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    Math, physics, good grammar, food, and great video games.
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  1. Woohoo! Test post to see my pretty badge.
  2. This is going to sound like a really dumb issue, and I'm not sure if it even is a permanent issue. I made this account several months back under the name IshotMarvin, and earlier today, the forum started to show it as "ishotmarvin", without the capitals. All of my posts, my profile, etc show it as that. Just curious as to whether that's a bug for several people, or if it's just on my side. If I need to deal with it, so be it. I can live with that, but my OCD is not happy. It's actually uncomfortable for me to see "ishotmarvin" as opposed to "IshotMarvin". I know. Dumb. But if it can be fixed, I'd love it! Thanks.
  3. I'm hoping they actually get to a solid announcement given from ACE, not just pure conjecture on their part.
  4. Did you purposefully misquote my statement, ignoring the rest of what I said where I specified what I meant?
  5. That is true. Luckily, I don't see what they're doing as the start of a precedent for pay to win. But, that's where we disagree. I suppose only time will tell if the game will become pay to win, so we should get back to one another in a couple years.
  6. Fair enough. I still disagree regarding the existence of the proverbial can of worms, but whatever. Neither one of us will convince the other at this point.
  7. How dare I use a hyperbole to get my point across. By the way, what does it mean to say that I am hyperbolic? Does the graph of y = 1/x describe my general disposition? Your views and your comments in this thread have basically said, and correct me if I'm wrong, "this game is borderline, if not past the line, of pay to win. I hate pay to win with a passion". I believe that is an accurate summation of your opinion. If that is so, then this game is not for you because that is not going to change. They are going to give VIP members the bonus month on the minotaur and any new archetypes. You have said that games which exhibit early "cracks" of pay to win will inevitably fall into a hole of pay to win. If you honestly believe this, then Crowfall will inevitably become another disgusting pay to win game. Since it's inevitable, it can't be stopped. You will obviously dislike the game once it's pay to win, so why not stop now, while you can still retract an investment if you've made one?
  8. Once again I say, your ramblings will not change anything. If this is really such an abysmal idea for you, then leave. Stop investing time and possibly money into this idea. This is not the game for you. But you won't listen. You will have some witty little retort that you will use to convince yourself that you can change the world and change the Dev's mind with your posts in this thread. Oh well...
  9. It hurts, Robin... it hurts so much. My only solace is your beautiful song. When I shrivel away and die, sing songs and tell tales of my valor in this thread.
  10. No, all initial 12 archetypes will be available to all players upon launch. The minotaur, however, is exclusive only to VIP members for the first month, after which it becomes available to all players.
  11. Yeah, my point was that having minotaur there for 1 month is stupid to complain about. But there are obviously some people who disagree with that, so meh.
  12. And it isn't just minotaurs. It's having exclusive access to them. FOR ONE MONTH.
  13. That would only be in the case of multiple of your characters being in the same campaign, which ACE has said will probably be possible but will force serious disadvantages on you.
  14. Only archetypes including and after the minotaur, not those before.
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