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    Gaming, SCA, anything viking, making glass beads (I like to play with fire) also taking up blacksmithing.
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  1. The man that walks his own road, walks alone.

    1. Kyranleskil


      Meaning : .While there is merit in the idea of “being your own man” and living an independent life, completely giving yourself over to your personal whims and desires without respecting social convention or the thoughts of others is a quick way to find yourself alone, and no man is an island. Stand up for your convictions, but don’t be so quick to dismiss traditional values or public opinion; being on the wrong side of either can bring you a lot of trouble.

  2. OK Guild is made if your still going to play send me an IM and I will get you added.
  3. BT is up and running....he was downloading the client a few days ago......next time I talk to him I will have him get on and drop a line or two here. It sounds like he has been playing WoW again.....poor poor cow.
  4. "Bare is the back of a brother less man".

    Meaning, every man is defenseless unless he has a brother/friend.

  5. To be without money is better than to be without honor.

  6. One of the best all around geek stores I have been in. It covers all your role playing needs, board games, table top games, comics and card games. Huntsville has one as well but I do not think it is as big. I found a nice book of short encounters for the all Bard group I am DMing, and dice, you can never have enough dice .
  7. No better burden can a man carry on the road than a store of common sense.

  8. Building outside your city is a great idea, but please not walls. I have played a few games that let you make walls anywhere and the bigger guilds would just wall you out of zones. Not fun even if the campaign will end.
  9. Your missing a big element here. Its going to take large amounts of resources to win a campaign, more then what you will take back to the EK in most cases. Your going to need to make forts and keeps and strong hold (maybe), your going to need to make weapons, armor, food, pots, upgrades for your body. On top of that you will need to repair and replace a lot of these items in the campaign world not the EK. Crafters will be needed before and after the campaign starts. Your going to get your best training as a crafter in the campaign worlds. The stuff you craft in the EK will be just for the EK or things that will be taken into the start of the campaign world.
  10. The foolish man thinks he will live forever if he keeps away from fighting; but old age won’t grant him a truce, even if the spears do

  11. Well, the wife and I just got back from our ACE studio tour, all I can say is “Mind blown”. The direction, feel, and passion being put into this game are unlike anything I have felt in a long time. It feels like I have slid into a parallel world, where WoW never happened and the MMO world evolved from games like Dark Age of Camelot, Star Wars Galaxies, Shadowbane, Acheron’s Call, and EVE. (Who does not like sliding?) Warfare will never be the same. So much more will have to go into planning, not just the attack but how you will defend. Even if you are the attacker, you could be put on the defensive if your plans are not thought out. I cannot wait for the end of the month when we can start testing the sieging part of the game. The sunset over a keep is unlike anything I have seen in a game. All the colors make it look real. The Tree of Life could be right out of a Grimm’s Fairy Tale of an Enchanted Forest. The best way to describe it is the Ellcrys from the Shannara Chronicles (Google Ellcrys tree if you want to see what I mean). Thanks to Todd and the whole ACE team for hosting us, and we look forward to playing Crowfall. Keep up the great work and we will see you all on the battle field!
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