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    Crowfall's "Boneyard" apparently. Whatever that is. :(

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  1. Remember Jewels that used to post here? This was us two days ago in Belgrade, Serbia. And this.... And this. And this Today we are on a honeymoon of sorts in Budapest. I finally got some real goulash.
  2. Hey, is anyone from this thread still around?
  3. Hey there! Ya, still kicking. Talked to Doc a few times via Skype, almost got him down to Austin (my bad for procrastinating on follow through, not his), some other big changes. How are the CF forums outside of this boneyard? Is there much life?
  4. Wasn't "Off Topic" enough? Sheesh edit: that was rhetorical, not asking you to explain, Coolster
  5. Hey Jah! Bleh, sorry i was vague I have access, but I haven't logged into a test session yet. Thanks for the invitation. It's been a long time since I've played with (or against) WB, but this weekend is booked solid.
  6. I haven't gotten in any of the beta tests.
  7. Hey everyone, just dropped by to see what is going on.
  8. Remember Jewels? She was active on these forums till it turned into "Pay 2 Say." She introduced me to Tera Online, a free to play MMO, and that's where I've been putting in the time.
  9. Ohhh, sieging. That sounds more interesting than the Hunger Dome IMO.
  10. I haven't been keeping up with Crowfall, other than vicariously via Mal and Loginserver Down, and some email, of course. (That's a lot of commas, eh?) What's new?
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