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  1. shillllllll. New world is great for what it is. Crowfall is barely a completed game. Just admit that they both could be good.
  2. Oh it's most definitely greener, just turn up your graphics. I agree with just about everything you've put in your list. I will say that this topic I kind of disagree. The fact that CF maps are brand new every few weeks makes you constantly having to go explore to find new harvesting locations. Unlike in NW where I go to the exact same spot literally every time and will forever, because the map nodes won't ever change.
  3. Everyone's thinking it...New World allows my guild to capture a city/fort, siege another fort, do instanced PvP as well as open world PvP, tax the people using the local auction house and crafting tables, and there are people to fight. Not to mention the dungeons and world events, a crafting UI that doesn't feel like a puzzle to figure out, a UI in general, an amazing chat system LOL, a housing system that doesn't cost hundreds of real dollars to use and once you do use it, it doesn't glow and look like schit......phuck I could probably keep going. @mushufasa get over it. I liked Crowfall a lot, but I get the overwhelming feeling that Artcraft gave up on the game before I, and you, have (where's Hungerdome? Oh yeah, they are working on a "new game"). And when you don't have confidence in the development team and you're constantly running into shills who try to strike down legitimate suggestions (I'm looking at everyone who denied this game needed a functional chat system), then you just gotta let go dude. I know you won't, but you trying to defend the game on the forums only paints you as a shill and pushes people away faster. I would love to see how many people gave up on this game faster than they normally would have, if it didn't have a community of neckbeard shills shutting down everyone who posts a suggestion.
  4. The fact that they are working on another game, instead of using those resources on Crowfall, is even more insulting when you consider they could be "fixing" Hungerdome. I'm pretty confident I'll just never get a chance to try that out, because the game will cease development before they back to it... After giving New World a shot, it really does feel like Artcraft soft launched the game so they could just be done with it, knowing they can't compete with AAA companies in the MMO market.
  5. I don't know how many people I know have said that they want a Planetside 2 territorial conquest system, but for a MMORPG, instead of a MMOFPS. It seems like an easy game concept that just no one has ever took a shot at implementing.
  6. As much as I really don't like FF (just not for me), you gotta respect that.
  7. lol What the actual phuck. Last I checked there is still a pulse.
  8. This would be amazing for those guilds that are 20 or less. I also wish that the fort could buff your harvesting in areas close to it. This would give an incentive for farmers to actually want to stop farming and join the fight.
  9. Well you definitely finally made a point out of all your rambling. If farmers are teleporting, you can't randomly run into them. I agree with you there. That makes sense to me on why I'm not ganking a random farmer with a bunch of meterials. It doesn't really solve my issue though. I am more focused on the actual battles, not the ganking of farmers who are in harvesting gear. Not to discount what you're saying is true, but as much as I like those small scale battles (especially when they happen at random), what I am talking about are the battles for forts and keeps. I don't see how teleporting is going to hurt that more than it helps. Showing up to multiple forts and not having people to fight the entire duration is because no one thinks it is worth the time to stop what they are doing and go defend or assault. That could be because of the long travel times, the fact that forts only offer benefits for players who are trying to build up their keeps, or the fact that there just aren't many people playing period..IDK. I can tell you for sure it's not because people have the ability to teleport to their bound hero statue. Removing that would most definitely hurt the game more.
  10. Shill strikes again. I phucking love this game, but even I can admit that the "open experience" of this game is so half baked it that it feels like a beta. The foundation is great, but that doesn't make it a great game. That just means that it needs more work to be a great game. I wish I could see how many hours I've dumped into this game so far. I think the harvesting and crafting systems are great (even though you can skip it all just by farming gold). I think the actual sieges can be fun (even though I can only attend them every so often due to it happening so rarely). I even think the battle system and class design are incredibly fun (no even though...i just like it). But the truth is, there are times when I log in ready for PvP and just can't find it no matter how hard I try. THAT is why people are not liking the game. It's not because streamers are overwhelming against the game.
  11. @PopeUrban lol i'm sorry, but your rant about all the things you don't like about the game currently almost has nothing to do with what I am talking about. I mean, you came back to topic there in the last paragraph... So you're saying that instead of adding a way to help people get to battles, because battles are far and few between, you believe we should actually make it even harder? At a certain point you got to learn to admit that the way you want the game to be isn't better for the game overall. I don't personally enjoy having a ton of fast travel mechanics either. I think it's a major problem in MMOs, but given the context of Crowfall's population and the fact that it's meant to be a PvP game, but finding PvP is incredibly hard at times...I think I would sacrifice my pride and take a mechanic that helps the game. But to be honest, I'm not expecting you to change your mind, so don't wear your fingers out trying to prove you're correct. I'm going to go queue for a battleground in WoW and enjoy actually playing PvP.
  12. Expecting people to do that and considering it a feature is not a solution. These are work arounds to the issue of wanting to get to the temple. Not mention they require some work to do, rather than just teleporting by clicking a single button. Never mind all that though, the main intention of this "second teleport" was to help more players get to battles that they would otherwise just ignore going to, because the are on the opposite side of the map. I honestly don't think this would be a problem if it weren't for the low population.
  13. I made a topic about it earlier in the campaign and it got no traction. Feels like the devs are going to just pretend like the bug doesn't exist for an entire month.
  14. You hit the nail on the head with necromancy being your main form of progression while also being incredibly hard to level up. I don't think most players will even interact with necromancy, despite me thinking it's one of the most creative crafts I've seen in a while. Sadly, it feels like the craft should be simplified into something that any player can do solo. I know that sounds weird, but too many people are going to take 1 look at necromancy and just decide to stay at level 30 forever. Then they are going to get creamed in PvP and not enjoy the game, because they aren't progressing.
  15. You don't have to explain to me why travel time is important to a conquest game, but I think it's more important to remember that this is a game that is meant to be played. If players are just running around not finding any PvP, capping empty conquest posts, and then running again...that's not a game. I generally favor longer travel times and larger maps, but let's be realistic with what we got. This games population is not that high and sometimes the only way to actually PvP is to log out and play another game entirely. I have literally run around and capped 2 entire zones and not found people before. It's not conquest if there's no one to battle.
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