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  1. LOL, yea, the truth hurts Well, to be fair this game still wouldn't be available if it was developed in the traditional mmo path of a Wildstar or a WoW. No one would ever release or allow external players to preview a game in the state Crowfall is in. Reputations tend to stick around these days.
  2. I imagine it's because large fights are still mostly unplayable. Life is too short to waste it playing a game that can't handle large scale fights. I can't stand anything above a 50 ping when I play FPS's, I certainly can't stand what goes on in big fights in Crowfall right now. Some distance during development is healthy considering the alternatives available to play while Crowfall develops and matures.
  3. I mean, Sugoi sorta had it coming? They went way too hard at this game, had their entire core burn out... and what was left wasn't going to stick around waiting for that core to come back to play. <shrug> This is why you don't try hard 3-4 years before a game comes out. Lost before the game even started. A lesson to be learned there
  4. I hope it's not bannable, little late for them to pull the trigger on that. I've got numerous active spies out and about right now. Hint: There's a reason you don't see Obsidian playing Crowfall
  5. While our status on Crowfalls guild site is set to "Recruiting", we do not allow people to join us without following our application process. Please read closely if you are serious about joining. I am on the Unofficial Crowfall Discord if you have questions (or you can PM me here)
  6. There is no way to artificially enforce faction balance in a game like Crowfall (or any other for that matter). Name one game that manages to handle population imbalances to the degree that it actually impacts/balances PvP. I've seen all manner of hamfisted approaches; Locking factions based on populations to try to force players to the other teams Giving combat bonuses to the outnumbered factions to allow them to survive versus zergs Boosting rewards for losing sides to encourage people to join them I'm sure other methods exist, but these are the ones I've encountered most often. Guess what? they still don't work. Players will join the factions with the best chance of victory, least path of resistance, every time. Sure some people will join a losing side because it guarantees a fight, but they are usually too few in number to actually mount a comeback. The solution to faction imbalances? Don't play on faction campaigns. Join the Dregs and play in a world where guilds can betray one another, alliances can be stressed and fractured, and yea... guilds come together to screw over the top dog. Trying to hope that ACE will ever pull off the magic bullet solution to faction imbalance is a futile effort best spent elsewhere.
  7. Yes, they've considered it when designing the classes. Its a key point of balancing for them. You are ignoring the fact that even if the Brigan can slot 40 powers, even with all discipline slots filled in, they don't have 40 powers. You are ignoring that all powers use resources to be "cast" which is the limiting factor for most classes, not the cooldowns on powers. You are ignoring that simply having more powers to spam, does not actually make you better or more effective in combat. Not sure anything you've said warrants any action at this point. Balancing is an ongoing and never-ending process, I wouldn't worry about it.
  8. I can't understate how huge all of these are to addressing Faction warfare scoring in the genre as a whole. Guild Wars 2 was plagued with scoring issues (too many to list here), but at its core, you've fundamentally solved nearly all of my concerns. The busiest time in GW2 WvWvW was the opening day of each weeks campaign. It's because everyone understood that the scores start at 0 for everyone, and it was anyone's game. The reality was that off-peak capturing by EU/AS forces effectively screwed over some servers by allowing those teams to seize points when the majority of players couldn't respond. Complicating matters is that once the scores ran away too far between each team, players would stop logging in. It was possible to know who was going to win almost immediately at the start/middle of a week. These scoring systems allow players to join 50% of the way through a campaign and still pull an underdog victory out. At the same time, none of this is achieved by using artificial deflationary point awards, or other unclear methods at keeping point values "close". Players will know quickly that its possible to win in the 4th quarter because every touchdown is worth 21 points. I really like this and I can guarantee that Guild Wars 2 WvW veterans will love it too. Couple this with siege windows for forts/keeps and you've got yourself a real ballgame here.
  9. What a long strange trip its been. Our OP has been updated for accuracy and correctedness. Lots of changes over the last year. Looking forward to a new year with the gang
  10. Just a headsup that "bumping" posts are no longer permissible via the latest terms of service for this forum. Cheers.
  11. I think you've kinda hit the nail on the head. Crowfall is missing Tracking. Its been all over the skill trees for literally years now. Complaining about Stealth when we don't have the full stealth mini-game is seriously premature. Once Tracking is in, your ability to locate and AoE the socks off of that location (or use actual reveal powers) will make Stealth trivial to counter. I think Mandalore made enough of my points without needing to reiterate over them. The chief one being, what anti-stealth tech were you running? Sounds like nothing. If anything Stealth is far too fragile right now for my tastes. Its also lacking any serious depth or level of interest to me. It lacks utilization of positional-based technology they now have in the game. It is by far one of the most vanilla interpretations of Stealth to date for me. It's also incredibly easy to counter and skill training to become "experts" in it is basically non-existent. I'm completely okay with them taking a hammer to the whole system and rebuilding it from the ground up. I just know they don't have any plans to do so anytime soon (if they do they've done a really good job of keeping it quiet). If you are complaining that something needs to be nerfed during the pre-alpha, then stop treating this as a complete game. Envision having all of the systems in place and what the impact of those systems might be one another. In this case, Tracking will almost assuredly make stealth trivially easy to counter.
  12. This forum is not for reporting in-game bugs. This is for Website bugs, only. Please read the title of the subforums before posting in them. Thanks,
  13. Yumx, you guys got any other big content releases coming out soon? I want to make sure Malekai.org gets tagged on them. Thanks,
  14. You forgot to put your guild name in the title of this post. A+ level work
  15. lmao, I flipped through the video and wondered the same. Its okay, they ended up winning that fight
  16. Attolis, some major changes coming to Disciplines in 6.0. I'd hold off on trying to find good combinations post-talents. It'll be short lived. I'm hoping for a ton of them to be deleted and replaced with interesting alternatives myself. It could be as minor as a few tweaks though. We know for sure Weapon Disciplines are being deleted in 6.0 though. We also know that players will have access to two gathering and any two of crafting or combat disciplines going forward. Should make for a more diverse field.
  17. Just wanted to remind ya'll that this is still not functioning correctly. Any update on this?
  18. Is it still possible to replicate the impact/benefits of Weapon Masteries onto regular Disciplines? Aka, some of them were pretty cool and if they can't be baked into a class, can you go back and add them to a new Major Discipline instead? I knew the Weapon Masteries were problematic because of the animation/modeling requirements; would be nice to know that the crossover work isn't all wasted.
  19. Its been a long while since I updated the community on the progress and development of Project Malekai. I wanted to give you some insight as to what the current state of the project is. I recently had a key member, @MichaelFedora decide to take a step back from active contribution to the project. This has forced me to learn aspects of the project that I previously had no hand in writing. A conflux of decisions has landed us in the middle of a bit of a stagnant period for this site. Heres what is happening right now I am rewriting the API that powers the site to be simpler, easier to parse so that newcomers to the project can rapidly contribute without needing to learn some of the cutting edge techs we had previously been using (removal of GraphQL for example). Additionally, this has led to some performance/speed increases and security upgrades that we had previously missed. The API did not have routes for some new features we had been working on, but never launched; User-submitted Videos, Dev Tracker, Articles, Recipes, and now Talents. These are being implemented at a far quicker pace than was previously possible (because now I can do it on my own in an hour vs waiting for someone else to do it!) Simultaneously, we had been planning a complete redesign of the website to coincide with the impending Launch (alpha/beta) phases of Crowfall itself. This redesign has suffered a few setbacks but I now have a designer contracted to help mimic the in-game interface of Crowfall. Redoing the website in the latest version of Vue.js/Nuxt is also a priority so that we can finally put to bed performance and SEO issues that have plagued our first draft. The complete overhaul of how powers are granted, the talent system, and other forthcoming changes to the Crowfall game, have caused numerous issues with how we gather data from the game. Manually. We can no longer create all of the disciplines and plug them in, in an EK. You first need to "level up" your character to do so which is currently impossible in an EK alone. The ability for us to mouse-over those discipline-granted power tooltips and convert them into JSON data was how we collected and verified everything. Due to the previously mentioned changes in Crowfall, much of our data structures need to be refined to adapt to new relationships between classes, powers, and talents. This will be an inch-by-inch process and will probably take some time to truly capture all of the issues that arose because of the introduction of the Talent system. We now have a more roughed-in crafting system. As a result, we should be able to start work on listing recipes and combination results on the website soon. Guild data that was previously collected has become uncollectable due to changes with the Crowfall website. My attempts to work with the bot-captcha system have failed. I hope in the future to make use of this information once engineering time frees up to address this restriction. None of the above is an "easy" upgrade. Lots of intertwining, interconnected pieces all talk to each other. Messing with one piece can have lasting repercussions on the others. As a result, the project may seem dormant or inactive but I am hard at work on building these individual pieces out with the limited free time I have. If you are a programmer who is fluent with javascript or are simply a fan of Crowfall who wants to help us hunt-and-peck down information in some of our many spreadsheets... we have need of you! Head over to our discord and ping me (@Scree) and I'll get you started on something Thanks for your patience and support, ~Scree
  20. Scree

    Ranger stealth

    You absolutely retain the ranged bar when you promote to the Brigand. You can also supplement the powers you'll miss out by not going "Archer" (another Ranger promotion class), by simply taking some of the ranged bow-related Disciplines. I'd hold off on making plans right now though, lots of big changes coming to Disciplines in the future. They mentioned doing a Tier 2 pass on Talents for all of the Disciplines.
  21. Is the anti-bot feature really necessary? Its successfully crippled one of my bots. Kind of a pain in the ass.
  22. Update yo' signature. Scrub.
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