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  1. " Find an ore node, preferably copper or iron, because those are the lowest level ores, and easiest to harvest with basic tools. Harvest until you have two or more, and then make a Plentiful Harvest potion." If someone could update this part, I'd be grateful. I don't think you can make Plentiful Harvest with two ores anymore. I think you need a vial or some such, and apparently you need "good" stone to make a vial, etc. It seems like a big grind to me now, just to get to the point where I can harvest at a decent rate. But maybe I'm making it harder than it has to be.
  2. How do I include a jpg image in a private message, please? I tried just pasting it in, and it shows up while I'm drafting the message, but it disappears when I send the message. And I think there used to be an "attachment" option, but I don't see that now. And the "image" option is not appealing, because I don't want to upload the image to imgur (for example) and make it public, because that would make the image easily available to the entire world -- which I would prefer to avoid. I thought maybe my browser was the issue, but I've tried Firefox and Chrome, and don't see the attachment option in either. Nor any "tab" to any image "gallery", despite what this page says ("The gallery can be used to upload images you wish to share with the community. To access it, click the "Gallery" tab at the top of any page."): https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?app=core&module=help&do=01&HID=11&hl=image [Edit: Sorry if this is the wrong forum. Please feel free to move this topic if there is a more appropriate forum.] Thanks in advance, MB
  3. Thanks for the beautiful Christmas present, Kraahk! I like what you said about the positive way should be chosen over the negative way, too. Peace and Joy, especially today MB
  4. I'm having trouble finding that now. :-( Got a link?
  5. /\ = mal giving Pann a warning point !? Bam!
  6. I could care less.
  7. I get the argument about limited development resources. I don't get the argument about It seems to assume that the players are stuck with playing Crowfall, so ACE better not make the EKs fun, because then we'll have fewer players in the CWs. In particular, it seems to assume that [a] some players will not find the CWs to be very fun, and those players will "stay in the EKs and not in the CWs". But people who aren't having much fun in the CWs will have choices other than playing in the EK. In particular, one obvious choice will be playing a different game altogether. In other words, the audience is not captive. Consequently, I would not recommend making the EKs boring just to try to force people into CWs. MB PS. Of course, [a] is simply false -- the CWs will rock! edit: remove auto shades; add "one obvious choice" and shades.
  8. Seems to be some confusion on the date format. Looks like Garukor is using the dd/mm/yyyy format, meaning 01.07.2015 = July 1, 2015. [edit: Like Ren says.] And I'm guessing 2,121,212.
  9. Lenny at JF 2015:

  10. "above all, nothing exists that is not in the form of life because life is eternal with or without people, so we are grateful for life to be here at this very moment;" O. Coleman; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lbt9DDolcag

    1. courant101


      I love this message! =)

  11. Thanks for risking that dogpile to request clarification, to explain why it was wanted, etc.
  12. I'm in Austin, I have a truck, and I ain't afraid to use it!
  13. Developers get a +1 from me for focusing on financial supporters and game development. So there!
  14. I doubt that "quality" means "grade," in this context. I'm guessing it means "type," as in copper, silver or gold. I'd be surprised if they end up with different grades of the same type, due to inventory complications and such. And BTW, when JTC says "These coins are still inventory items, but they are easier to stack and carry [than ore]", does that mean A. N gold ores can be converted into 1 gold coin, which can then be converted back into N - M gold ores (where N > 1 and 0 =< M < N)? B. Or maybe: 1 ore can be converted into 1 coin, and you can stack 100 coins, but you can only stack 10 ore? edit: chopped messy "quote"
  15. MBLiberty

    Working out

    Hey, Doc. I think your ears are translating well, actually! Work, for me, mostly entails reading, pressing keys on a keyboard, and some thinking. So, for this American at least, I wish I "worked out" more, for two main reasons, to be healthier, and to look better. We Americans tend to be pretty vain. But not me of course, I just appreciate and try to foster human aesthetics. And I talk about working out with a heavy bag to sound tough. But don't tell anybody. BTW, this seems like a good thread for this. Until today I never even knew a "flex cam" was a thing. MB
  16. MBLiberty

    Working out

    Occasional yoga. Edit: Even less frequent heavy bag.
  17. Something's telling me that means you should instead go to http://www.wwoz.org/programs/streams, find the Listen Now button, and relax with some cool tunes. Not to derail a thread or anything...
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