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  1. Top 5 Likes Being able to design tools the Crowfall community uses and wants Being able to give back to a game that has provided endless hours of entertainment Watching Crowfall launch Watching ACE handle launch day issues with grace and calm attitudes Getting my Collectors Edition in the mail (still sealed though, one day it'll be worth $$$) Top 5 Dislikes Disabling Population metrics because you think it makes you look bad. EVE Online never hid their concurrency numbers and neither should you. Anyone saying Crowfall is a failure, doesn't realize it was targeted always towards a niche audience. Own it. Improve the game. Watch the numbers go up. Your inability to prioritize things that actually matter; like how to handle population challenges at launch. I know for a fact dozens of talented players told you handshake sieges needed to be a thing for two key reasons; population burnout from attending no-show sieges constantly, and the ability for enemies to zone lock you with population caps. Population Caps on zones, Client Performance (related); a technical challenge other MMOs have somehow mastered but Crowfall failed to address during development. A blind ignorance that zerging would be a thing; pretty sure Blair told us once that zerging in Crowfall wasn't going to be possible because of collision. How's that dream working out for you? Lack of ownership that the challenges facing Crowfall are all self inflicted gun wounds. An inability to keep players engaged in Dregs? Whatever could be the cause? Maybe a lack of Factions campaigns that were promised in the Kickstarter? Speaking of; $1,000 to get a guild logo into the game, and that promise has drifted into "maybe sometime in the future". I know when I buy video games, I personally enjoy spending $1,000 on things and getting them at an indeterminate time in the future. Seems like a solid business model. Oh wait Kickstarter excuse, cool.
  2. oh my god, check still exists? I figured you'd of gotten eaten by bears on a trail somewhere.
  3. Death comes for us all. Fear Myrkul.
  4. This needs to be addressed publicly. Why haven't they even tested them in the last 12 months? Do they even work still? How do people go from being a solo player, testing out the waters and building a character in Gods Reach, to Dregs? Do they think guilds are going to sit in the GR zones spamming barrens chat recruiting players? Is that what this games experience is for guilds? Who can spam the most? Shadows was originally, at least I thought so, designed to ease players into Crowfalls PvP without forcing them into slavitude to a guild. They could join a faction and actually start playing Crowfall without the guild part. At least for awhile. Crowfall doesn't work without this campaign band and the lack of testing it isn't inspiring confidence (well nothing lately is).
  5. Weird. Also. Ultima Online - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Ultima_Online Ultima Online (UO) is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released on September 24, 1997 by Origin Systems. Set in the ...
  6. This man can think ahead to what's coming. 100% this game will be about controlling the zone population caps. They've given no insight as to any method of splitting this cap between defender/attacker or any number of possible solutions to prevent abuse. People think far too short-term when discussing Crowfall's game systems. Every system will lead to a behavior. Every behavior is going to be based on a simple formula; what maximizes my ability to win with the least amount of effort. Throwing hordes of naked zombies at players until enemies gear breaks/runs out; easy. Stacking friendlies to hit zone cap; easy (also note guild population caps won't solve this because you can still pack zones with friendlies) Not playing because the only thing that matters is sieges, and I can be naked as long as we hit the population cap? easy. I need crafters to 100% craft all the time? because Blair thinks thats what they want to do in this game all the time? lol. Crafters hate PvP games. This games going to end up forcing PvP players to craft, because they made a convoluted crafting system they can't un-engineer in time for launch. Literally half the game is now handicapped because of how complicated crafting is. You can't even implement full equipped item loot, because of this crafting system nonsense. Its comical how easy it will be to externally meta this game into the ground. The developers have no solutions, they've never even acknowledged this is a problem. Increasing the zone caps to a ridiculous level is just about the only option they have left and that introduces the single fact of Crowfall; the games mmo engine (think server/client stuff) and its graphics engine cannot handle large player counts. Once you field 300-400 people on one side, this game simply won't be able to render in a playable rate to matter anymore. But lets all worry about balance of disciplines and what other nonsense people think is important for this games launch day success.
  7. The problem is, he'd anger what, maybe 100 players if he pulled the plug on 24/7 testing Crowfall as a service model? He should have done this years ago and just forced people to get over it. Having a server campaign come up for 2 weeks when they have something new to show would certainly have yielded a more active playerbase during concerted tests than this nonsense of running 24/7 uptime campaigns that few people want to play in due to some always-upcoming-threat-of-a-wipe. Him saying he wouldn't do it again, is just proving my point that its utterly mental to have continued doing it this whole time. At this point, I have to chalk up there 24/7 testing-as-a-service model being still active to greed/desperation for incoming revenues. Its the only plausible explanation. Even then, this strategy has certainly backfired. How many people bought this game and then stopped playing? Current screenshot shows somewhere in the range of 74,880 backers (non-unique players mind you/aka alts) - current testing population (generously saying 250 here) = 74,530 players who can't be bothered to even login to test this game right now. Kind of a grim look at the future if this games supposed to launch in the next 12 months. Even assuming a portion don't want to play till "no further wipes" occur, would you say a game that has a 0.3% active population is hitting it out of the park? lol.
  8. Except this strategy hasn't worked. Listening to a pool of different players, who rarely last 6 months before burning out and quitting, and then listening to the latest batch of super-active testers has yielded a game that simply put, isn't cutting it. Listening to a hyper-active batch of play testers for the last 5 years is absolutely the worst echo chamber you could possibly ever listen to. A better one would be to get feedback on all the people who bought the game, played it for any duration, and then quit and never came back. Thats how you actually try to address and grow your audience, instead of targeting a relatively small group of players who seemingly end up quitting anyways. With the exception of maybe a core 50-75 testers, the rest have an average lifespan of 6 months based on observations I've made in Discord. Anyhow, your strategy is exactly why this game is in a problematic state with the disgruntlement boiling over to every social media site, and including this forum.
  9. Meh, just still being here is an accomplishment for any Kickstarter person. This game has taken so many bizarre welcome and unwelcome turns over the last 5 years that its amazing anyone from that era still recognizes and wants to play this game. Amazing when you look back and see what development time was spent on, and how it cost them in terms of the ability to iterate over Kickstarter promised systems. Edit: oops, Jan 10th, 2015 guy
  10. I've never seen someone turned into a Crowfall meme in such a short timespan after joining this community. You earn my props for that distinction!
  11. Pull down all campaigns. Anger your hardcore testing player core of 100 players or so. Bring up tests when patches are ready to be thoroughly screamed through. Run them for a week, then go back to the grindstone. During the downtime, engage your community with the challenges and problems the new build broke. Actually try to solve issues with players at least being engaged by developers (even if they don't respond to every post). You'd start to see a turn around in attitude in this game, even if things technically didn't get better. 24/7 server access is killing this games population because no one new has any context to whats going on. They just see sub-100 player pops and think this game is a joke. Actually manage this game in the final stretch like you want it to succeed. This is mis-management if I've ever seen it. Theirs no buzz, theirs no hype, theirs no "positive attitudes" about Crowfall anymore in the public eye. Go look at what people say about CF when news does show up on the major platforms (MMORPG/Massively/etc.). Reputations are contagious. One bad review is more impactful then 10 good reviews. Except these guys are getting nailed with 10 bad reviews for every 1 good one. They aren't engaging people on the various sub-reddits, twitter, or any social platform like they _used_ to do. When was the last AMA? I mean this is criminal negligence at this point.
  12. In the sake of not completely roasting this development team, heres some fixes as I see them; Skills Don't abandon the account-wide skill system, alter it, fix it, get feedback, iterate on it. Don't arbitrarily abandon it without having a plan in place for what's replacing it and without getting community feedback on it. Let people earn points by doing things and spend it on a skill of their choice. Alternatively, let VIP give people these points at the _end_ of each week, without requiring them to do anything. Cap the amount of points you can earn per week, so that daily play isn't required. Alter the system so that players aren't investing in "trees", but individual skills. Create hundreds of skills that players can invest points into. Skills may have pre-requisites, including other skills at specific ranks, which may eventually take the unspecified form a skill tree (see EVE). Let players build their account in a specific way. Bring back specialization. Players should not be good at everything (not talking player twitch skills, or knowledge, but an actual in-game skill restriction). Skills would be required to equip certain equipment, disciplines (domains would be skill based/earned). Qualities would be locked behind it too; blues, purples, oranges need increasing amounts of dedication for each armor type/weapon. Players need progression that is permanent otherwise you've ruined the RPG aspect of this game. Basing your progression "choices" on what gear you are equipping is transient and doesn't represent traditional RPG constructs (alienating and confusing new players who have to get acclimated to your psuedo-game). Dregs This mode shouldn't be for everyone. SAY SO ON YOUR UX. Emphasize Risk and Reward. You aren't doing this. You've somehow managed to make this phrase meaningless in your game. Prove it to us that you still mean it. Free city placement. Delay dregs if you have to, without it, this is utterly pointless. Delay Dregs till you have alliances that can score points together. Anything less is not a throne war. Its a secret juggling and manipulation of scoring systems to appear as if one guild won on its own, but in actuality did not. Remove scoring; Winners have the most cities (alliances/guilds). No participation trophies. If you come to the dregs with 10 people and can't win, don't expect to take anything with you. Winner take all, as originally envisioned. Pay to Kneel. Remember it? Kneeling is gone, why? Figure out how you plan on addressing what happens when big guilds can stack a zone with friendlies, prevent enemies from even entering your zone. Your game can't handle 500 players, stop acting like its going to happen. Solve this problem before dregs releases. Faction Campaigns People need to expect this to be the primary mode of game play going forward. This mode should always be running from now until launch. Dregs should be one off campaigns. People do not understand how they are going to survive in this game without a guild. This mode is supposed to help them. Emphasize faction chat for new players Build in-game UX for Guilds; new players should be able to do so without alt-tabbing out to your web browser system and waiting on someone to accept it. This UX is unacceptable in a modern era game; fix this before launch. Crafting I've never wasted my time with crafting in this game. You set out early to make this a "role" that crafty-players would enjoy. The premise is that people liked SWG crafting, and therefore would like it in Crowfall. This was wrong. Crowfall is a PvP-first title. SWG was a PvE-first title. Transplanting a system of equal or near-equal depth from one genre to the other is and has always been an awful decision. No PvE crafter will last in this game. Stop acting like its going to happen. Its never going to happen. Never. The first time a crafter loses all of his stuff to a stealth gank squad near his city bank, the very first time it happens, you are going to lose that player. No PvE crafter carebear is going to come to this game because Blair once worked on SWG. Whats more likely to happen, and frankly has happened, is you've made a complicated as sin crafting system that PvP types barely want to engage with. You've managed to create a crafting system that no PvE player will ever experience (they won't come to Crowfall in the first place), and that PvP players find boring and tedious. Drastically simplify crafting recipes. Reduce interdependence to 0. This isn't going to be a social game where friends and family get together. This was criminally negligent type thought. Easy come, easy go. If I can lose gear in 10 minutes of PvPing, I should be able to replace it in 10 minutes of PvEing. Period. Combat Not sure how you can fix this based on what I know of your underlying tech and how responsive it is. Skill shots. Powers that are high cooldown/high cost, with big pay offs. Players who spam them, will fail versus those who know when to use them. Every class should have a few of these. Every class. Drastically eliminate the access to hard crowd control. Limit it to 2-3 classes/promotions. This game is Crowdcontrolfall. Go count the number of powers in this game that cause "hard control". I'll wait. Soft control, dramatically increase availability to compensate. Remove "crowd control immunity"; which is inane because your designers can't keep their fingers from adding hard control to everything. Being snared (any soft control) 100% of the time in combat is fine. Powers shouldn't "just do damage", nor should they only "do fire damage" (same thing). Make powers interesting. Make powers interact with other powers from other classes. Fix your UI so that buffs don't take up half the screen. Take away Blair and Halash's ability to create new Buffs and new Debuffs. Most games have 6-10 debuffs and 6-10 buffs. Let them stack, but let players recognize what they are impacted with by recognizing an icon. You have a ridiculous amount of buffs and debuffs, and a UI that is equally ridiculous to showcase them. How are players going to respond with counters if they don't even know what they have or want to get rid of, without recognizing them at a glance. This is egregious designer over-reach and shows a real lack of understanding how solid PvP titles deal with "effects". Go look at EVE or Guild Wars 2. You are doing it wrong. I'll just stop there, you get the point. I'm sure dozens of people will disagree/agree with the above, don't care. Fix your game. P.S: Worth noting I didn't even try to solve PopeUrbans complaint with the campaign system. I imagine he has some thoughts on that.
  13. I think this is probably the most egregious shift away from the Kickstarter video. I was never under the impression that their wouldn't be required activity to stay well equipped and armed (I assumed full loot play in the Dregs which is a thing of the past based on how tedious and repetitive the crafting has become). Yet, the current levels seem to indicate an increasing amount of reliance on active play just to be competitive. I also believe you hit the nail on the head when you said: The larger challenge for the Crowfall dev team has always been to build enough of the core foundation of a sandbox, that players wouldn't get bored building and knocking each others castles over. Yet, now we have static castles (as opposed to freely-placed ones that was heavily hinted at by summoning the ghost of Shadowbane's successor claim), which mean that few people will ever experience the same feelings people had building and defending their own cities in Shadowbane. Defending some random position that your guild managed to snag, doesn't invoke the same feelings of ownership; regardless of how many pack pigs you escorted during off-siege hours to it. Their is in fact, little if any attachment to this game; even the characters are temporary and disposable due to the choices they've made to date. In fact, the removal of the passive skill system makes this even more of an issue. Their is nothing progression based for your account any longer, and character progression has to be kept to a minimum due to how frequently you are intended to replace vessels (otherwise why would you even make necromancy a tradeskill). As the game approaches the finish line, I'm struck with how arbitrary the decisikon seemed to be to remove tradeskills. J Todd said one day "lets pull the trigger"; and THEN asked his team to start figuring out how hard it would be to do so. Why? I saw little if any effort given to the tradeskill system, beyond some cursory redo that felt more like a UX change than a shift in the basic premise of the concept of "progression". Progression in RPGs is typically evidenced most visually to the player, by the unlocking of new powers that do cool poorly made dergs. Crowfall's progression was all about experience and putting points into nodes, but never about unlocking anything remotely cool; just essential stuff like being able to craft things (what a horrible f-up that has continued to be). Ultimately, I feel like the vision was evolutionary for the industry, but the execution has been mired by excessive PvE additions that take away from the PvP. By a game that has no soul. Combat that looks basic and dated; for a game that centers around PvP combat, they've managed to make a system that is barely at par with "insert any 15 year old game in the genre". A UI/UX that's changed a dozen times over the years but has never once been "good". A powers system that people are always excited to see replaced by the next iteration, because basically all of your powers are bland and forgettable. A city building process that completely lacks players/guilds emotional ties to a location; replaced instead by meaningless points on a scoreboard that yields even more meaningless and shockingly still unspecified rewards should your guild win. A game that struggles to attract, and finds virtually impossible to retain players; despite a free beta which somehow limited these players to 30 days when this game desperately needs players to make the worlds feel "full" to even begin to hit its stride. I could go on and on (and I will). As someone whose stuck with this game since early Kickstarter in dozens of fan-related roles, fanboying and criticizing in equal measure (in aggregation anyways), I find myself completely incapable of understanding how we got here. Its as if they suddenly got caught up in launching a game, that they forgot to make the game. I think trying to solve all of this games woes right now is virtually impossible; too many major changes have made course correction impossible. This games destination is set and fixed right now; yet I don't think anyone looking at this title is going to give you an optimistic view of where its headed. Are people here seriously thinking that if >this< game launches in the next 6-12 months that it'll succeed? The goal is to attract other players so that we have people to kill in it. They can't even give away a beta, for free, to people to get concurrent player populations above the hundreds. Maybe start there.
  14. I think the original proposal moves us closer to easy-come, easy-go. Its really the only way I see this game having a flourishing population outside of the scheduled siege system (which is also garbage... handshake system please). I'd go into a 14 page rant, but needless to say I find it highly unlikely right now that this dev team understands the implications of propping up such a convoluted crafting system. Needing this many people to make weapons is nutty. Like who approved this idea and why? What were you hoping to do and what drugs were you on when you said "sounds good"!
  15. @DocHollidaze100% this. They "try" to play their own game, but they literally don't have the time. They watch livestreams of other people playing, as a substitute for their own playing. This game is the result of their team 100% watching someone else play instead of themselves actually doing it. I've watched them troubleshoot and bug fix while watching streamers play the game. This is almost for certainty what they are doing to substitute playing it themselves. If they did play, they'd see the litany of issues that have begun to doom this games success at launch. This sandbox would be better served by dogmatic adherance to one principle; easy come, easy go. They've failed at that in the hopes of carving out a home for Crafter-types. The problem is, these crafter types typically don't have the wherewithal to handle PvP or losses or conflict in general. The few who can, still won't tolerate the insane masochism Blair has baked into the crafting system. No amount of "tweaking" can save this system. It needs to be stripped down to its bones and simplified. Crafting a new piece of gear should take 30 seconds, all steps, all pieces. Not 3 hours. If its painful to replace gear that breaks after 3 deaths, you don't have an easy-come, easy-go system. Nothing should last more than 3 deaths. The whole purpose of this game is to be out in the world, getting resources, and right now you can stop doing that after making your battle suit of armor. They've constantly upped the durability, just to appease Blairs crafting system tediousness. Its a miracle this game has gotten to year 5 of development without more common sense being injected by the community on this. I simply don't understand why anyone would craft in this game once you've removed all the remote banking, and shifting items between safe campaigns for assembly.
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