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  1. Thanks for the reply. Are you limited to one character per account in Crowfall? Are there any restrictions on how often you can change your name or when you can reroll your character in Crowfall?
  2. I am interested in hearing why people prefer one of these games over the other. Or if you prefer them both equally, please share what it is that you think sets them apart from each other. Mortal Online 2 is in Beta now and goes Persistent this year and Crowfall releases this month, so I'm deciding between the two. FYI - I'm only interested in MO2 comparisons, I know plenty about MO1.
  3. Okay got it, so there is not really any P2W. thanks for clearing that up. I'll look further into the game then.
  4. Okay thanks for the replies! So just the 2% damage bonus item and mounts are the only pay-2-win aspects of the game?
  5. Okay thanks, so the "eternal kingdom" doesn't convey an advantage during or in between campaigns?
  6. I saw the cash shop. How many items besides damage bonuses and mounts are pay to win? Are the guild halls, parcels, and other buildings also pay-2-win?
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