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Everything posted by Elvine

  1. Servers are up! www.twitch.tv/elvinemod
  2. Streams live for today's early testing, www.twitch.tv/elvinemod
  3. Confessor #1 (Win) Confessor #2 (Win) Confessor #3 Knight #1 (Win) Knight #2
  4. Servers up 1 hour early! www.twitch.tv/elvinemod
  5. In that case, ignore my application then. Thanks for the reply! :3
  6. If we are already apart of Alpha 1 testing, will we need to apply for streamer exclusive testing as well?
  7. I saw on social media that YouTube will mute livestreams that play copyrighted music. Unlike Twitch where they mute the VOD's. Going to be interesting for sure.
  8. Reminds me of H1Z1 Battle Royal. Looking forward to testing and giving feedback! :3
  9. Updated! Sadly, I had to remove all the pretty images due to ACE reducing the limit of images per post.
  10. Updated! :3 Sorry for the delay in update, been out of the country.
  11. Elvine

    das tal

    A thread on this topic already exists, please continue discussion here. Thanks! :3
  12. Crowfall hasn't started Pre Alpha testing yet.
  13. Elvine

    Dal Tal

    Thanks headlight, I'll lock this and direct to that thread. :3
  14. Elvine

    Dal Tal

    Yup, I just saw their kickstarter today as well. Reminds me a lot of Crowfall, but just "top down" viewpoint. Dev's talk about Crowfall and the same concepts of "world resets" in this interview. https://youtu.be/Xt4LL4DFZzA?t=6m5s
  15. Lets not start that now, if you're going to "bump" at least contribute to the topic at hand.
  16. I was just expressing my opinion, I have no issues with the Crowfall subreddit. :3
  17. Other forums perhaps, but reddit doesn't show up on a regular search results unless you're on reddit specifically right? So drumming up interest would only work if someone was searching Crowfall on reddit if that were the case.
  18. I think discussions should stay on the official site till at least release, splitting the community up before isn't really ideal since ACE has their hands full already keep up with everything here. And if it's something that could be great feedback / idea then the official site is best to get visibility. Just my two cents..
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