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  1. Perhaps they should consider increasing the the amount that harvestable mats sell to vendors for. At 2 gold per item it's a complete waste, but if it were increased to 10g per item then I think the gathering profession would go a lot more smoothly. Mats are obviously still important but at least you have the option to vendor some of it to get some decent gold return on your time invested when you are gold starved. which basically every single gatherer is.
  2. The 20% gear drop in dregs is interesting and it's definitely the direction I would like to see the game go towards. However, with the current crafting/gathering system I think it's a big mistake. Unless the crafting system gets completely reworked where people can actually craft 3-5 sets of gear and mostly do it on their own then the first guild to win the first initial fights wins the campaign. They will have 'extra' gear, while the team that 'lost' has guys half naked. There is a real possibility the campaign ends in the first 24 hours.
  3. Dregs are too small, if you aren't part of big guild there is no point in participating because they dominate all of the content.
  4. Ya, sounds about right, however I don't think that the devs will stoop to that low level anytime soon.
  5. I have 20+fps playing a ranged character, try playing a melee that gets into the thick of it(Myrmidon). The fps gets real chunky and honestly quality of GPU becomes a non factor. The optimization has a long ways to go but that's probably due to not having built a game engine ground up and using Unity which is coded in C#(high level language). The graphics/polycount and fx are mediocre at best and still the engine chokes. I'm enjoying aspects of the game but the performance or lack of is a real bummer when the game design caters to maximum sized zerg fights to determine the winner.
  6. Having guys trash their loot when they are loosing a fight to ensure you don't get anything of value is not okay. Block item delete if in combat.
  7. Please add option to delete a post!
  8. The game has come a long ways over the past few years. This is not an easy fix to accommodate 40vs40 fights. I feel like the solution is to have multiple objectives active at the same time to encourage to split into groups of 5-10 which is something the current engine can handle on a FPS level. This will also allow smaller guilds to compete and feel their worth. A good starting point would be to increase the map size with more parcels. Make the active timers 15 mins versus 1 hour but make them all active simultaneously, add more parcels to force the bigger guilds to split their forces if they want to dominate. There will be some good fights win or loose. I don't think anyone truly enjoys playing at 10FPS(RTX 2080TI) in a zerg fight.
  9. That's the resource count to build 1 of the 6 major components for a cottage. You will need all 6 to actually build it.
  10. The resource requirement numbers are so out to lunch it's completely laughable. So let's say you want to build a cottage. Just 1 of the 6 main components to accomplish this is building 8 Architectural walls. To build 8 architectural walls you will need 8 nails(480 ore), 16 bricks(1200 stone), 32 frames(38,400 ore, 25,600 wood). Keep in mind this is just 1 of the components, you still need to make foundation segments, architectural arches and roof segments. I'm pretty sure anyone that attempts to build a basic cottage will die of old age before he gathers enough resources to actually finish it.
  11. I finish work at 5:30pm, I get home at 6:30pm a quick dinner and I log on at 7:30pm - 8:00pm. Guess what all content is done for the night, it's getting a little bit frustrating to say the least. Way to limit your target audience. You basically need to live in the EST time zone or be unemployed. There is some serious tunnel vision going on, it's not all about EST and the Champion class which has been OP broken for like 4 years now.
  12. Instead of wasting countless hours of dev time on useless EK's this should have been a priority years ago...
  13. I created an account with imugr but I'm having the same problem when I copy the link after clicking on 'insert image from url' it just blinks red and does not submit. Strange.
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