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  1. Hey ya'll, admittedly been a bit silent on this front. Wanted to see where the direction of Crowfall was headed before putting more work into this project. I felt I should just keep the updates centralized to the already existing Malekai thread, versus spinning up a new one. A few important updates are worth covering today: Project Malekai, the open source project powering Malekai.org is no more. You'll see references to this phrase removed from everywhere as I find and track them down. What does this mean exactly? Most of our source code was public and intended for other Crowfall fans to hop in and help out. Going forward, only our "data" and "image" repositories will be public. This should allow most community projects to get off the ground. All of our data gathering micro-services have been moved into private repositories. No impact to our users is expected. Work on the 2nd version of Malekai.org continues, albeit very little was done in the last 6 months. This will accelerate with 5.110 around the corner. You can see the current direction of the new version over here: https://beta.malekai.org A new team is currently working to accelerate the time it takes to patch content updates to Malekai.org. Expect new stuff to be posted in hours, not days (or weeks). Finally, MalekaiBot, is now officially out of beta and is available to be invited to your own Discord communities for convenience. We plan on integrating a lot of new features on Malekai and the Discord bot will grant you access to nearly all of them. Special thanks to @Rufio and @Keaggan for letting us test it out on their respective servers. MalekaiBot currently offers the following core functionality: Subscriptions to the latest Crowfall news in your Discord. Be notified when new patches are released, Crowfall news posted to the Crowfall.com front page, and also when Developers respond to posts on this forum. Search results from Malekai.org directly in your Browser. While this feature is still rudimentary, it will allow you to theorycraft in the comfort of your Discord without needing to constantly go look up what stuff does. You can currently invite MalekaiBot to your servers, if you are a Discord server owner, by visiting https://malekai.org/invite Thanks all for your continued support, we eagerly look forward to seeing you all in 5.110!
  2. Confirming, this guild is now run by Pope. Obsidian has been disbanded. My talents were acquired by a superior organization.
  3. How does Stealth work with this new system? Previously you to flip back into Survival before being able to re-enter stealth. Does this necessitate some changes to how the Stealth system will work/be balanced going forward? I like simplifications like this, it removes confusion from how to interact with the world. Good change!
  4. Scree

    1500 Powers?

    Yea not sure how they got to that number either. Maybe its an aspirational goal ;)
  5. Its not about them being able to. Its about them having the time and resources to. They are trying to make an MMO, not a dev tracker. Priorities my friend. On the other hand, I have no such limitations and yes... I made a non-official dev tracker tool. Its live tweeted by the @ProjectMalekai twitter account, shared on the community discord, and will eventually be made public via the next version Malekai.org (currently can see it in action https://beta.malekai.org).
  6. Bout' time I think we can retire... Finally.
  7. Just tooling around over here working on the new UI...
  8. +1 for clearing up a comment that I've seen making the rounds. After watching it, you said it laughingly. It was very easy to see that quote pop up all over the internet and not understand the context and spirit in which it was said. That said, I think the live service part was a self-inflicted wound, as we've discussed. Yet, it allowed the player-nurses to course correct so many decisions we wouldn't have otherwise seen. I think this is largely going to be the reason Crowfall succeeds. That the players have had such an integral part of guiding the creation of the game at virtually every single stage of development (beyond the vision of course). That's pretty unique, even among the few titles that have been kickstarted; no other game listens and adapts to player feedback as much as this one has. Anyhow, the finish line is in front of your team, looking forward to making sure it crosses it. Cheers!
  9. Designing layers and layers of systems... it's very easy to overlook this aspect. A smaller development team means more pressure is put on the individual team members to produce. I imagine when they get done at work for the day, the very last thing they want to do is log in and spend 18 hours farming stuff; become pvp viable than discover that the moment they finally do produce that character, the servers are slated to be wiped. I know I certainly wouldn't (and I don't login unless I need to gather some data right now).
  10. He's guessing. BS. People who want to lose will do exactly that. People who want to win will invest resources to try out new builds. Right now though, the disciplines are such an integral part of so many classes, you don't truly get choices. If the classes could stand on their own, with disciplines to supplement purposefully designed shortcomings in those classes, this would be an entirely different story. The only thing forcing cookie-cutter builds is a lack of classes being competitive with one another on their own, without disciplines. Needing _any_ discipline to be effective at your class is a failure of design and balance.
  11. I disagree with the principle here; that players should be able to "experiment" with major disciplines in the comfort and safety of Gods Reach. This is the opposite of the original vision for this game where "choices have consequences". Another oversimplification to cater to a casual market. The game design lately has felt likes it falling down along a slippery slope towards casuals. Why do new players need Disciplines? To feel viable? Why aren't your base classes viable without disciplines? Why do they NEED these to be combat-capable in your game world? Disciplines shouldn't be adding power curve to a player, they should be about adding utilities that class might not otherwise have. They shouldn't be about adding "hard counters" just so you don't get murdered in the first 30 seconds; they should be able to providing alternative ways of entering into combat. This is a bandaid on a larger problem right now. One popular justification for this change was that it allows people to "theorycraft" whereas needing to farm disciplines to experiment with them isn't fun or a viable alternative. I disagree. The original vision for this game was that players could make mistakes with how they built their character. It might require you to start over. Sometimes painfully so. Yes this was quoted in context of the passive skill tree, but that vision could still be applied to this area as well. I don't understand why your team is making this change, it feels designed to cater to new players who shouldn't be experimenting with disciplines out of the gate, to begin with. I consider disciplines "advanced character customization options", not part of the entry-level character creation process. Give new players a target to go after in this game; stop giving them basic versions of everything. I'd point out that by doing so you are likely confusing/overwhelming the new player and not actually helping them decide on a route to pursue.
  12. Pretty sure it was slated for 5.100, so soon You can see the UI is in place already when you go to slot the regular talents (look in top right corner).
  13. The birth of my child delayed this work significantly. I want to assure everyone we are still operating and maintaining the site. The data has been updated to 5.8 levels, and we will continue to work on keeping the information updated. A few things to mention here; We had some big news to share, but these plans have been modified/pushed back slightly. This was going to change the nature of the site in a big way, especially in how we maintain the data. Unfortunately for now, these plans are on hold. This means we are pushing ahead with our own original plan. Malekai was never intended to be "just" a data site. The usefulness of this information goes down over time, really only offering value to new players as the game ages. This data is however important to build the "cooler" tools though and we are working to begin prototyping things like a character build-sharing tool as well as others. Some of this will require information from ACE, and as that has no ETA, nor do these features. Yet, ultimately, all of these are planned for this site. Despite expanding the scope of our goals, the site will continue to function as it always has; as a way to explore Crowfall. Thankfully, our hardwork over the last few months is beginning to pay off. Stay tuned for more
  14. Man, I think you meant "Complete" but you copied this video/post title everywhere with the wrong spelling. Nothing triggers me more. It's not one misspelling it's 15. Sigh. Otherwise good video
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