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  1. I'm thinking building close to the resource turn in points, embargo spots, is going to be pretty popular. Being able to have patrols around the area people are trying to turn in at that are still close to your base of operations will net you more resources than anything. Not to mention the ease of banking your own spoils of war.
  2. If they force crafting for high tier equipment on everyone by way of making bound items then crafters might as well hang it up at the start. I hope they have 0 bound items in the game. I know they've alluded to not having any because of the decay and loss factors, I just hope they stick with it years down the road.
  3. In typical games, specially those with a PvP focus, crafters are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to combat but with the sheer amount of item decay and loss that will be present I'm wondering how big the bonus gap will be between tier 1 regular gear and the best stuff. Could two players of equal player skill, one with combat skills and tier one gear and a crafter with minimal combat skill but the best gear, have an even fight or will one be far above the other. It seems if the best gear doesn't give a large advantage to the wearer then it probably isn't worth crafting most of the time.
  4. With the ability to gank people and take their stuff, it won't be long into a campaign before a guild would build up a stockpile of +1 long swords of newbness. I'm wondering if a guild crafter will have the ability to turn 10 of those into a +2 longsword of slightly newbish to make use of the now defunct treasure? Any thoughts or anyone seen comments from devs related to this?
  5. I'd say there's about a 0% chance of them selling % skill ups in the store though an in game mechanic between players might be in the future if I had to wager a few coppers one way or the other.
  6. They've already stated several times that each campaign will have different win conditions and each faction within a campaign will probably have a different win condition than others. I could easily see where there will be conditions requiring you to build some massive fortress or temple to your god, etc. to win. The video today even had multiple references to guilds that didn't have crafters would be at a disadvantage. I think Crowfall is going to surprise the crafting community, just like EVE did in a lot of ways. And the crafting community in the fantasy genre is much larger than in the
  7. I think kneeling, more commonly known as politics, will be a big part of each campaign. Joining an alliance to win is no different than "kneeling", it's just a different label to make you feel all warm inside...
  8. If you can max your character in every skill in the game in any less than three or four years the core group of this games followers will leave. People here want long term character development that's worthwhile, not WoW maxing in a couple days. I'm assuming the OP has never played EVE and doesn't understand the skill system the devs are intending to use, but if you really want to max your character quickly there's dozens of crap MMOs waiting for you in the market already. You shouldn't be able to have a character that can do everything, you should have a couple characters that each have
  9. Since some of the economics ACE has said they will be using is modeled after EVE I think it would be really cool to have the really high end equipment that would take a concentrated guild effort of several weeks to make a piece. If a regular long sword was the EVE equivalent of a small frigate then you could have the EVE equivalent of a Titan in power scale maybe, ie +5 vorpal long sword of dev slaying. It could still be looted like anything else and break after a certain number of deaths, but whoever wielded it would be pretty powerful given the effort it would take to get it. Thoughts?
  10. I think any guild should be able to build a marketplace in any settlement they start up there for that campaign. You have to travel to it to list or buy anything. If the settlement, more importantly the marketplace, gets destroyed the conquerors now have a bunch of additional loot. Trading in a a pvp conquest game should never be easy or safe, it's counter to why you play such a genre in the first place.
  11. Spell components would be neat to see again, specially since gathering and crafting is supposed to be such a big part of any sandbox MMO.
  12. I have played most mmo's out there, including EVE and I have to say that going straight sub is my preference but a "PLEX" system is a necessary evil to severely cut down on the gold-sellers. They are annoying in every game that doesn't have a PLEX type system. It's only for that reason I think it's not a deal breaker. This argument about letting less fortunate people have VIP access or any access at all is contrived at best. If you live in an economic environment where you can't afford $15-20 a month to play a game you shouldn't be wasting money on the internet in the first place. Mo
  13. I think the ideas of scouts locations and what's around them being able to update every guild members map would be a really neat function.
  14. I think many of the detractors here that are complaining about a "useless" trophy lobby because they can't take their shinies with them to a FFA world are forgetting one simple possibility. What if having a massive stronghold grants every vassal of the king who owns that stronghold an inherent bonus that isn't from a specific piece of equipment? Like a kingdom buff essentially. The bigger your kingdom, the stronger the buff. Different types of bonuses based on the type of kingdom maybe? Problem solved...
  15. They could simply hard code a percentage debuff to the amount of actual damage you do to friendly targets based on the rule set you're in to solve a lot of these issues. Factional would drop damage on friendliest by say 75% because the battles will inherently be bigger masses on average while guild battles will be smaller so that rule set might only mitigate friendly damage by say 25%. Just arbitrary numbers to give an idea but I think it would allow for making FF much more viable based on the information we've got thus far.
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