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  1. Here's an epic ability that can only be used ONCE in a character's lifespan. The longer you wait to use it, the more powerful it becomes and the more it will end up destroying. "To confirm that you'd like to delete your character, please type it's name into the box below"
  2. Click on the star or dot on the left hand side of the thread to go to first unseen post.
  3. Agreed, the items brought back should not be randomised. At the least allow them to be exported by position in inventory, so that the first 20% of your slots are prioritized for exportation etc. We don't need RNG to factor into simple processes like that.
  4. You already have worlds resetting, why the heck do you want ladders. Go play on a terminator world man.
  5. In my opinion the stronghold's, parcel of lands and all that jazz amount to $0 in value. I calculated whether something is worth it based on all the other stuff we get with the tier. So since you do not have the exact information at the moment, i'd suggest taking it as though the "exclusive" stronghold cosmetics are not upgradable and make you decision from that point. If it turns out to be the case, you already accounted for it. If it turns out to be upgradable, you get a pleasant surprise.
  6. Crowfall: The death of the rangers guarding that bloody huge wall in the north (Game of Thrones) We are the crows. And we will die.
  7. Speculation below this line Most likely, there will be crafting related advantages in character creation that would-be crafters can pick up to give them an advantage in that field. Certain archetypes are also going to get bonuses to crafting afaik The basic cap for skills will be 100. So a legionnaire would very likely be able to get a 175 in polearm AND a 100 in crafting. However, Training takes time, so he will take a longer overall amount of time to do so He may not be able to raise the cap of crafting to above 100 like a pure crafter might Hope that answers enough. Not posting
  8. Reticle mouse look + aiming please! At least test it internally!
  9. I would like animation quality to improve to the point where i wouldn't have to rely on telegraphs. So for now, no telegraphs.
  10. I appreciate the link. I'd like to ask whether there is an intention to tie weight and impact into the animations themselves. Will a player with 200 strength and a player with 50 strength have the exact same animation when they use shield bash? Or will the player will 200 strength actually look like his shield bash had more strength put into it? Not just talking about how far a person was knocked back as a result, but the animation quality in particular. Also since it's relevant, can we have any information on whether the game uses hold right mouse look or FPS style mouse look?
  11. Yeah, I would like to think that they simply haven't implemented weight and impact into the game yet, but it would be stupid to leave things to assumption., I'd very rather ask the devs on what the state of combat is.
  12. I agree, that they should have at least outlined the combat systems. At this point i still do not know whether the game will be using mouselook or right click mouseview. In the kickstarter (not website FAQ), they didn't talk about progression either. All in all, i was hoping for alot more information rather than rehashing what we already knew about the game. I pledged $30 at this point, but i would still like answers. The $215 tier would have been a really good value for money, but i don;t feel confident enough in the product with the limited information to drop that amount of money on i
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