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  1. It will be pretty similar to Hunger Dome. Everyone else is hostile (red) to you. If you /group up with other players, they become green to you. That being said, we are focusing more on all the new server/world/gameplay systems tech we built over the summer.


    I am much more interested in can you start out just harvesting wood and make it through the resource tech tree as well as if you can make it to crafting the more advanced Runetools. (bonus points to those who can make it into the weapon / armor crafting) Also of paramount importance is if people understand how single recipes produce a variety of outcomes based on resources used.


    If you want to craft and harvest and avoid other players make a Duelist, they are very hard to spot and can vanish if needed.



    On that note though, is weapon / armor crafting very far down the line and require a lot of materials to be harvested? Time sink might be a problem to get there during testing. 

  2. Ah this thread has grown a little...salty. No matter. The white knight forum warriors will always be around to try to invoke their personal rules of law even though the developers stance is pretty clear. In this case...theyve decided not to police the internet. Which would be an impossible task. Especially coming from someone who was or is a mod...you'd think ACE's stances would be well rehearsed.


    ...this stance is what was repeated to me by ACE in their email.


    I have no idea who DEV007 is...but if it wasn't our site it would of been somewhere else. If we wanted such restrictive forums...we would just be a Crowfall Officials Reboot. Unless it's illegal to house the information...which it's not...it will not be taken down.


    If you want to avoid be spoilered by datamined information...I would expect to have the self-control to not click on a thread that is clearly tagged appropriately as [info Leak]. Since it is against the Terms of Service, it was felt appropriate to link instead of copy-pasting and citing as you do Elvine...so it wasn't a matter of just marketing. If you want to copy-paste the leaked information onto this forum that's on you. Whatever floats yer warrior boat.



    Personal rules? These are ACE's rules within their ToS, I'm sorry for following the rules... 


    Did I state that they should police the internet? No. Should they when it comes to their own site? Probably...  

    Since it is against the Terms of Service, it was felt appropriate to link instead of copy-pasting

    Or how about not posting about it at all? Or is that too hard since traffic is directed to The Dregs?


    If ACE really cared about the fact this broke their TOS, they'd have deleted this thread to discourage people from abusing their alpha client in order to garner attention.  That's why we should just call it what it is, let it stand as is, and quit complaining about something that clearly isn't an issue.

    True enough, it's a shame that companies cherry pick which violations to deal with. 

  3. Honestly I don't see it as that much of a bad thing really. The only people that are finding out about the information early are the ones on the forums actively trying to dig up as much information as possible.


    Part of the reason ACE didn't do an NDA is because they know they don't work. Surely they are surprised by this.


    As I've said in the past, there's just way too much financial incentive to spill the beans on the big "secrets". 

    This thread isn't tucked away in some obscure area of the forums, pretty sure "General Discussion" will be the first place most people will look when interested in the game. 


    NDA's surely can and do work if a company wants to enforce them. I highly doubt ACE's decision not to have one is because "they don't work."  

  4. Then they can grab their pitchforks and tinfoil hats. Coz they know that I'm not a tester and it ain't me. I'm just passing on the information. If you're going to throw up the bat signal to Anonymous over some graphics, then feel free.

    While you're not the one that hacked the client, you're promoting the results that came of breaking the ToS. You said it yourself even...



    I don't think ACE will take kindly to breaking into their assets and posting it

    That's exactly what you did though... 


    I totally get it, you're trying to direct traffic from the Official Site to The Dregs. 

  5. the tears are real. you guys act like someone hacked the matrix or something. someone grabbed some pic files. If the length of jtodd's outrage is "uncool", then I guess you guys should either get a tissue or I should start making canoes. I still have some leftover from my magicbane business. Pug archetype confirmed by JTodd. You saw it first on thedregs  official forums crowbase.com

    More was said than just "uncool," read the words before it.. "It’s against the terms of service"

  6. Just saw this from Arawulf last night.


    It appears it wasn't leaked but instead someone hacked the client and found unused artwork/data.





    It’s not a “leak”, someone just pulled apart the unity files and made some guesses about upcoming development priorities based on the extraneous art they found in the cache.  It’s against the terms of service (and uncool), but it happens.  I really wouldn’t put too much weight on any of it.  We constantly stub out new content with assets and names for testing that end up replaced, repurposed or cut entirely. Some of it could even be left over from the kickstarter demo. (for a long time, the only avatar portrait in the game was a picture of Tully’s pug.) On the plus side, none of it included profanity this time.  Hooray, we’re making progress!

  7. I don't think ACE will take kindly to breaking into their assets and posting it, so I don't think it's safe to post on officials.


    To be fair, posting links to the info is no different than posting the info here.. but I get you're trying to get traffic to The Dregs.


    Either way, interesting stuff... curious to know if the person datamined the current released Pre-Alpha build or this was an internal leak. Though I have a hard time believing it's the latter.

  8. I'm not sure if you can do this, but you might want to create a compilation video without the camera/commentary.(This seems to be have been captured through live stream, so I don't know how much control you have over it). Other then that, TY for the footage! let's see what other people are doing...

    edit: now I'm sad. I was the centaur in that 3v1 highlight :( BTW, what was that blasting AOE ability you used in that fight? That seemed to do A TON of damage.

    Correct, these are highlights from a live stream and I can't create a compilation without the camera or commentary. 


    AoE Blast is Hellfire Aura.



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