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  1. mangloid

    Cleric best Heal

    Ahh I ran into you yesterday audin. Was my first time actually going out on the cleric.. was pretty much naked - was fun atleast.
  2. mangloid

    Healing Testing

    Gotcha. thanks. Coming in late so I am sure I am duplicating info - but these cleric forums have very low post count =(
  3. mangloid

    Healing Testing

    @mandalore Sorry, it was cutoff. Note that I did accidentally put one point of SPR on the INT cleric(77, instead of base 76). I removed all the discs and gear. I could redo without spending talents because originally I was testing what the healing output looked like as I increased the stats. Points into INT: Points into SPR: Talent trees on both: Blank Level 1 for reference:
  4. Bug/tooltip error: Mace discipline is equipable on cleric. Blacksmith Mace is not listed as being equipable on cleric. Ah ok. Thank you for clarification.
  5. mangloid

    Healing Testing

    Yea, was just adding some info about the stats. comparison below.. (reason both are 29 instead of 30 is I ran out of arch frames.. and was lazy )
  6. mangloid

    Healing Testing

    Looks like spirit also adds 2.5 Mana per spirit point. 1 int adds .05% healing power.
  7. Spirit adds mana on clerics. Not documented on character sheet tooltip.
  8. Cleric: Tend wounds tooltip says +%weapon damage but after testing different weapons, I am not seeing an increase. Tend Wounds on yourself also does not show in the combat log. This was at level 5 with a basic weapon equipped on a stoneborn cleric: cast 1 cast 2 cast 3 cast 4 cast 5 cast 6 cast 7 cast 8 cast 9 cast 10 Average Tends wounds amount healed 171 167 165 155 177 162 164 165 160 162 164.8 Same character at level 5. intermediate weapon equipped: cast 1 cast 2 cast 3 cast 4 cast 5 cast 6 cast 7 cast 8 cast 9 cast 10 Average Tends wounds amount healed 164 170 164 167 160 158 169 168 164 160 164.4 Also tested a few casts on a centaur cleric and see same results. Dryad Form Life also uses +% weapon damage and I saw no change. I tested on both a cleric and a myrmidon to see if it was possibly ranged vs melee weapon but neither saw a difference in healing amounts when changing weapons.
  9. If you wanted to see visually what the different starting stats: Imgur
  10. mangloid

    Healing Testing

    Yea crit healing chance. I didnt pay attention when I put in stats but first clr with points in spr also has higher mana. I'll check exact number when I get home.
  11. mangloid

    Healing Testing

    I figured I would try a few tests to see what the difference looks like for using healing power vs support power. Had two clerics. Both Stoneborn at 29 for last tests. Both had Identical talent trees. No passives slotted. No equipment other than hammer/shield. Only used testing with tends wounds because its what you start out with earliest. 10 casts each time and averaged. I tried to ignore crits since in the later levels they would be 2-300 higher healed amounts. I wanted more baseline. Hard in the earlier levels where the amounts are so low, but must be small enough I couldn't tell the variance that easily. Cleric 1, Level 5,SPP = 38 HMOD=1.9% basic hammer: 165 healed. Cleric 1,Level 5, SPP = 38 HMOD=1.9% Intermediate hammer: 164 Healed. The Tooltip says +x% weapon damage, but I saw no change. Is it actually calculating that? ? Maybe bug. Cleric 1,Level 5, SPP=38, HMOD=8.2. Basic Hammer: 179 Healed. Cleric 1,Level 29, SPP = 38, HMOD = 1.9%. Basic Hammer: 165 Healed. Another Baseline at 29. Cleric 1,Level 29, SPP = 188, HMOD = 1.9%. Basic Hammer: 258 Healed SPP increase w/ talent Cleric 1,Level 29, SPP = 188, HMOD = 14.4%(discs). Basic Hammer: 280 Healed Hmod increase w/ disc runes Cleric 1,Level 29, SPP = 788, HMOD = 1.9%. Basic Hammer: 599 Healed bigger SPP Increase w/ talents (benediction) Cleric 2,Level 29, SPP = 788, HMOD = 6.1%. Basic Hammer: 620 Healed ***This was a 2nd cleric Where I spend all the points in INT. Cleric 1,Level 29, SPP = 830, HMOD = 1.9%. Basic Hammer: 622 Healed. ***First cleric with all points now spent in SPR. SPR also increases Crit rate. I need to run more tests now with discs slotted and see hmod increase and different healing spells at the 29 level. Would also now like to test crit and crit heal increases. I only started playing a few days ago so I dont have any historical data for previous releases.
  12. Curious what people have stuck with. I rolled a human and half-giant, but both are only a few levels since I just started.
  13. Did Winterblades play SB when the servers merged? Trying to remember If I ever ran into the guild back then. Was in Begotten. Fought with dread lords / 187. Though its been so long, I can't remember all the nations and alliances.
  14. Been member since feb 2015 and haven't posted yet! Will finally be diving in. Coming from Rallos Zek, shadowbane, etc.
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