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  1. bug report: I just tried to stack up 2 knowledge of the runemakers that I earned in dregs with the 1 that I imported and they just dissapeared.
  2. Bug report: - issues with stacking up resources inside inventory that are of same quality and type(new bug) - placing EK chests is broken, it took 10 mins of effort to get 1 to actually lock into position(new bug)
  3. Assassin feedback: after some pvp testing and relogging. There is a bug using either the new 'blink' or 'ult' which makes me appear to others as standing still.
  4. My point proven, players have to coordinate using 3rd party means because the test map is stupidly big and does not encourage an actual testing environment. Considering the maps are procedurally generated it shouldn't be hard or time consuming to create a proper 1 zone test environment(assuming the procedural stuff was done right), this is a patch I consider critical to the health of this game and it's made some good steps in the right direction but is still seriously lacking on many levels. However, it is difficult to comment on due to a lack of a healthy test environment.
  5. I'm in test, standing out front of enemy gates for an hour and have had 0 fights to actually 'Test' anything
  6. Where is the pvp environment to test out all of these new skills and discs so we can perhaps give back some constructive criticism? 4 massive shards which are populated with low rank trash? why? Only having 1 shard seems kind of logical to me, it's a less then ideal pvp test environment but it's better then 4 shards of wasted space.
  7. The major discs need a little logo in their icon to identify them as to which trait they belong to or they need to be sorted by trait. It doesn't have to be anything fancy just give us a circle with a color that we can identify. Discs with multiple traits have multiple circles with corresponding colors. Also, can we get rid of the ambiguous statements (10% more damage to targets at high health)? What is high health? 99%, 95%, 70%, 50%? This ability could be awesome or complete garbage based on the missing information. E.G. "Deal 10% more damage to targets above 80% health" is it that
  8. Instead of wasting countless hours of dev time on useless EK's this should have been a priority years ago...
  9. I created an account with imugr but I'm having the same problem when I copy the link after clicking on 'insert image from url' it just blinks red and does not submit. Strange.
  10. You are right Kraahk constructive criticism would be more usefull. I'd love to upload some screenshots, however this feature is not built into the forums directly and relies on 3rd party urls. I have tried a few but have given up because the link they produce is not accepted. Another pet peeve... But to give written constructive criticism the shaders are broken, anti aliasing doesn't really work on low settings(I have not tested max settings) so when you add those problems to the fact that the layout and composition is poor then end result is not pretty. That being said, even if the techn
  11. What an eye sore! I really hope those were at least built procedural, because I'd really hate to think that you had an artist spend a significant amount of hours under the direction of management to put something like this together. So disappointing.
  12. Hey guys, I wanted to share something with you that really helped me out. I'm running a GTX 1050 by EVGA and I have had FPS issues with this game. I would normally float around 25-40 FPS, but at times during PVP I would drop really low like 18 FPS. I installed "MSI Afterburner" and without even doing any actual overclocking my FPS instantly jumped 15 FPS. After actually doing some overclocking using it I managed to squeeze another 5-10 FPS. My average is now 45 FPS, I have not dropped below 30 and I see it sometimes as high as 70 FPS. The performance increase for me is shocking
  13. Major disciplines drop rates are fine and I actually like the system in place for them. Minor disciplines and crafting belt, googles etc. drop rate needs to be seriously increased or guaranteed on a specific mob.
  14. Performance is still bad and pvp to me is unplayable as a result. Stutters, fps drops abilities not going off etc. It's the reason the servers are dead and nobody plays/tests this game. Maybe one of these years it will get fixed.
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