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  1. Wir suchen immer noch aktive Brüder und Schwestern mit der Flamme im Herzen ;). o7
  2. Aktive Spieler gesucht für unsere kleine aber feine Gemeinschaft^^ o7
  3. you cant hear any sound what is happening BEHIND your character, only when you turn a bit you will be able to hear. i noticed that when was with guild roaming and i didnt hear anyone behind me
  4. weak points on ore harvesting are sometimes over the actual item so you cant hit them
  5. lasst die spiele beginnen^^
  6. hey, i run the game at uwqhd (3440x1440) anything on max with 50-90 fps depending on zone and load. my specs are amd ryzen 5 3600x @4,4ghz ,32gb 3200mhz, tuf oc rtx3080 and a samsung m2. in my opinion they need to improve performance because i think it will go to low fps on large scale sieges, but i am not sure since i wasnt able to test that yet. i will add some pics later on if i am not mistaken they already announced performance updates for release, so best thing to do is prolly to wait and see than https://postimg.cc/kR3S2hVP
  7. oh wow i didnt know that, this is a little worrying... nge prty much killed swg i hope they learned something from those mistakes
  8. Hi there, can someone explain to me how this bonus is exactly aplied? :+20% Expanded Inventory Storage thanks o/ edith: @ACE-Tiggs maybe you would be able to answer on my questions since i have the feeling that i am not 100% sure how this one works out for us. as a new player here i am confused about these things since we have also diferent storages on diferent campaign or so?
  9. hm, i dont want my stats to be viewable to everyone edith: at least not my gear/stats, i dont mind about kd
  10. hi there, i just wanted to share some idea that might add to the game, you could inmplement later on. in order to add long playability and balancing deepth you could add some way of realm rank (daoc:)) where you gain exp for doing sieges stuff and kills as example. (highly geared and ranked player give more exp) so for gaining exp you would go up in the ranks of your realm granting you realm talent points, where you can polish your character with small benefits like stats or/and some group related skills or whatever, depending on your class/race etc. the first half of the ranks you would go up relative fast, but later on you would need realy long activity to get to the last ranks (i am talking like 1-2 years hardcore) his is one of the factors why peaple still play daoc because of the long term you can still shape your character (there also of course others but i wanted to mention that one) leaving that faction would cost you all the exp or partialy after you reach some lower rank, so lets say you have 10 ranks for example, you loose all the other ranks down to rank3 every time as you change your faction (so peaple would have time to decide, and there would be some penalty for changing) for those that dont know daoc(dark age of camelot), i would say its one of the better pvp games out there, when not even the best related on large scales battles and sieges, many games tried to copy some part of its pvp system but failed in my opinion. o/
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