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  1. It was very early on - I think one of the earliest banes - can't even remember if we dropped on you or you dropped on us, and I can't remember who won. I just remember it was the first LoD vid I ever saw, and interspersed with the game footage was some animation of like all of the clans in the HL alliance lined up. Above the graphic it said "Carebears ... STARE!" The rest has been erased from my memory except for the amount of laughing I did at your mocking of us which I also secretly did because of rp.
  2. Played with RoS (allied with HL) on Death from beta until we made Team Trammel. I am begging someone from LoD to still have that carebear stare video you guys made which was one of my favorite things to ever exist. Please still have it and make me see it right now.
  3. Death server, and why aren't you all playing Darkfall until this game comes?
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