had some good fights with ya'll today. You were putting in some work with that champ McTan.
  9. That just means we run an all guinecean spec group to annoy him right?
  10. Man was SP fun today, can't wait till it gets ironed out more. Really has a great feel to it.
  11. Been fun playing 1.1 with you -W-. Look forward to the siege test.
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