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  1. Weird. Also. Ultima Online - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Ultima_Online Ultima Online (UO) is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released on September 24, 1997 by Origin Systems. Set in the ...
  2. This man can think ahead to what's coming. 100% this game will be about controlling the zone population caps. They've given no insight as to any method of splitting this cap between defender/attacker or any number of possible solutions to prevent abuse. People think far too short-term when discussing Crowfall's game systems. Every system will lead to a behavior. Every behavior is going to be based on a simple formula; what maximizes my ability to win with the least amount of effort. Throwing hordes of naked zombies at players until enemies gear breaks/runs out; easy. Stacking
  3. The problem is, he'd anger what, maybe 100 players if he pulled the plug on 24/7 testing Crowfall as a service model? He should have done this years ago and just forced people to get over it. Having a server campaign come up for 2 weeks when they have something new to show would certainly have yielded a more active playerbase during concerted tests than this nonsense of running 24/7 uptime campaigns that few people want to play in due to some always-upcoming-threat-of-a-wipe. Him saying he wouldn't do it again, is just proving my point that its utterly mental to have continued doing it th
  4. Except this strategy hasn't worked. Listening to a pool of different players, who rarely last 6 months before burning out and quitting, and then listening to the latest batch of super-active testers has yielded a game that simply put, isn't cutting it. Listening to a hyper-active batch of play testers for the last 5 years is absolutely the worst echo chamber you could possibly ever listen to. A better one would be to get feedback on all the people who bought the game, played it for any duration, and then quit and never came back. Thats how you actually try to address and grow your au
  5. Meh, just still being here is an accomplishment for any Kickstarter person. This game has taken so many bizarre welcome and unwelcome turns over the last 5 years that its amazing anyone from that era still recognizes and wants to play this game. Amazing when you look back and see what development time was spent on, and how it cost them in terms of the ability to iterate over Kickstarter promised systems. Edit: oops, Jan 10th, 2015 guy
  6. I've never seen someone turned into a Crowfall meme in such a short timespan after joining this community. You earn my props for that distinction!
  7. Pull down all campaigns. Anger your hardcore testing player core of 100 players or so. Bring up tests when patches are ready to be thoroughly screamed through. Run them for a week, then go back to the grindstone. During the downtime, engage your community with the challenges and problems the new build broke. Actually try to solve issues with players at least being engaged by developers (even if they don't respond to every post). You'd start to see a turn around in attitude in this game, even if things technically didn't get better. 24/7 server access is killing this games population b
  8. In the sake of not completely roasting this development team, heres some fixes as I see them; Skills Don't abandon the account-wide skill system, alter it, fix it, get feedback, iterate on it. Don't arbitrarily abandon it without having a plan in place for what's replacing it and without getting community feedback on it. Let people earn points by doing things and spend it on a skill of their choice. Alternatively, let VIP give people these points at the _end_ of each week, without requiring them to do anything. Cap the amount of points you can earn per week, so tha
  9. I think this is probably the most egregious shift away from the Kickstarter video. I was never under the impression that their wouldn't be required activity to stay well equipped and armed (I assumed full loot play in the Dregs which is a thing of the past based on how tedious and repetitive the crafting has become). Yet, the current levels seem to indicate an increasing amount of reliance on active play just to be competitive. I also believe you hit the nail on the head when you said: The larger challenge for the Crowfall dev team has always been to build enough of the core foun
  10. I think the original proposal moves us closer to easy-come, easy-go. Its really the only way I see this game having a flourishing population outside of the scheduled siege system (which is also garbage... handshake system please). I'd go into a 14 page rant, but needless to say I find it highly unlikely right now that this dev team understands the implications of propping up such a convoluted crafting system. Needing this many people to make weapons is nutty. Like who approved this idea and why? What were you hoping to do and what drugs were you on when you said "sounds good"!
  11. @DocHollidaze100% this. They "try" to play their own game, but they literally don't have the time. They watch livestreams of other people playing, as a substitute for their own playing. This game is the result of their team 100% watching someone else play instead of themselves actually doing it. I've watched them troubleshoot and bug fix while watching streamers play the game. This is almost for certainty what they are doing to substitute playing it themselves. If they did play, they'd see the litany of issues that have begun to doom this games success at launch. This sandbox w
  12. Hey ya'll, admittedly been a bit silent on this front. Wanted to see where the direction of Crowfall was headed before putting more work into this project. I felt I should just keep the updates centralized to the already existing Malekai thread, versus spinning up a new one. A few important updates are worth covering today: Project Malekai, the open source project powering Malekai.org is no more. You'll see references to this phrase removed from everywhere as I find and track them down. What does this mean exactly? Most of our source code was public and intended for other Crowfall fans t
  13. Confirming, this guild is now run by Pope. Obsidian has been disbanded. My talents were acquired by a superior organization.
  14. How does Stealth work with this new system? Previously you to flip back into Survival before being able to re-enter stealth. Does this necessitate some changes to how the Stealth system will work/be balanced going forward? I like simplifications like this, it removes confusion from how to interact with the world. Good change!
  15. Yea not sure how they got to that number either. Maybe its an aspirational goal ;)
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