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  1. How is there anyone left trying to argue blackguards arnt op? Must be the thick skulled remnants of the pop of this game. Confessor redemption nerf to plz or 750cost ult.
  2. I mean I can spend an hour + looking at camps for people to fight and find nobody. If its not siege timer everyone is logged out for all alliances buddy lol. You ever farmed a single mob in your own zone of Denjinra?
  3. Dregs is pretty much just as dead, nobody even runs the forts anymore because timber isn't exactly useful 2weeks into a campaign and the rest of the resources are just straight up worthless in comparison to timber. It's literally just siege logging across the dregs so don't feel to bad about dead shadows cause dregs is right there with you bud. And when the sieges are as dogsht as they are in crowfall well I doubt there is even that many siege logging. Like 50% of big sieges are just a zone crash scramble.
  4. It's been almost 4 hours since I have been able to feed my addiction, 4hours is .5% of the possible monthly available time in my subscription I'm going to need to see atleast 7.5 cents refunded to me or I will be calling my lawyer from wal-mart.
  5. Can you believe there are people in this game that put me on ignore? Unbelievable.
  6. I flamed you so hard you had to resort to bringing real life into it. Might want to look in the mirror buddy, sorry its a long flight in crow form though.
  7. I guess this is your first dregs where you still think points really matter. Here's a tip, I got 4x 20% dreg rewards alone last dregs and heres another tip, all the dregs rewards were the same last dregs as the first dregs . . .
  8. Imagine becoming a grammar slave when you get flamed that hard.
  9. There is no castle in the next dregs because who would have thunk it the devs agreed that it was stupid.
  10. How does it feel to lose every fight in the field over and over and over and then to farm gold over and over and over for keeps that get burnt down? #HAXWINNING
  11. You mean the castle deleted from the game because it was really well made? Great point. If you have over 300captures please don't quote me, you arn't on the same intelligence level as me.
  12. Who lost there main keep? was it LoD or Hax? Nice territory control, you guys are pretty good at taking empty keeps while the rest of the game actually has PLAYER VRS PLAYER battles. Even Diss and the west alliance probably fought more players than Hax lol. I know on that day in Zoltrics they were a harder force to wipe thats for sure cause they actually used there brains instead of following Bzra.
  13. Glad to see you go, you wont be missed. General chat troll who contributes nothing and only tries for dreg rewards alone to be selfish expecting people to care when he quits. Maybe you should have found a guild to play with instead of greeding out over pixels.
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