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  1. Obviously. So obviously that they didn't mention that in their reason given above by Gordon.
  2. A massive grant? You mean like, opening up guild registration to the public? sort of like how name reservation was promised at Kickstarter, but instead sort of just happened without much fanfare? They massively granted name reservation to anyone who made a free Crowfall account. That didn't seem to bother you then. Why now?
  3. @Tyrant I appreciate your attempt to explain this micro-transaction. I think it's worth pointing out, however, that your decision to sell micro-transaction guilds is causing a negative backlash in the potential-Crowfall customers you will eventually be pursuing with marketing for launch. Just to give you an idea of a few comments I found on the net... almost entirely all negative... I think your immediate challenge is items that won't appear at launch (guild creation for starters) that give off a "being micro-transactioned to death" vibe. Your store doesn't include a note that this purchase will be discontinued at launch and replaced with in-game currency. It needs to. Otherwise; the above opinions are going to keep flooding in, chasing away players who are absolutely sick of EA's loot box model (not that this is what that is). If any of you watch the news, you know that companies and people are accused, tried and convicted in the court of public opinion these days. There is no time to have a reasonable conversation where one side gets to defend its actions with logic and facts. You are guilty the moment something appears offensive to someone. Selling guild registrations is just such an item. I don't buy Gordon's line of reasoning, The question to this, is why? Why is guild creation something you want to limit to people who helped make this game? Many of them already got rewarded for doing so because their package included this. Are you saying the people who backed and didn't get guild reservation options, didn't help make this game? Why does anyone who helped make this game a reality need to spend an additional $40 to get this "nice gesture" back from you for supporting you? None of this makes sense to me and I really tried to understand it.
  4. You think having a crowded and popular EK is going to be based on how much money your guild spent on your EK appearance? LOL.
  5. "Monetary advantage"? You get more money to play Princess Dress Up Castle? I take issue with your use of the word "advantage".
  6. Displayed name

    Actually hes not wrong. The LIVE server currently forced me to enter my USERNAME (display name) not my EMAIL. This is actually, a really bad practice. Users will know the victims usernames/display names, but not necessarily their emails. I had thought they fixed this months ago, but this most recent 5.3->LIVE seems to have reverted that change.
  7. It's not a popular response, but I actually really enjoyed mining in EVE. I liked it for reasons that won't be applicable in Crowfall, however, which was that I could do it while chilling out semi-afk watching TV. It made good money, and rewarded players who spent time training for the activity.
  8. Would it not be better to call this "Intermediate Crafting Training" then? Seems like it would be a more appropriate use of terminology.
  9. [Obsidian] Stealth-First, Squad-Based

    Obsidian's been busy working on with new 5.3.1 updates having been pushed live last week. We've also put a new article series called "Join the Murder" which was put together to help new players learn about Crowfall. Check it out!
  10. Stealthed Magazine

    Join the Murder (of Crows) is a new series detailing specific systems in the upcoming Crowfall title that we think makes it unique. We are working with the developers to ensure that these articles are factually correct and contain as much up-to-date information as we can pile into them. This article specifically, however, did not include feedback from them and is based on previous videos, blogs and commentary. It is almost certainly due to change before launch. The goal of these articles is to help new players understand key system designs within Crowfall to make it easier to grasp. This first article talks about Crowfall's Campaign system! Cheers!
  11. While I'm impressed with the UX of the new crafting system prototype, it doesn't seem that the actual crafting system is changing. If anything it's becoming more cumbersome (addition of needing to be in a specific place). Add in all the new menus, factories, and what not, and you've got an incredibly complicated crafting system which takes far too long to craft a single item. My only hope is that you can simply plug in materials into every one of those project view slots, and click craft to have it automatically make each component in the chart for you at once. If this doesn't work like this, it solves visualizing what it takes to craft which is awesome. I had to make my own flowcharts for people to truly understand what goes into this process. None of this simplifies it though. I'm actually more concerned at this point of how complicated Blueprinting will be. Some things that were said before make me question the sanity of attempting to mass produce anything. Guess I'll just have to wait and see how this all plays out.
  12. I mean, it was obvious this was going to need to happen. Good to hear you no longer need to rush to release. I just hope this means a second and possible third pass on some choices you've made thus far. Some seemed rushed and contrary to your original "choices have consequences" vision you laid out at kickstarter. I haven't heard that phrase in awhile and it seems as if you've been making all sorts of concessions to reach a larger casual audience lately.
  13. Seems Quiet

  14. I'm hoping they drop the whole gear crafting system (and the relatively minor/uninteresting stat bonuses you can earn with it) and start over. None of the current system influences how I'll play my character. It's just a power increase to my already existing playstyle. Similarly, it seems as if the classes will only care about two or three ability scores, which is boring, but slightly off topic. As I see it, the only thing influencing/impacting playstyles is your Racial choice and Disciplines. Everything is fluff and mostly just linear power increases of a vanilla nature. The earlier builds had "set bonuses" for each class, which may have impacted how people played a particular class. I'd like to see those return, and the enchanting profession given some serious thought as to bonuses and potential ways to "stir the combat pot". Really concerned about the long-term viability of combat. If players are forced to fight the same way over and over, how long till they get bored and leave? I don't see the ACE team being able to pump out a dozen disciplines a month, but that's the only other solution I see for making combat interesting over a long period of time. In comparison to a game like EVE Online; EVE Online released new ships, new classes of ships (battleships, carriers, titans, dreadnoughts, etc.) over time which changed the face of how players interacted with one another. I don't see them introducing new classes like the archetype system would have permitted, simply due to budgetary constraints on making all that artwork. Its one of the reasons I didn't care about whether they _could_ do race-class split. I was more concerned about their ability to introduce new classes into the game to shift metas. Seemingly impossible now, unless the game is a huge success and they suddenly have funds to add new classes/races.
  15. | The Crowfall Database

    We've released a major 5.3.1 update to all of our content. Patch notes can be found at the bottom of the main page (we'll be making their own page for them shortly).