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  1. Since the 8/15 thread isn't up yet I'll put this here. Fighting with enemies (PvE) at range feels awkward due to their tendency to give up on combat and start healing on the drop of a dime. The intuitive play is usually Bind Enemy -> Move Out of Melee -> Begin attacking again. However, by the time I fully draw my bow whatever I'm fighting will have already decided that combats over. In addition in todays play session I got the impression that mounts are too heavily policed by game mechanics. You cannot mount in combat Getting in combat takes you off your mou
  2. Tooltips can be improved: Stat tooltips should indicate how much the stat changes when a point is invested in it. Ex: (Str) Damage Bonus 3% -> 3.05% A lot of text in the talent trees are colored yellow, however, do not have tooltips associated with them. Mouse over for tooltips is wonky, only appearing after half a second and only with very specific positioning (being anywhere on the text is not sufficient). This makes it hard to tell whether or not I've positioned my mouse correctly, or if the text has no tooltip associated with it. Details on disciplines effects wo
  3. My main thing, is that I made this account (and thus account name) back when the website went up. This was back in 2015. So far as I can see, I can't find any way to change my account name, especially because I had no way of knowing that this would become my name in game at the time.
  4. Although sort of a necro I felt it'd be important to throw in my 2 cents regarding the idea of established currency (these forums don't move very fast if at all during these stages of development so it shouldn't be a problem). The issue with 'gold' from D2 is that it isn't used for anything and isn't backed by anything. This makes it impossible to remove from the economy and worthless as a currency. While PoE prevents this by not having a formal currency, chaos orbs just took its place and serves as the game's gold. In PoE however it has its own problems. Chaos orbs are not readily av
  5. So obviously this is just a opinion about the various parts that the process gets broken in to, so no one should take it as though I'm some sort of industry professional. Though in my years of experience I've spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of infrastructure would be needed to promote a game world where you can make a name for yourself as something other than a fighter. Resource Spawning I think the proposed model of having resource factories, that is, areas which are abundant in resources such that they produce is great for encouraging large scale battles, giving strategic op
  6. After reading through the thread I've come to a few conclusions about the merits of being able to name exceptional weapons. 1. First off, I'd really be in support of something like this. Being able to mark the weapon (who made it) is already confirmed. And I see no reason we can't have both. I think being able to name a weapon would be a quality feature towards the goal of immersion and as just adds a lot of flavor in general. 2. It would probably be best being restricted to items of a certain quality or perhaps only on weapons that are critically crafted to ensure a named weapon real
  7. Just watched the stream, good stuff. Great commentary and chat interaction and good quality video.

    1. thenebrosity


      Thanks xenry!! Hope to see you on again soon! :D


  8. I love things with the fantasy of the assassin, though very often they're not done very well. I feel like an assassin should work along side other characters if absolutely needed (a final offensive in a large scale battle for example) but they should not be particularly good at it. Rather, I love the idea of working alone and using my skills and mind to find solutions to problems outside of enter combat, kill or die. Stalker in W* is a good example of what they should not be. Stealth > Analyze Weakness > Impale > Stealth > Impale > Tactical Retreat > Impale > Stagger
  9. In a combat role I believe an Assassin should be more than capable of eliminating a target one on one, an in addition be effective in temporarily disabling another target or two to accomplish this goal. Making the assassin outright weaker than most other characters, having to wait for them to be typing to win a 1v1 defeats the purpose honestly. The specialist part, so far as combat goes, I think should make it difficult for an assassin to perform in a brawl. When there are enough combatants an assassin should flounder, 4v4 fight? You can stun one guy but the other three turn around and floor y
  10. I disagree with the analogy between a Fae and an Amazon. Amazons were typically portrayed as primitive and warriors, rather than the subtle rogues we've seen the Fae revealed as. This is largely in part due to the time that Amazons were believed to have lived as well as the sources which depicted them such as paintings on pots, statues, and carvings. The Fae seem to be more of a secretive and intelligent race, one that's kept in whispers of bars due to the pervasive nature of their profession. But at the same time modern (relative to the other races) and capable of engaging in trade and m
  11. I think that true flight in the case of the assassin would be a bad idea, as I mentioned months ago it trivializes a lot of tactics that would otherwise be fitting in the setting. Glide sounds like a nice compromise, though, I hope climbing or greater jumping prowess comes as part of this as well. I think that there's a happy medium between true flight and gliding we can hope to hit. In response the comment about the Aracoix, I think I'd rather have a quick and mobile archetype who excels at scaling towers and making escapes, ect, than have the utility of flight with the clause that it fe
  12. RMT is going to happen regardless, day 1 gold sellers will be swarming like they usually do. All this is going to do is help put a fraction of that market into developers hands to be regulated. I see this system becoming the standard in games shortly. Eve popularized it but W* followed suit and even blizzard has announced plans to do it. It doesn't make the game anymore P2W than it already is to be perfectly honest, and with the way that exchange normalizes in these situations you'd need to dump a -ton- of money to make a profit substantial enough to break the game (since its a commodity you'd
  13. #6, well see what that really means soon enough.
  14. So what you beg someone like a dog for resource to play in an actual game or start a new character if you don't get out of a game with something? If traveling were done within the bounds of the campaign I'd understand but going between worlds is the equivilent of pressing the "Play" button in the league of legends client. I'd prefer for travel to not be oversimplified and immersive but not in what's essentially a fancy lobby. Let the resource costs apply to getting around a world not going to it in the first place. Edit: Also wasting peoples time on a game that's over is just stupid.
  15. I would actually like to see nothing resembling a market or an auction house, rather, I think it would feel a lot more complete if players had the tools to properly implement their own business. I would love to see players who make a living buying and trading goods. By doing so you'd have people who's business it is to be the middleman. If a player can be a craftsman as a real profession I think being a merchant would be just as viable given the infrastructure is there to support that without trivializing it. So instead of going to the AH or market and listing your goods or w/e you'd find
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