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  1. On that note though, is weapon / armor crafting very far down the line and require a lot of materials to be harvested? Time sink might be a problem to get there during testing.
  2. I'll be streaming tonight's test. www.twitch.tv/elvinemod
  3. Personal rules? These are ACE's rules within their ToS, I'm sorry for following the rules... Did I state that they should police the internet? No. Should they when it comes to their own site? Probably... Or how about not posting about it at all? Or is that too hard since traffic is directed to The Dregs? True enough, it's a shame that companies cherry pick which violations to deal with.
  4. This thread isn't tucked away in some obscure area of the forums, pretty sure "General Discussion" will be the first place most people will look when interested in the game. NDA's surely can and do work if a company wants to enforce them. I highly doubt ACE's decision not to have one is because "they don't work."
  5. While you're not the one that hacked the client, you're promoting the results that came of breaking the ToS. You said it yourself even... That's exactly what you did though... I totally get it, you're trying to direct traffic from the Official Site to The Dregs.
  6. More was said than just "uncool," read the words before it.. "It’s against the terms of service"
  7. To be fair, posting links to the info is no different than posting the info here.. but I get you're trying to get traffic to The Dregs. Either way, interesting stuff... curious to know if the person datamined the current released Pre-Alpha build or this was an internal leak. Though I have a hard time believing it's the latter.
  8. Highlights for today's testing have been uploaded, enjoy! :3
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