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  1. Refund

    Refunds are for quitters. They'll get to it if they even offer refunds still at this point. I'd urge patience but based on your post, I know that is clearly not a realistic expectation.
  2. I'd add that a repair system would greatly diminish the value of needing new gear made. If you allow people to effectively stay in one piece of gear for a whole campaign, why bother going out to farm resources (the primary flashpoint of unscheduled PvP)? Repairing is a crutch for people who can't organize gathering and harvesting teams. No thanks.
  3. Well said. This is the exact reason they implemented it. It's still plausible that Dregs (or any campaign) could have full loot turned on swaying more of the benefit towards the victor. The entire games base functionality shouldn't be so. This allows them to control it with a lever. It also creates perpetual work for crafters, on both sides of the battle lines. Whereas before the work of the victor was mostly to try to improve on what had already been made (and not filling a necessary demand for equipment).
  4. That would be very useful. Also, this company you are using offers API access. Turn that on for me
  5. Is the chat log / combat log / loot log exportable? Can we enable timestamps? Thanks.
  6. Big news for ArtCraft !

    I think their recent pop-up test showed significant improvements tbh. Multiple zones will also help mitigate performance issues (more people can be spread over more servers)
  7. [Obsidian] Stealth-First, Squad-Based

    Sorry, we exclude people who enjoyed Splinter Cell. Bad life choices and all that jazz...
  8. @jtoddcoleman In your video today, you guys mentioned having 25/26 interconnected zones. Are you concerned, without additional mapping technology, that navigating the runegates and actually traveling between them will be difficult for new players? You promised us a more in-depth look at runegates and the gameplay rules around them. I'd really like to understand how these systems are going to work to be able to provide useful feedback. EVE Online uses jump-gates, similar in concept and function to Crowfall's runegates. EVE also offers an advanced waypointing and mapping system that makes traversing nodes incredibly easy. I don't see any similar tech in Crowfall. I'm mostly concerned that you'll be fragmenting a small testing playerbase among 25-26 zones/maps and that PvP will be nearly impossible to find. The fact that navigating those gates (from 3 different perspectives), means finding your way to a known battle will be even more difficult. Can you help us understand if you have plans to address these concerns?
  9. Big news for ArtCraft !

    @jtoddcoleman I love that you guys were able to find a customer who would buy a license for a title this early in production ("early" I know.. lol... but you haven't actually launched a product with it yet). This is pretty awesome news. Lots of people have questioned your teams ability to optimize this game to handle the number of players you wanted. 6-8 engineers sounds like the ammo people like me need to shut those naysayers down with. Really excited to see what this leads to. 2000 concurrent players seems back on the table? eh?
  10. [Obsidian] Stealth-First, Squad-Based

    Took some time to launch a new iteration of our website telling a little bit more about us. Additionally, we've cemented our new recruitment process. As we are not aggressively recruiting right now, our new process ensures only those highly motivated to find the right home will do so with us. Happy hunting.
  11. I've decided to help put together a collated library of Crowfall Videos, so users could browse through them easier rather than clicking in and out of forum threads (or spamming the internet to get viewers). Our framework for this is still being built, but we are looking for your videos. We hope that this will help users in tracking down videos of cool Crowfall things. What will happen when you submit them... @ProjectMalekai will tweet them out (along with Dev Posts) The MalekaiBot discord account will notify subscribed channels of a new video being posted. Eventually, these videos will be added to the front page of (as well as a searchable Video page) To participate, users need to join the Project Malekai discord ( and request Content Creator permissions. We will be reviewing these requests to ensure the creator is making constructive Crowfall oriented videos and has at least 3 videos on the topic completed in the past. Thanks in advance for your contributions and suggestions for new features!
  12. | The Crowfall Database

    Just a note that we went ahead and pre-updated all of the Racial disciplines to reflect the new stat caps as they appeared in the livestream on Tuesday. Also went and updated some of the things we knew were coming with 5.7.
  13. | The Crowfall Database

    Funnily enough, that guy uses our data to populate his site. Not a whole ton I can do, vidyawikiis a widely used website with lots of content not related to Crowfall. It's usually at the top of the list for search results for new games. The best we can do is to continue our work and hope word of mouth is sufficient to increase our rankings.
  14. I can't say I'm surprised at another delay. There are far too many essential systems that you haven't implemented, let alone iterated over based on player feedback. This seems fairly common-sense for most of the testers, who have struggled to playtest during lag and other related performance issues. I appreciate the fact that you admitted this in July, instead of in November like last time. I still would like to know more details of the licensing agreement for your MMO Engine. The number of new engineers you can bring on board, and other related details. Seems like a good fit for ACE, seeing as how you didn't want to stop making MMOs with Crowfall. Would be interested to hear how quickly you can hire and get them integrated, any new engineering team members seem like a good way to accelerate development.
  15. | The Crowfall Database

    @Everhoid Thanks mate We've been mostly treading water so far this summer, hoping to pick up steam as progress on Crowfall continues. Keep flagging data that is out of date or incorrect, make sure to leave to notes too if you can so we know what exactly is wrong