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    MBLiberty reacted to miraluna in Need guide to the UI   
    Some of those you can find on malekai.org if they are connected to racial, class, or discipline: https://malekai.org/powers/elken-bloodline
    For a general UI guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQnXU0aKS_Y
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    MBLiberty reacted to Kraahk in "deed use failure"   
    Just adding to what Arkade said, the first tokens are granted by the farm parcel. Here is a list. (Resource costs are outdated, but tokens should still be the same.)

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    MBLiberty reacted to Tyrant in I've added Alpha 1 to the TEST 5.4   
    There is no campaign active but you'll have access to Skills and EK's before the next test.  Enjoy!
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    MBLiberty reacted to Kcing in 5.3 Playtest Feedback for November 07-09, 2017   
    I keep setting my skill trees. then log in later only to find that I have no skills training and am starting from scratch. I have sometimes tried  to used the time bank and maybe this is the issue. Maybe i'm doing something incorrect or maybe its a bug, not sure. However when I leave the skill training It says I'm training in all 3 skills but when I return later I have no skills training and starting over with no skills.
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    MBLiberty reacted to Jah in Tyranny 5.3 Map   
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    MBLiberty reacted to Grimmel in Screenshot hanging out waiting for 5.3   
    Very nice water flask - good to finally see one in-game. Interesting that it looks race-specific,  I'm guessing the water flask crafted by a minotaur will look quite different...
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    MBLiberty got a reaction from JamesGoblin in New Player Guide   
    " Find an ore node, preferably copper or iron, because those are the lowest level ores, and easiest to harvest with basic tools. Harvest until you have two or more, and then make a Plentiful Harvest potion."
    If someone could update this part, I'd be grateful.  I don't think you can make Plentiful Harvest with two ores anymore.  I think you need a vial or some such, and apparently you need "good" stone to make a vial, etc.  It seems like a big grind to me now, just to get to the point where I can harvest at a decent rate.  But maybe I'm making it harder than it has to be.
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    MBLiberty reacted to MiracleMax in Greatest Moment In My Crowfall Career!   
    I was ready. 
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    MBLiberty reacted to MiracleMax in [NEW] Fri, May 19th - Sun, May 21: Bugs, anomalies and tech issues feedback   
    Hi n0ra,
    We're sorry you're having difficulties getting the game up and running. We are actively investigating the crashes, but it is unlikely we will have a fix in this weekend. If you haven't already, please send your crash logs to support@crowfall.com.
    For those of you who were experiencing issues with the patcher, please follow these steps:
    1) Open Crowfall in the file explorer.
    2) Find the "CFTest" folder and delete it.
    3) Re-open your launcher and attempt to patch again.
    This should resolve the problem. I am going to edit the original post to include these instructions.
    Happy hunting, and please let us know if the problem persists.
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    MBLiberty reacted to Follo in [NEW] Fri, May 19th - Sun, May 21: Bugs, anomalies and tech issues feedback   
    1 Patch remaining 24,57 MB big. Getting HTTP invalid response
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    MBLiberty reacted to Grivyn in Reinstall is needed   
    Did a fresh install, keep getting "source file corrupted" error on final patch application
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    MBLiberty reacted to srathor in Playtest feedback for Fri, April 14 – Mon, April 17   
    It is a water cooled beast of a machine. I think that one lead is just reporting wrong. All the other numbers were stable. I might try tomorrow and see how it acts. But after a long day I don't really feel like stressing out.
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    MBLiberty reacted to Wyatt in Playtest feedback for Fri, April 14 – Mon, April 17   
    Meanwhile at @srathor house....
    In all seriousness though I would be very concerned if I was you. Consider getting an aftermarket heatsink and redoing the thermal paste.

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    MBLiberty got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Playtest feedback for Fri, March 31 – Mon, April 3   
    On Scorn West I transferred items (e.g., a green pick) from the Spirit Bank to inventory.  Logged out to the lobby while the items were still on the timer.  Logged back in to Scorn.  The items had disappeared from my inventory.  :'(
    Also, I crafted a Staff with a metal bar with a Mining specialty seal.  But Mining did not show up anywhere in the stats for the staff.
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    MBLiberty reacted to Kiro in Warden's Dragon - Official discussion thread   
    Spermy the magic dragon is now its name. Cheers lad.
    Suprized theres no 'You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about'...

    Quick edit on phone, ty @Tinnis for the pic to make it fast.
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    MBLiberty reacted to Destrin in 4.6 required but I have 4.6   
    No, you do not need to consume your package. Try running a repair if u are getting a client mismatch. Click the wrench button on the launcher.
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    MBLiberty reacted to Otto in EK Overview - Official discussion thread   
    Nice EK update and video.
    Sadly the EK in the video is infested with rodents.
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    MBLiberty reacted to Kraahk in EK Overview - Official discussion thread   
    Plans didn't change since kickstarter. The german community EK of course and most probably one more for europe.
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    MBLiberty reacted to pang in All about wiping, rollbacks and losses during testing   
    Says he hasn't seen anything toxic, then goes on to call people ass kissers and threatens to rage quit over issues experienced in a Pre-Alpha.  
    Bottom line Stuff happens, advance warning isn't always possible. So as always some common sense and perspective goes a long way.
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    MBLiberty reacted to Avloren in Playtest feedback for March Fri, March 17 – Mon, March 20   
    First time with placing buildings this weekend. Overall it worked wonderfully, had a lot of fun with it. Some bugs and (very minor) complaints:
    My account has 3x cottages and 2x villas on it; I was given deeds for 3x villas and 2x mansions instead. Sadly the mansions don't work - I can find places where the outline is blue, but when I click to place nothing happens, no error message and deed stays in inventory. All the other buildings can be placed, it's just the mansions, tried placing them in several different spots and always got the same bug.
    Whenever I left-click to place a building, my character does an LMB attack. It's kind of hilarious, I do a karate chop and a wall appears. But it's irritating to have to manually swap back out of combat mode every time.
    Controls feel pretty good for walls/towers/etc., but it gets wonky when placing larger buildings (keeps, villas). The slightest twitch of the mouse sends the view moving too far, I have to position them with keyboard. Meanwhile the large building rotation speed is much, much too slow.
    Often when trying to place my villas on a hill, I would get the blue outline and click, and then it'd say the placement failed due to slope. This is a bit annoying, it should just give me the red outline and prevent me from placing if the slope is a problem - instead I have to attempt placement three or four times until one happens to align just right and place successfully despite the slope.
    Getting the keeps to go to blue outline and place is a struggle. I'll stick them in a big open area with no obvious obstacles, and it'll show red. Then I rotate it while wiggling it back and forth slightly until some combination turns blue for reasons that are entirely unclear. Need some kind of feedback to know why the outline is red (maybe highlight whatever it's colliding with), and how I need to move it to fix that, as of now I'm just guessing.
    Gates don't align properly with walls - the gate is always slightly higher than the walls (if you get the yellow outline and snap the walls to the gate).
    Related note, it would very nice if we had a hotkey to disable the yellow-snap-thing, like hold down shift to get it to stop happening. Sometimes you want to hand position buildings in a certain way, say slightly different elevation than neighboring buildings, or at a different angle, or with a slight gap, and it's difficult or even impossible to do when they keep snapping onto anything nearby. I'd like to, for example, fix the gate elevation problem manually but I can't, since placing a wall next to the gate snaps and forces a certain elevation.
    With snapping forced, you can't do fun stuff like this:

    Because who needs stairs. Note this only worked because I used towers, which don't snap to each other. You wouldn't be able to do this with walls because they snap and it forces them to share elevation.
    Of course snapping is great and 99% of the time you do want it. Which is why it's.. weird that "diagonal walls" are a thing that exists, and have different snap connectors from normal walls. Is there a reason they exist? I can just rotate my normal walls and voila, they're diagonal! Only problem is rotated regular walls can't snap into that hybrid piece that hooks diagonal walls up to a tower. But using diagonal walls causes some weird issues, like for example you can't snap a gate into a wall made of diagonal walls (you can still manually rotate and place it, and everything lines up fine, the only problem is the snap connectors). This makes no sense, since I could make the exact same wall out of regular wall pieces just by rotating them 45 degrees - visually they'll look exactly the same as "diagonal walls", only difference is the snap connectors. There doesn't seem to be a point to them when regular walls can rotate. It's like getting a box of legos, and it turns out half of them are an off-brand lego knock-off with a slightly different size that doesn't hook up with the real legos.
    Although the weight limits are "artificially high", I managed to max them. I used all 99 "S" and 99 "M" buildings encircling an L-shaped parcel with walls, with a few extras like a small 25ish-wall maze. Not a complaint per se, just an observation - 198 walls isn't a huge number, they go fast.
    I even had enough spare walls to make this on a neighboring parcel:

    I'm very disappointed that there was insufficient room in the parcel for "Avloren lives large and kicks butt!" Then all the lowly beta testers would know the score.

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    MBLiberty reacted to Surgemaster in Kingdom management - Official discussion thread   
    Ive been trying to find out if blueprints will be tradable. I'd love to know for sure.
    *edit* on second concideration to what you said Krakken, you can't produce an item with a blueprint unless the components have the exact same serial number. meaning that suit of armor would need the exact same metal bars and armor layers and everything the original crafter used on the suit just to make it. that being true, you couldn't just import 1 blueprint and be able to make 40 armor pieces. you'd have to import all the exact materials with the blueprint.
    still would like to know if they are tradable though
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    MBLiberty reacted to ChosenofCastle in Forum: I can't load notifications in 60% attempts   
    There's a problem related to notifications. I can't show them most of the times. A simple solution is to click on any section and then try to show notifications again. But if I load the front page from my bookmarks, it will not work. It almost never works, unless I open any section or so. This bug has been reoccuriing for weeks.
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    MBLiberty reacted to Arkade in Forum issues update   
    Periodically I have not been able to post in a thread. Clicking on the thread title and then trying again would normally fix it. I think I know why it is not working. I clicked on the Snap test thread by clicking on the post in the dev post section at the top of the forum. I tried it twice and both time I couldn't post in the thread. Once i clicked on the thread title, I was able to post just fine.
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    MBLiberty reacted to KrakkenSmacken in Forum issues update   
    It wasn't just an upgrade, it was a complete functionality redesign, and it's poorly made socks.
    It was a real pain to keep track of threads I was involved in.  If I wasn't getting 'like' notifications, I had to dig through to find the things I posted in.
    They totally got rid of the "My content" in the profile pull down, and replaced it with a "follow content" tab that doesn't automatically add threads like the current "My Content" does, so now a one click is a three click process you have to dig to even find.
    [Activity->My Activity Streams -> Content I follow/posted/etc in pull down]

    About as convenient as a fresh blister in new shoes.
    The "Activity" tab results is just an unsorted vomit of unrelated topics and feels like basically a random list of isolated conversations without context. You can then try to figure out the 7 different filter options you want, and the joy of re-configuring all but two of them every time you visit the page.

    (Those links take you to the top of the thread, not where the comment is, and not where you have read to, at least from the limited trial and error I was willing to put up with)
    They added some BS "leader board" tab to it, like it's some kind of popularity contest.
    It's a complete custard mess of a re-design in my opinion, and you can quote me on that to them if you like. The new design looks and acts like it was designed by programmers, for programmers, and not end users.  There is a HUGE difference in systems built that way. Programmers for programmers tends to overload options, features, choices, and obscure the poorly made socks out of the things that people use the most in an effort to build "flexibility and choice".  That just leads to a craptastic user experience.
    My hope is that the gang at Naval Action made some really poor configuration choices/changes when they upgraded, and that ACE can do a better job of it, or that I was just pissy for the 2 hours I fought with it trying to figure out what the hell it wanted me to do to get the information I wanted.
    EDIT : I am a software developer, and I know how machines think, and 2 hours was not enough to figure out how to use this new model. [ just spent another 30 minutes trying to configure with the (create new stream) button, and got.... closer to current "My content", but the options are not the same, and the display is definitely unfamiliar.]  People who can't think like developers, who don't understand filters/spreadsheets and configurations are going to be so lost it's not even funny.
    [Note: I didn't abandon NA just because of the forum, it was very much a final straw sort of thing. I was already 85% of the way there before the "upgrade".  No risk of that happening here, at least with me.]
    Now that I have played around with it more and realized that all the default settings are basically useless, maybe when the change happens here I'll throw together a quick tutorial on how to make a decent (New Stream) and set up a quick link to it, to make things a bit more comfortable for users.
    What a pain in the ass.
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    MBLiberty reacted to Drakonil in Fri, Feb 24 - Sun, Feb 26 - Bugs, anomalies and tech issues feedback   
    Yeah I found one hell of a bug. When a druid blinks and gets knocked up in the meanwhile(I do only play confessor and so I only see it with that archtyp) he starts flying to space. We had this two times on time last week, where the druid fell down after a while and a second time this Friday where he just kept going. Dunno what happend to the poor druid.
    May I post a video to demonstrate it
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