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  1. From Kickstarter page/ last update. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crowfall/crowfall-throne-war-pc-mmo/posts/2825263 Phase 3 of War of the Gods on TEST is Coming Next Phase 3 of the War of the Gods update will introduce our New Player Experience. We are not ready to reveal the details about this new gameplay experience yet, but it will offer all of our players a chance to g
  2. I like the concept of different portals for different levels for XP grinding in Gods Reach. But, not sure I like the "multiple temples, WITH different level XP on them for GR". It confusing having faction temples and different XP on them. Do we even need multiple faction temples in GR? Maybe this is just a test map, but since we have fast portal transportation and recall, we should see strong player population or a starting congregation area to see a living breathing atmosphere of new (and vet players) in GR. Most games have a main known town of gatherings. - Try to push player vendors into
  3. *Edited - sorry realized my above text didn't explain well what i meant to add.
  4. Yes a friends list, WITH ability to add text notes of profession/class role identifier. I would also go so far to say even a player selectable "mouse over player Text Tag" or an easy open window that lists a players mastered skills. - Some sort of quick examine feature to show other players your mastery skills or services you want to offer to fellow faction players/guildmates. (so then players could send a quick instant message for a specialized service) I could see this very helpful, in and even out of guilds. A faction campaign player could easily ask randoms for a special crafting
  5. I'd like to see more ECONOMY with linked vendors (terminals) in building structures and camps that help identify items for sale and their location to the vendor to pick the purchased item up. With the next patch including selling of items for gold to PVE vendors (instead of just sacrifice choice) Terminals would help find player crafted items of what we need quickly without relying on specific guildmates to be on to create them, or explore various areas to find them in random vendors. (An Information hub, all while standing guard at a castle or crafting area. - Creates "main city hangouts"
  6. Great vids! Just hope they eventually split up "zergs" by creating lots of objectives to complete for smaller groups+solos. -Players to build on wall defenses. -Summon nearby cave dragons/powerful NPCs that patrol certain pathways. -Instant placable stationary NPCs / auto damaging turrets or statues to build up area defenses. -Temp tree buff item drops from opposite plague and life trees to run back and forth to enhance their trees hitpoints and things. .. Would create some fun content for stealthers to pick off "runners" away from main battle zergs and content for scouts to repor
  7. I'm more for an easier alternative to obtaining something close to a veterans created "adv. vessel stats". A later in campaign "buff" (god statue buff?) A shy alternative to obtaining veteran created "adv. vessel stats". Offer a "buff" for new/late joiners to atleast then participate in a few combat sessions against them. (A temporary catch-up mechanic.)If a late campaign joiner could somehow get a temporary stat buff (random god statue? offering buffs later in campaign) that would essentially wear off after so many deaths/uses, and its stats just below obtainable Adv. vessels stats. This buf
  8. A shy alternative to obtaining veteran created "adv. vessel stats". Offer a "buff" for new/late joiners to atleast then participate in a few combat sessions. (A temporary catch-up mechanic.)If a late campaign joiner could somehow get a temporary stat buff (random god statue? offering buffs later in campaign) that would essentially wear off after so many deaths/uses, and its stats just below obtainable Adv. vessels stats. This buff could even have negative side effects after buff ends. Or only offered a limited timeframe, to postpone the player from further combat participation. Thus then forci
  9. If it ever got that bad I would definitely want a hotkeyable option to turn off/on.
  10. (SWG economy/marketplace inspired) With all the different goods enhanced with lots of random different stats that we will be creating and placed into the multiple player vendors. Some world placed hub vendor computers / "Terminals" would then simplify and reduce most trade chat spam by simply placing these terminals in some map locations. "linking together lots of vendors/goods to browse through". Again to cut down performance issues of trade chat spam, and to help find various items. 2 versions of accessible vendors I would create: Random vendor "Terminals" - These vendor hu
  11. I like your idea. Are you talking "Keep" and "Camp" temporary vendors? But would it have "multiple placing vendors" that create performance issues in prone combat areas due to increased players/decorations around? Would also probably include increase of population of the dedicated players that are strictly only crafter tree speced then there too viewing all these random vendor goods)? My idea (maybe adding to this) Random campaign placed Computer Terminals like "Online sales". (Beachhead,FreeCity, and EK vendors filled with spirit bank temp campaign items, and travel to pick up good), a
  12. I appreciate your replies and trying to understand this all with me. Its taken me a few posts to fully read into this and I still cant grasp it all. I give game developers credit as design is hard and this particularly is a tough system to address. "Sociability" to me is crucial and should be as many platforms that you can provide in an MMO. Def not having your game strictly rely on 3rd party social apps to provide a greater upper hand to the grouping of people that choose to use them. or possibly early later players fortunate to then find out about them, or not able to get into locked channel
  13. This right here is what bubbles may help with. If there is trade spam on multiple channels.. then at least bubbles would allow you to talk to the "viewing locals" Also maybe if there is a dedicated trade channel then you could "report" General spammers to be blocked a time duration from General tab and such.
  14. "..." above a character head would visually indicate what player character is talking. I meant this is the minimum visual prompt alternative to then look to your chat window if full text bubbles above head wouldn't work.(a standard text window might scroll too fast) This would be the restriction to being in combat mode or say a restricted bubble zone. (maybe could display the first few text words/way above head/or smaller text.. but could possible still be distracting in combat) Full chat bubbles maybe only allowable back at the beachhead for services and advertisements. I uploaded
  15. I don't even check the multiple prompts of the other chat tabs even as of now. Hard to click them number one, and you receive too many. Plus it doesn't fix the problem of a spam crowded scrolling general chat that is yet to really be seen. I believe when the game gets going and the way crafting is, you will start to see more spam, especially for good sales/grouping. Bubbles would at least help see a character in front of you trying to get your/groups quick attention. Or to see messages/advertisements of characters around you much easier. You should only really have 1 maybe 2 message
  16. 1) "Proximity Chat Bubbles" : An alternative to voice comms and to reduce clutter of spam/fast scrolling chat box resulting in a miss read...(due to Trade/Grouping/Gold Sellers/Item Finding chat spammers likely to come to this game..) .. Is it possible to do bubbles? Even if it just the minimum of a head up display displaying nothing but "..." above their head in certain zones to indicate the player in visual proximity of you said something in chat? But more likely if possible Id rather see a Bubble with text. And when in combat mode either be with text character limit / reduced text size
  17. 1) As in Star Wars Galaxies, Are we getting above character head "text Titles" of completed tree skills/masteries/branches. Or a option to examine a player for further info on player roles in large factions? ....Helps to find a specific profession advertising player needed for certain higher tier crafting mats or combat skill offerings for quick grouping if they so choose to display a service title? 2) An alternative to voice comms and to reduce clutter of fast scrolling chat box spam resulting in a miss read... Is it possible to do "Proximity Chat Bubbles"? Even if it just a head up disp
  18. Some Further Iteration - I guess I just don't like the fact that zone chat can be up scrolled quick/cluttered easily in busy areas. You end up miss reading most messages if this happens.. And yeah I can understand some of the frustrating screen clutter issues so no problem with maybe an on off button. Even after thinking on this, I now realize a few new problems with bubbles as this game has action targeting combat.. But I do still would like to see them work somehow! So if performance allows, make zone bubbles only visible in survival tray mode and only your groups bubbles then visible in com
  19. Some suggestions to hopefully see in near future after I tested/viewed the current game 1st campaign state in 5.8 Would like to see a few hopefully do-able short term goals: Proximity Chat bubbles or text above head (a proximity in-game voice chat may get too "busy" in areas though would be a nice addition as well)- Prox chat helps with sales or advertising goods for sale via trade. (or giving away freebies to faction newbies entering late) Bubbles helps the world to feel more "alive" (yes seeing chat bubbles can maybe be somewhat annoy
  20. How about God statues with fricken laser beams attached to their heads!
  21. Nice ideas. Something to build off of after profession/skill titles are put in. In SWG you had a character profile sheet as well that you could also examine on players that listed all the achievements they accomplished. Where as the little name "titles" on screen was just a way to help identify certain skill set players if they wanted to be found.
  22. Not sure if this has been brought up or is being designed. But are we getting character profession or combat role "TITLES" to display under our ingame names? (optional title selections from a list of obtained abilities from skill trees/branches/ and the like?) If not, let me describe what Titles were to me in SWG and why i think they provide a good way to interact with fellow players: First off, in Star Wars Galaxies, titles were obtained from completing a Novice skill tree box, branch, or whole part of a skill tree, and the only way to obtain those titles was to
  23. Guess I'll have to switch my "drinking" hand to my left hand now.. lol. Kinda liked holding down "F" with my left hand so I could have some game "downtime to eat or drink". But then again I can always hotkey the mouse click to a keyboard key... I do though have the feeling my right mouse index finger is gonna take a beating after combat fights with now adding harvesting too to the mix. (not to mention a beating on my mouse button hardware too) I do however, like the "survival tray" to also be the "out of combat stance" concept. And a place you can put all your potions or different harve
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