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  1. Hi Crows, So I am still dealing with terrible FPS. 10 to 13 even in my EK on basic settings. Prior to the Satayn campaign I was always 60 to 100 depending on what I was doing. Just in case I also recently deleted and reloaded the game client. Still terrible FPS. Any work around or others experiencing the same? Thanks!
  2. Hi Crows, I am having extreme FPS issues. The last campaign and now the new one I am running 10 FPS standing still. I am assuming massive memory leaks wiht this new build. Prior runs I was min 60 to 100 FPS.... I will try to log another day but right now the game is unplayable for me! Azsh
  3. Hi Crows, So I "found" 2 bugs may have been reported previously: 1. I intermittently have an issue with splitting stacks of items...the stack/sort pop up will permanently stay when I use it to split sacrifice items especially large stacks of gold.it goes away when I enter another zone or log... 2. The Recall Action button will not be movable from your loadout after it has been used. I made the mistake of moving it to differing numbers and had 3 immovable action items....really messed up my scavenging for items... Off to find more!
  4. @Heartsteelso where's my assist for making sure everyone's eatin' my balls? I have said that for years sir years!!! Thanks for the test and the laughs! Azsh!
  5. That is absolutely hilarious and also did you all mean to delete the high end free test vendors from test? Thanks again for the test!
  6. Good thought Duffy...however I am still curious if it is not a duplicate. Anyone remember the entire Trials list?
  7. Hi Crows, So small bug but worth looking at. One of my "reward" badges duplicated in my Vault when the wipe happened. The Trial of Kane badge. I have competed and won every badge so far but cannot remember them all so: 1. Can anyone name all the Trials to date for me? So I can: 1.determine if it is just a duplicate or if it: 2. replaced one I am missing in the vault! Thanks again for the test!
  8. Hi Crows, So went in for about an hour or two with Confessor: 1. I cannot see my fire tornados spawn... 2. Please get rid of the "inventory" bug...having to hit I repearedly is truly frustrating. 3. Animal Carcass weak spot is still hard to use effectively. X spawns in odd spots... 4. Entry area spiders are immobile here and there...only attack when you are super close. 5. CANNOT PLAY FROSTWEAVER YET! Will see if I can find anything else... Thanks for the test!
  9. Yes am curious and such...when shall test return.
  10. Hi @ACE_FancyHats, Still have yet to see the Oak Cup and I am sure I had the time spent...also any news on the Sapphire? Thanks again, Azsh
  11. Hi All, 2 things... 1. Looks like the test server is still down due to the client error...did anyone get in at all? and any news of when it might go "live"? 2. As such will you (Developers) extend the dates for the 4 hrs for the Saphire Cup... And on a side note, anyone get the Oak cup? I certainly put in4 hours on test but have not received it. Thanks, Azsh
  12. Hi Crows, Had tons of fun but here is a list of the breakers: 1. T Pose is still happening to me at least. 2. Entering Combat made me totally invisible. 3. Entering Gathering Mode made me invisible except for my super cool ghostly blue axe. 4. I also levitated my way around the map..... 5. This was intermittent but capturing outposts/campfires would happen but the capture reticle would not proc as well as no movement of the green shader. 6. My FPS was generally worse compared to the previous builds even with no combat actually taking place. 7. Mount still needs a different way to exit rather than hitting your mount key then moving to break out of it....rather frustrating after the 10th go. 8. Don't know if this is a new thing or not may have missed it but I was unable to exit the Avernus campaign with my current toon. If I remember correctly there was a icon on the character screen at one time to exit the campaign. 9. The map would have a semi transparent shader over it making it hard to determine where you were. Maybe this is the introduction of the fog of war??? 10. The general crafting stations were inoperable in the Chaos temple. 11. No one to kill!!!! The max on test per my map count was 3..... 12. Thought this was weird but I could use the guild channel to talk to my guildies from test into live server.... 13. NO FROSTWEAVER TO TEST <-------JUST SAYING DEVS AS THIS WAS ONE OF THE FIRST ARCHETYPES YOU RELEASED WAY BACK IN THE DAY!!! Thanks for the Test!
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