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  1. I created an account with imugr but I'm having the same problem when I copy the link after clicking on 'insert image from url' it just blinks red and does not submit. Strange.
  2. You are right Kraahk constructive criticism would be more usefull. I'd love to upload some screenshots, however this feature is not built into the forums directly and relies on 3rd party urls. I have tried a few but have given up because the link they produce is not accepted. Another pet peeve... But to give written constructive criticism the shaders are broken, anti aliasing doesn't really work on low settings(I have not tested max settings) so when you add those problems to the fact that the layout and composition is poor then end result is not pretty. That being said, even if the technical part of the design was dialed in 100% the composition is very amateur and valuable poly count is being wasted. We need stairs and they add to the look but sometimes less is more!
  3. What an eye sore! I really hope those were at least built procedural, because I'd really hate to think that you had an artist spend a significant amount of hours under the direction of management to put something like this together. So disappointing.
  4. Hey guys, I wanted to share something with you that really helped me out. I'm running a GTX 1050 by EVGA and I have had FPS issues with this game. I would normally float around 25-40 FPS, but at times during PVP I would drop really low like 18 FPS. I installed "MSI Afterburner" and without even doing any actual overclocking my FPS instantly jumped 15 FPS. After actually doing some overclocking using it I managed to squeeze another 5-10 FPS. My average is now 45 FPS, I have not dropped below 30 and I see it sometimes as high as 70 FPS. The performance increase for me is shocking, hence why I felt it necessary to share this with you. I am not sure if you will get the same results as me but if you are struggling with FPS drops I highly recommend you try it, especially if you are using a older video card.
  5. I like the leveling system in place.
  6. Major disciplines drop rates are fine and I actually like the system in place for them. Minor disciplines and crafting belt, googles etc. drop rate needs to be seriously increased or guaranteed on a specific mob.
  7. Performance is still bad and pvp to me is unplayable as a result. Stutters, fps drops abilities not going off etc. It's the reason the servers are dead and nobody plays/tests this game. Maybe one of these years it will get fixed.
  8. I hate the fact that i'm gimped in pvp because I also like to gather. As it stands you pretty much need the invulnerability rune(OP must have) and your class's main major rune to be effective in pvp. If I get jumped while harvesting I'm already at a huge disadvantage, I don't see the reason to be put at an even further disadvantage not having combat runes in place. What are your thoughts on it?
  9. Ya the younger generation loves their action combat which is primarily based on reflexes and aim. I definitely prefer the old school combat when it comes to immersive MMO's that hinder much heavier on strategy and community. The current action combat system more or less has 1 main optimal ability rotation(boring), with the occasional counter ability. The old tab based systems let auto-attack do the mundane work of optimal rotation and focused on strategic and timely abilities to defeat your opponents, we also had multiple hotkey bars and crap loads of awesome abilities, something not easily doable with aim based action combat. I'm okay and in fact like action combat using tab targetting because it still allows for multiple hotkey bars due to the fact it free's up your mouse to hit all those abilities you can't efficiently hotkey. Aim targeting is pretty damn weak though, if I want to test my aim I'd rather play a FPS. It's kind of weird saying that because when I was their age we also had some pretty awesome FPS games which I definitely loved playing.
  10. Some people obviously lack the intelligence to see the sarcasm in OP's post, and with that massive post count and being an ACE contributor it's worrisome to say the least.
  11. Jaygrae, you make extremely valid points and I completely agree with you. I wouldn't get too upset at the lack of likes and the backlash against your comments. The active community on the forums represents somewhere around 0.005% of backers. 50,000 backers, currently approximately 30 players online during peak time on servers. Being extremely generous I'd say there are 500 active players and 250 active guys that post on forums. That in mind these are the guys that stick around and are happy with the current state of the game and development progress. You aren't going to find much love writing logical posts.
  12. I can understand why you might be getting bored of the map, but the map is in more or less a healthy state the rest of the game needs A LOT of work. Had you posted this 7 months ago I would be screaming YES PLEASE because the map was brutal! That being said with the size of the development team I'm quite confident there is a dedicated level designer, and he is making some serious strides unlike the rest of the team(perhaps their efforts are misguided in terms of priorities)
  13. And this is why you should stay in school kids.
  14. The design is terrible. Play lumberjack simulator for an hour or more then do the tedious crafting, only to run out and get completely destroyed by the vet players. Armor and weapons break and you feel like you might as well be starting the game over from scratch. Crafting anything besides leather armor is near impossible because they created 1 node on the map for each material type. Everyone plays the OP class/race of current patch, because game design allows you to. Hotkey bar swapping? really? is this a xbox game along with all the huge limitations that come with that? I'm starting to think that it is and just that and we are the dummy PC players that invested our time and money to help them develop a poorly made socksty console game. I had high hopes for this game, but don't anymore.
  15. This game is 30% complete after over 3 years of development, unless of course you are here to play "Lumber Jack Simulator".
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