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  1. I have a similarly build character. They get stomped in 1v1s but if I have someone to tank I put out good damage and more than carry my weight. It's the only promotion that gets stuck with leather armor so not the best solo choice.
  2. The difference between the two is the discount recipe for the blue belts, and at the epic level you gain access to the additive slot for armor or weapons depending on what disc you have. Blacksmithing is the skill used for both though, so if you had legendary armorsmith you would be great at making weapons, but couldn't max out on them since you don't have access to the additive slot to put hunger shards in them. Same goes the other way, a weapon smith can't add the extra steel plate that boosts armor rating, even though they might have good assembly and experimentation odds.
  3. Glad to see electrum got changed back to the correct recipe. Would also like to see some more streamlined blacksmithing recipes. There are a bunch of mismatches between metal bars, metal rings, metal plates, and other ore processing pieces. I believe it's blue steel does crush pen on metal bars, and slash protection on armor. Forest aurelium is another big one. Several of them are either swapped or I believe in one case three that are shifted to another. It should be intuitive for someone who makes weapons to know what goes into the same type of stat armor, instead of having to memorize several recipe tables.
  4. While you are correct on only getting calculated once an hour, that's even better for smaller groups. The larger groups can send out crows to retake points, but travel from their keep or raid parties to the points even with mount takes a bit. If you time it right a group of four could near guarantee two capped points per hour, sending two each. That's if they can't pvp, only try for two, and are common geared at lvl 30. Just gotta score any points to get a chest from Dregs.
  5. For my tests, I had purple weaponsmith with green belt, and blue leatherworker. Onehanded axe of steel was chosen as the weapon to make, and was crafted by my lvl 31 nethari confessor. Just the toon I happened to have, stats are 210 int, 71 str, 20 dex, 35 spr, 80 con. When attempting risk I shot for 10 or less over the experimentation stat I had, and rolled one tier higher when using tipper to reach this similar difficulty level. This ended up being Catastrophic and Are you insane for the hilt components, weapon head, hilt, and weapon shaft (which was made of metal) Rolled for damage whenever possible, or stats otherwise. always polished whatever I rolled. For Green mats, the components for the hilt seemed to get a .01 increase for each when tippers was used. Complete hilt had +1 damage for non, and +2 for tippers. Axe head was the same damage at +1 both, or 7 damage on each. The final axe ended up being 83 damage vs 89 damage. For the 600g spent on 6 tippers, I'd say not worth it for green. Maybe having better stats would be worth, or batch crafting with bon tippers and doing a ton at once since you get as many crafts as you can do in the 15 minutes. Tippers on left, non tippers on right. Put in the wrong order on accident. For purple materials I did the same, and ended up with negligible differences on the rolls for the hilt, and ended up with a lower complete hilt do to better rolls on non tippers, ending with 8 vs 7 damage on it. This was not due to rolling on a higher difficulty, as going for an insane roll would have added too much risk. For the final roll of the weapon, a higher risk roll was used. This seems to be a bad testing method as tippers axe got less damage in the end, at 89 vs 87 damage. The alternate stats seemed to roll better on tippers, indicating it overall does give a benefit, and potentially a larger one since I only put 2 puts in stats, having 12 experimentation points total to spend. Tippers is on the right, not left like previous image The crafting experiment as a whole seems to be flawed, and I probably should have used the same danger level for each instead of trying to match the experiment levels. I will likely repeat this in it's own thread and do repeat crafts of each component, taking the average of what is made. This will better show what each is likely to produce. I will would in the future craft at a higher level for the experiment, as it seems more important to get better use of the purple mats. The levels chosen seemed to be easily attainable and were to demonstrate what someone looking to focus on blacksmithing can expect to get early on.
  6. You buy them from the food vendors. They lower experimentation difficulty by 15 for one craft, so you can roll higher and get a better % bonus to your experiments. If you plan on doing a lot of crafting at once, you can make bon tippers which requires some advanced food recipes but for about 1500g will let you craft as many items as you want with the 15 difficulty reduction. Will do some testing on test server on how good they are.
  7. Wondering if this is anything that is required or just a suggestion for sieges. Also is there restrictions on where you can place them down? Could I drop a ballista on a hill and defend my guys mining?
  8. Would that give too many crafts to runemakers? They already get to help runeforge for every weapon. Would really like to see something tweaked for getting enchants though, don't like fiddling with EK and Server hopping to try and find the enchants I need, and the discord doesn't always have what I need. Maybe an enchanting disc with different levels added to each, or allow the enchants to be made with a certain crafting disc? Like how we get Hoarder/Foreman for harvesting. Could also have what would be an enchant drop now be an enchant scroll that gives a one time recipe to make one of a few enchants to make getting what you want easier
  9. While waiting on it to be added in I think you can rename tools too, so you could name them as you need for sorting.
  10. Don't forget your tippers for the better damage rolls. 100g per looks scary but if you are selling at a high price from higher damage you'll make it back.
  11. Is there any way to build stacks faster? I think weapon weight is how you hit faster but are there other factors? Also how many stacks is good to shoot for before using them? Should I focus on using lightning debuffs right before my final stack or while I'm building them?
  12. Currently expanding into Dregs and trying to get more crows in our group when we roll through. Always need skilled crafters and harvesters, and if you're just starting we're happy to help you along. We have daily players and pvp and harvesters get the benefit of an endless supply of potions from me. Come have a good thyme with us!
  13. Question on the tiers, how do the odds work for what resource drop? What all factors into say getting a blue iron ore drop compared to a purple drop from the same node. Is it only Plentiful Harvest? Do seasons matter, the level of disc, the pickaxe? I know different rank nodes give different drops, what are the ranges on them?
  14. Another thing to keep an eye on is holding F to teleport to statue instead of flying back. I believe it does more damage to your gear, in addition to putting your recall on cd.
  15. If you're looking for things that would drop a disc, my guess would be buildings or land plots need to be made for a drop
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