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    Husband, Father, eSports Commentator, card game enthusiast. I drink a lot of tea.
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  1. Episode 2 is live! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErkdvqylSGg&feature=youtu.be&a Itunes will be up soon!
  2. I say have telegraphs but give the options to turn them off, everyone wins.
  3. Im going to 100% agree here! What IS the point of EKs? Why let everyone have their own? I feel that will simply shut out a lot of really neat community play.
  4. Sadly due to tech issue Episode 1 was not saved Disappointed but no big deal, next week will have the issues fixed!
  5. Crowns and Crows will be going live tomorrow at 8:30 PM EST. Will be doing Q&A at the end! http://www.twitch.tv/crownsandcrows
  6. Going to be re-uploading the show with fixed Audio, Thank you to everyone who pointed this out. 100% my fault on that
  7. "Crowns and Crows" is a Crowfall podcast and livestream! We will be bringing you most cutting edge discussions, community topics, interviews, and much more! The show is hosted by Bazeleel, Lakez, and Valor. Each host brings something a little different to the table and we hope you all enjoy the show! Episode: Pilot Episode 1 was lost duh to tech issues Episode 2: PvP, What do you expect? ---------------------------------------------------- Social Links Bazeleel - Twitter - Youtube Valor - Twitter - Website Lakez - Twitter - Website Partnership Links Lords of the Dead - Gaming Community of 20+ years! Queue Times - Gaming content, articles, and much more!
  8. Wait where did you get that screenshot? O.o
  9. Seriously the voxel thing makes me so damn happy! Great update devs!
  10. Amazing site! Great content! Keep this up!
  11. People over think things way to much in video games! Also HI ARAWULF!
  12. Oh I know...I wanted to take it to the dark side just because
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