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  1. Whatever happened to the idea of an export point on the map, where people had to go to actually place stuff into the export "bank". This was a unique concept that would be another great pvp flashpoint. The fact you can export from anywhere really takes the fun out of an otherwise interesting pvp conflict.
  2. How do i change my guild's crest?

    For a long time, they've told us that the guild interface would be managed out of game on the website, only. I've never heard them referencing a guild interface in-game. Who knows its possible I suppose. At this point it would seem anything is possible, I just doubt they plan on spending time creating that interface/functionality in-game due to time constraints.
  3. 2nd' Tinnis's Question: In a Dregs Campaign (aka not a Faction Campaign with World Banks), does destroying an enemy city allow you to loot the rewards of what an enemy kept there? Was this functionality removed? If you reclaim a city, do those players get to re-access what they had stored their before losing the keep? or are those items now lost for all time?
  4. How do i change my guild's crest?

    Guilds aren't established " in game ". That's why this interface exists out of the game. They also mentioned in the email about an "Abdicate" feature, I assume its simply not completed yet. This would imply they intend for guild leaders to be able to "name their successor" before they exit the organization.
  5. Guild Page Ideas

    Some ideas Add guild attributes; website, social media (twitter, steam, twitch, etc.), time zone based in, play style, description Instead of sorting options, put in filters instead/in addition to; filter by above attributes, member count, etc. Allow guilds to show, or conceal roster, member count, or any of the above information should they chose to. Allow guilds to be linked to directly on the website, there is no way to pull up a specific guild in linkable form that I could find.
  6. I understand your concerns, but I think as people have pointed out, Bots will be fun targets to hunt down and murder. They have no real safe place, and I doubt many people will trade real life money for a few sticks or lumps of rock. Will be interesting to see if it happens.
  7. Guild List Bugs

    Your guilds per page is set to 5, this is likely an artificially low value placed to test pagination. This should be increased to 50 or 100. The max number of pages seems to be 20 (no longer seems to be the case) You've already exceeded this max number of guilds (20 pages * 5 guilds = 100 guilds). My organization does not show up. Search seems to be limited to the browsable results on the guild. Weird behavior on this one, clearly the guild was added hours ago, if a web cache prevented it from being seen; the search results shouldn't be polling the website but an api. I suppose a cached version of the api could be causing the delay in updates. Clicking "Promote" on the player holding the Guild Leader role, as an Officer, returns the message "Guild member is already at the lowest rank." which is not true (they are the highest rank). This then subsequently removes the ability to promote anyone from the interface. The ability to promote as an Officer should only appear on the ranks below it. Right now it appears I can promote myself and the Guild Leader when this is not the case. Similarly, clicking "Demote" as an Officer returns the error; Only rank 1 members can modify ranks and promote or demote this is a very confusing message, as it would seem to indicate that only Guild Leaders can demote/promote, but yet those options appear as an Officer. This error should instead be rank sensitive; appearing only on players whom the person seeing the buttons can actually promote or demote.
  8. Leader Boards

    I agree that Crowfall/ACE should not generate their own Killboard/Leaderboard or anything of the sort. State-sponsored boards are just going to cause problems. I think listing who won campaigns, historically would be useful in-game. Beyond this metric, I don't see why they need bother. Releasing the data into the wild, during or post-campaigns would be super awesome funtime though.
  9. Leader Boards

    This old gem. Oh boy. As someone with an ardent passion for creating all things Crowfall. I hope they give us data, all of it. Things we don't know we want, for example, how many apples someone has eaten. I want it all. KD ratios aren't an evil thing. They tell one story, but they don't tell the whole story. As long as the data goes beyond this rudimentary statistic, I think assuming what the player population will or won't do is a stretch (and borderline fear mongering). Sure some players in Battlefield (or insert whatever game you feel was damned by this stat) only focus on K:D but they tend to lose the games when that is their only objective. Since Crowfall is not about how efficient or effective any one player is, this statistic being provided is not the scary monster half the people in this thread are making it out to be. I hope the Crowfall team releases this information and lets the players chose what to do with it. As a player, you are welcome to visit the creations of players who do something with this information, or not. Simply providing access to statistics will not change the game. The game itself needs to be designed to encourage objective based gameplay, not pure kill:death oriented ones. The failure of Crowfall will be just that; especially if players cannot see the difference between these two.
  10. I think the values of Attributes is the big question mark here. Without this information, its hard to be critical of these race reveals as anything but vague and meaningless. Sure it's nice to see some of the active/passive powers you gain by going a specific way, but without knowing the drip-down from attributes you really aren't giving us a lot to contribute to the discussion. Considering how much time is left before "soft launch 2017", you aren't giving the community a lot of time to provide meaningful and knowledgeable feedback to you. I understand most of the other systems are still being designed, so I've refrained from asking about those. Surely you know what abilities grant on a per-class basis at this point though? Clarifying what you gain from skill trees is the other obvious half of the equation. I don't expect all races to be equal, but it'd again be very useful to know what the max stats are for each race before and after training.
  11. | The Crowfall Database

    Not sure how I missed this @Tofyzer Rather easily; Mouse over the "title" of a power, discipline, etc. A little flag will show up. Click it. Enter whats wrong with the data, and we get a report instantly on our discord.
  12. He actually confirmed that "Guinecean" and "Wood-Elf" racial-stealths would be usable from Survival try. Not Duelists/Assassins.
  13. Can you please clarify a few things (sorry I missed the stream); You mentioned Dizzy Down being a risk of the reward you gain for being in the Survival Tray. This was one of my "not really needed" penalties for gatherers; would be great to have a major discipline that allowed gatherers to avoid this. We seem to be awfully close to a soft-launch in 2017, when might we see the mentioned Exploration Disciplines? Stealth is seemingly now a combat tray. Does this mean no dizzy-down while in Stealth aka Combat Tray (with how easily people can aoe/dmg shield themselves...)? For Assassin, Duelist and (maybe) Ranger; Can they only enter the Stealth Tray while in Survival Tray with the tray-swap key? Similarly, can they enter Stealth Tray while in other combat trays; Melee or Ranged? Are there any restrictions on players swapping to Survival Tray while engaged in combat with another play (read: not just in combat tray)?
  14. CC Problem

    I don't mind that theme, I think mages should have access to roots over fighters. I also think you forgot pulls from fighters, those are a key way of distance gap closers. I'd also say "interrupt" should exist somewhere in here, probably for rogues, but i don't know of enough longer-casting time spells that itd be useful for.