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  1. I clicked on this post, and as it was loading it dawned on me, today is April the 1st. I want to say I hate you. But I feel only hate for myself for trusting you for those brief moments.
  2. Been lurking on this post for a good while now. (Feel like most everyone on the forums has seen this post at this point.) I wanted to bring up the whole full player exposed API topic that came up earlier, and how I feel like it would be toxic to some degree. If player deaths and kills where all listed and open to the world to see I feel like it would create one of the problems that Planetside 2 has. A lot of Clans and players have a real obsession with KDA and personal stats. A LOT of different strategies and how a mass PVP type of game like this works is with the possibilities with death at every corner. The act of dying in Crowfall sounds like punishment enough with the talk of losing some equips and the such. Having to hear people get mad over there "KDA BEING RUINED" and annoying issues getting into guilds/clans because of it makes me thing a non fully API would be the best for the game.
  3. Super happy about the more rulesets! It looks like this tier will add a lot of rewards to the game! Would be awesome if we get the 1.5 million for the Minotaur as well!
  4. Ok so only Dregs and EK at launch unless we hit stretch goals. Thanks for the help on that one!
  5. Is the God's Reach not already part of the Core Module? It looks like it was on the Kickstarter page about the game modes.
  6. Really like the whole idea behind Artifacts and Relics! Glad there is something that is a real reward for winning a campaign that you can show off in EK. Also very curious to what "expanding" the God's Reach rule set might entail. We already have all the rule sets listed in the Kickstarter available at launch, correct?
  7. Really looking forward to see what roles all 3 promotion classes will fill. Fury seems like it would be a damage. With a name like Fury and a big spear they look like they could pump out some nice damage. Since the Templar starts as a tank I can only guess that one of these 3 will with out a doubt be a tank promotion. Hope we get more soon! *Edit* Also for what it is worth, since there is art for the Falconry Discipline on Templar. Seems very likely that it will be available to us that wish to use it on Templar.
  8. I will be honest did not notice those until about a week ago! But now that I actually see them I am really looking forward to seeing if the wings have anything to do with combat or movement. Perhaps the assassin will have the ability to glide into an enemy base unseen and cause some trouble. That or having it somehow play into there combat with some cool movement options.
  9. I think it is impossible at this point to not at least hit the 1 mil mark. With 23 days left and 946k pledged already, Female Centaurs are on the way!! That being said the 1.3 mil seems well in reach (personally really hoping for mounts) but beyond that seems less likely.
  10. We don't seem to have a whole lot about how deep each archetype can go but the Kickstarter gave us a look at the Knight and how it can advance into a Swordsman, Crusader, or Sentinel each with a different role. The Knight is labeled as tank on the website but it would seem it can become different roles other than tank. The Crusader which is an advancement of the Knight is labeled as a dps. Perhaps the Crusader would be a more tanky dps character since the Knight is labeled as a tank at the start? Seems it a bit to early to tell. I really like the idea of Sub-classes if it turns into something that makes a Sentinel Knight a whole different character than a Swordsman Knight I could really get behind that. I think it each archetype has 3 sub-classes that really shake things up the current amount of archetypes should be just fine.
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