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  1. I suppose I shouldn't be amused by the fact he didn't mention Crowfall once. ::cough::
  2. I'd just like to interject some common sense to the OPs post title. If you need a reason to play a game, you are doing life wrong. Games are a form of entertainment, not servitude. If anything the Crowfall model reinforces the idea that you are a player, and not required to spend X time in a game to be competitive with other players all at different places in their lives/careers/etc.
  3. Useful UI Idea(s)?

    Welcome back Nakawe? Sorry at being off-topic
  4. Skill Tree Talent Calculator

    We have some other crowfall-fans who are also developers hanging out on the Malekai/Stealthed discord server, welcome to come join us. Just ping me to tag you as a developer. Great place to ping ideas off of. if you are interested ;0
  5. soft launch

    Yea, which is why I was surprised at the "late" aspect. Some would narrow "late" down to the last one or two months in the year. "Later" is vaguer, indicating any month from March through December, hence the question
  6. It's not limited because of tech. No one's infrastructure is so bad they can't handle paragraphs worth of text. Clearly, its meant to tease you, just enough, so you'll click the link and go read about it yourself. Just as Pann said On a side note, I am still streaming this out via the @projectMalekai twitter account ;0
  7. soft launch

    @Pann Just to confirm did you mean "later this year" or "late this year". Both could mean the same thing, but not necessarily
  8. I was going to start a whole thread about how this is an awful mechanic. It is in fact _more_ useful for larger forces than Blazzen is making it out to be. Could it raise the skill ceiling, assuming a smaller group could pull off a rez? Sure. Is it likely with the same cited "plentiful amounts of CC?" No. This has the potential to trivialize the penalty of death, which right now is a long (potentially) run back. I don't understand why this was even added to the game. Was anyone even asking for it? This is GREAT. Zergs should need to regroup. Smaller teams can intercept those stragglers and cause havoc doing so. This replicates how battle lines and war should be. Being able to recover after a battle with no cost in terms of time and no ability to break up zergs is just reckless and shows how little thought they've given zergs and zerg mechanics. I don't think the combat designers understand what a small change like this can have enormous ramifications on PvP and sieges in Crowfall. IF this game turns into another GW2 zerg fest, I swear to god I'm going to camp here for 5 years saying I told you so in every thread. Also... Tooltips available;
  9. @vkromas The upkeep we saw in the preview article seemed to be tuned to 30 minute intervals. Can you illuminate if this upkeep period can be adjusted to longer terms, or will vendors need to keep sufficient gold to pay this upkeep at all times. In that same vein, if your vendor is in an EK that goes offline, does he still require upkeep for that offline time? Right now, we can't keep EK's "open" and "online" unless we plant ourselves inside it and stay logged in. I'd assume this is not the long-term plan, but offline "upkeep" would be annoying while we wait.
  10. No centralized marketplace allows for players to create one of their own. This occurs naturally to avoid your attitudes when shopping. They don't need to specify or set one up. You won't be spending your time in the EK's shopping anyways; the game is in the campaigns. You can't just go back and forth between the two to pick up new gear when your old set dies. You'll need to do that mostly in the campaigns anyways.
  11. Honestly, that's exactly what they are hoping you'll do. Even if you can filter it down to just EK's with active vendors, they don't ever plan on centralizing it to the point where you can rapidly find the cheapest price. That's not what they are going for. Anyone expecting a central marketplace is at best going to find a popular market hub and work from there. Many will vie for this location, few will succeed.
  12. All tooltips are suspect in this game right now. I know of 2 dozen instances where the tooltip says one thing, but the tooltip does something entirely different (bug or intended, hard to know!).
  13. I think the larger complaint is what about all those players who decide to come to the game later on. As indicated they plan on having a skill-catchup system after launch. Its not necessary before launch, because... well... everyone will be able to be competitive right at the start without it. There is zero need for a catchup system pre-launch. As to "what should I do while training" complaint, you aren't playing that game yet. Most of those activities aren't in the pre-alpha test yet. This is NOT a game right now. It's a pre-alpha test. Systems are coming online in the next few months that will expand your options for things to do when you login. We don't have them in the game yet, for example; Ways to win a campaign (aka win conditions, aka things to do to earn a reward when the campaign ends) Ways to stop your opponents from winning a campaign (equally important and worthy of note, can include things like raiding caravans, etc.) Thrall Capturing (need these to make major disciplines) Resource Gathering (to fuel your guild/factions efforts in the game) PvE stuff to level your vessels Crafting (of course) Caravans from POI's (not to be confused with gathering) Scouting/Cartography (in Dregs, you'll want up-to-date maps with enemy positions/camps, etc.) uh... you know... the whole point of this game... PvP.
  14. Online/Offline

    So I imagine the constraint here is cost. We know that each EK instance is "spun up" via Amazon Web Services and servers are created on demand. Knowing how AWS works, they charge for usage basically, this means leaving an EK up would actually cost them money. This is probably why they "shut down" when no one is using them, because it saves them money (even if it's a trivial amount, imagine the scale at the number of potential players CF will have). So it stands to reason that free players will need to be "present" to get into an EK, but VIP (paying) users could keep theirs online indefinitely. This is just logistical, revenue positive behavior. I wouldn't expect this to change much considering ACE is a business and not a charity. They shouldn't be expected to operate thousands of microservers for free users (nor should the paying customers be burdened with the cost of running those free players EKs).
  15. Burrow when in combat?

    Going into survival also exposes you to Dizzy-Down which is a really nasty debuff / spike in damage. Its effectively being caught with your pants down.