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  1. There was certain huge lackluster with the Confessor for me, may be because I am used to more shiny skills that actually look impactful, I just didn't feel like that with Confessor in this game. As a whole the class was pretty manageable, but a bit boring to play. I was killing 3-5 enemies with an ease and I was restoring rather fast, in comparison to the Druid, I can actually feel the love for this class, because it is powerful enough to keep his own, while Druid is absolutely nothing when his mana runs out.
  2. Absolutely horrendous class. I am not sure who was the 'brilliant' mind behind the druid but this class just literally sucked out and killed all my desire to even play your game. Mana, absolutely and impossible keep going when you are attacked by 2 or more enemies, with the Confessor I was killing a group of 3-5 with no issue, except watching my HP and I didn't even die... with druid I keep dying even against 1 enemy if my mana runs out. Absolutely ridiculous. Let me put it this way, Druid is one of my favourite classes but what I experienced with this class in this game, was absolut
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