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  1. Good to see you are still active, Kraahk. I've been mostly away until today. Let the good times roll!
  2. Thanks, but that's the bubble ("basic crafting mastery") that I can't train until I hit 90%. And I thought I needed to get there before I could train any sub-tree. But I see now (thanks goqua!), that I did not have to start that bubble after all. Doh.
  3. So, one can't get to the second level skill tree until after completing at least 90% of the first level (in this case crafting basics). Okay. And I'm not too good at math, but it just doesn't seem right that I am still not at 90% after fully training all options but one. What's up with that? (And here's a link to the pic, which I tried to "insert into post", without success: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y8mqj7bh8usotap/89 percent.jpg?dl=0) PS. So I have to train at least one pip in Necromancy, which I have no interest in, and which does me absolutely no good, since one must train all five pips in that skill before there is any benefit. /rant off
  4. "Live" seems down now to me. And that discord link didn't work for me. Is there a current status message anywhere in the forums?
  5. I hope it is not rude to revive this old thread by noting that it is tricky to place the station in the cottage because: zoom out too far and you can't see the socket, zoom in too far, and all you can see is floorboards, it seems.
  6. I'm a level 17 druid with 4 talent points to spend, and I want to unlock my 1st major discipline slot. In the talent tree, I have already ranked up (1/1 pips) "Nature's Cornerstone," which is shown as the only pre-req for unlocking the 1st major discipline slot. But when I click on that slot, the "rank up" button is grayed out. Is that a bug, or are there other pre-reqs not listed? E.g., there is another major discipline slot that lists a second pre-req of "Reach level 20." Maybe that pre-req also applies to other slot, too?
  7. Thanks again, BLE. FWIW, I have now seen one or two small green orbs with a glowing green moth-looking-thing in the middle, and some red flame-looking-things that pop up near me in combat. Those must be the coalesce life orbs and/or the "Buff Orb" or "Health Orb" from the discipline..
  8. Thanks, BLE. And to derail my own thread, is there a "Stat" I can increase to increase my essence? I have 1000 essence, but I seem to run out too quickly.
  9. Oh, thanks! In my talents I already have 1/1 points spent in "Mark of the Storm," which grants the [Electrogenesis] passive power, which I now see "has a chance to spawn Coalesce Life orbs near you when damaging enemies." But I don't recall seeing any such orbs spawn while in combat. Maybe they did but I didn't recognize them...
  10. Thanks! I just looted and a equipped a minor discipline (Smoldering Hatred) that will apparently cause me to passively spawn orbs while in combat. Should be interesting...
  11. IIRC, once upon a time, elven druids started out with the ability to create orbs that gave health. Now, it seems they do not start off with that "ability" (or skill/power/spell/whatever-else-it-might-be called). My wood-elf druid is now level 8, and still she is unable to create orbs. And apparently there are now multiple different types of orbs. 1. What's an elven druid got to do, to gain the ability to create healing orbs? 2. And more generally, is there a help topic or anything like that (either in game or in these forums) to explain which "abilities" each class (or at least druids, for now) can have, and how to get them?
  12. " Find an ore node, preferably copper or iron, because those are the lowest level ores, and easiest to harvest with basic tools. Harvest until you have two or more, and then make a Plentiful Harvest potion." If someone could update this part, I'd be grateful. I don't think you can make Plentiful Harvest with two ores anymore. I think you need a vial or some such, and apparently you need "good" stone to make a vial, etc. It seems like a big grind to me now, just to get to the point where I can harvest at a decent rate. But maybe I'm making it harder than it has to be.
  13. How do I include a jpg image in a private message, please? I tried just pasting it in, and it shows up while I'm drafting the message, but it disappears when I send the message. And I think there used to be an "attachment" option, but I don't see that now. And the "image" option is not appealing, because I don't want to upload the image to imgur (for example) and make it public, because that would make the image easily available to the entire world -- which I would prefer to avoid. I thought maybe my browser was the issue, but I've tried Firefox and Chrome, and don't see the attachment option in either. Nor any "tab" to any image "gallery", despite what this page says ("The gallery can be used to upload images you wish to share with the community. To access it, click the "Gallery" tab at the top of any page."): https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?app=core&module=help&do=01&HID=11&hl=image [Edit: Sorry if this is the wrong forum. Please feel free to move this topic if there is a more appropriate forum.] Thanks in advance, MB
  14. Thanks for the beautiful Christmas present, Kraahk! I like what you said about the positive way should be chosen over the negative way, too. Peace and Joy, especially today MB
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