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  1. Hi All! Like the new POIs. Really cool to come up on them the first time. Like the target dummies however wish they worked. Noticed LAG has returned big time pretty much unplayable from a pvp standpoint. Was one on two and server side just flopped. TYRANNY East btw. Every fort I visited to spawn the my faction the throne was missing. Only saw 2. Campaign map might need to be smaller to test better. Only saw one opposite faction player in 2 hours played. Would be nice if Map was reimplemented! Did not do anything else but craft which seemed good! Thanks for the test! Keep pushing! Azsh
  2. Hi All Are the servers completely closed between the tests on the new patcher. No EKs or training? I am always being prompted to relog. Thanks! Azsh
  3. Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Guild criteria: Mature Region: East Coast, USA Atmosphere: Mature Casual/Hardcore?: Mid Size: Mid, or well organized Large Play-Style: DPS or Support Commitment:​ Investor and Kickstarter Supporter Miscellaneous: 42 yr old looking for opportunity to build empire in game and real life Experience: ​WOW Aion The Secret World Warhammer RIFT Wildstar SWTOR Age Of Conan TESO and a ton of other RPG based games starting with the original Bards Tale Voice-Chat services: Used them all!
  4. Sidney sees what I am saying...and the $75 amount is just a perceived value set by ACE IMHO. Per my original KS pledge I was suppose to receive 2 slots for early backing as were thousands of others. So if passive training for 3 seperate archetype skills is not a game breaking advantage compared to 1 then why is 5? It will not make my said choice of vessel any stronger that the person with 1 if what ACE proposes works right. I get it will allow me more choice of vessel throughout the game but is not that what pledge package options are suppose to offer? I dont neccesarily need the God Statues or Thralls per se but they in theory also give me advantages above those who chose not to pledge during KS. Just saying!
  5. Well in theory the archetypes were going to be locked per slot so if the plan is to allow training on only 3 archetypes passives at a time based on skill faq then allowing this would be equal to having the character slots. My original character archetype plans of X, X, X, X, and Y would now be supplemented by said training slots based upon my KS pledge which allowed me to have a total of 5 characters or archetypes.
  6. Hi Devs and Crows! I think trading in our character slots for 2 additional archetype training slots is a fair deal...weigh in please! Thanks
  7. Hi Devs and Crows! I think trading in our character slots for 2 additional archetype training slots is a fair deal...weigh in please! Thanks
  8. General consensus on Vessels

    I am not sure yet but: Will allow us to try all the archetypes without being locked in. I hated trying to lvl max multiple alts in standard mmos. Will not be cool if we have to recustomize everytime we die. Also do we pick up gender based corpses? This would seem like a time crunch to do so for customization. Cost of corpses could also influence me on this thus may choose to craft them. Gold grinding is not my forte. I guess we will see but finally I will miss the opportunity to try some espionage if our names are account locked but will not matter if guilds are account locked and are as important as I am expecting them to be.
  9. Ok gonna throw this out there although has already been touched upon but I did not see full explanation. So I wait to trade in my character slots when they announce the "equally valuable option" and do not like it? As of today I have the option to upgrade my KS items but say in x amount of weeks that option is no longer available do I just grin and bear it or will you open up the old KS upgrade options? Devs? Chime in please! Thanks!
  10. Happy Thanksgiving All!
  11. Backer Number

    Just wanted to say TY devs for posting backer numbers vs invite stats. You all are awesome!
  12. Alpha 2 Invites for tonight

    Wish I knew what my actual backer number is for Crowfall as far as access goes. I know my Kickstarter but without actual numbers i.e. 200 amber 300 gold and so on there is no way to properly analyze.