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  1. *Edited - sorry realized my above text didn't explain well what i meant to add.
  2. Yes a friends list, WITH ability to add text notes of profession/class role identifier. I would also go so far to say even a player selectable "mouse over player Text Tag" or an easy open window that lists a players mastered skills. - Some sort of quick examine feature to show other players your mastery skills or services you want to offer to fellow faction players/guildmates. (so then players could send a quick instant message for a specialized service) I could see this very helpful, in and even out of guilds. A faction campaign player could easily ask randoms for a special crafting item(picks/potions/crafted food) or place a crafting order for armor/weapons for them to work on for trade, or a request to fill a group combat role for quick venturing out of keep missions. (Guild leader, Healer, Swift Bard, Scout) ...Another helpful tag identifier would be for player vendors - with a player selectable identifier tag to show what main category type items are placed within them when others walk past your vendor.
  3. I'd like to see more ECONOMY with linked vendors (terminals) in building structures and camps that help identify items for sale and their location to the vendor to pick the purchased item up. With the next patch including selling of items for gold to PVE vendors (instead of just sacrifice choice) Terminals would help find player crafted items of what we need quickly without relying on specific guildmates to be on to create them, or explore various areas to find them in random vendors. (An Information hub, all while standing guard at a castle or crafting area. - Creates "main city hangouts" from placed terminals. and PVP dueling areas). - This also offers a way to find known player names listed that offer well made crafting expertise items, and then message them for special build orders later on. - Terminals also then point you to exploration to see others custom made EKs/vendor areas. (custom built structures/player decorations) - Terminals could also have advance Vendor tree line advancements like location/distance visibility, "reserve item to pickup" or lesser "first come first serve".. etc. STARTING GEAR / FILLED STARTING TREE SKILL LINES (auto filled/starting playstyle profession choice options) For tester or quick start campaign types. A profession/class abilities selection choice at campaign starts. A way to not have to wait for gatherers/crafters/themselves to create weak starting items in order to jump into PVP/crafting, that currently would be at a later play session date. (after geared/gathered) (We are after all chosen by the gods, why not have instant character power gratification with some filled in ability trees?) - Crafters are given maybe a stealth right off the bat, or run fast starter ability(fast as mount) to help dodge some early PVP encounters while out gathering (if done correctly/timeframe). Maybe a certification to purchase certain craft items off PVE vendors that a combat selection character could not buy right away at start of campaign. - And then PVPers would get starting weapons/ earlier adv gear using certification, or heath boost filled tree line at start, to give confidence for early combat. (knowing starting crafters/gatherers might be relying on fast/stealth get aways for a while, instead of gaining gear early on.) Furthermore would love to see: ZERG SPLIT UP/MORE OBJECTIVES for siege events for runners (small groups) to do. Something stealthers can pick off of with these small objective running groups during sieges. Also different ideas to siege victory/points like: Plague and life trees maybe drop buff items to run to other tree to buff/debuff its stats, or even an event to wake a patrolling fire breathing dragon out of a cavern to burn/block castle pathways/damage castles already under seige, resource built instant auto turrets, wall rebuilding/maintaining by resupplying with resources (ESO style)..etc.) Maybe some ADDON PARCELS to campaign keeps/castles siege areas that are resource built, but with a cost of them being destructible (rez parcel, adv crafting stations, vendors, auto turrets)..a secondary win condition to sabotage enemy keeps if unable to cap the keep fully. (a start to seiging/secondary method) I like the factor of logging on to see different built up keeps with “addons” to then plan small raids to come over and take them down. (atleast costing that faction resources) Mostly SWG inspired stuff for me../ stuff that encourages guild forming within the game first. (and yes, custom player built castle buildings/areas within campaigns would be great too that are PVP destructible. ..Eventually.)
  4. Great vids! Just hope they eventually split up "zergs" by creating lots of objectives to complete for smaller groups+solos. -Players to build on wall defenses. -Summon nearby cave dragons/powerful NPCs that patrol certain pathways. -Instant placable stationary NPCs / auto damaging turrets or statues to build up area defenses. -Temp tree buff item drops from opposite plague and life trees to run back and forth to enhance their trees hitpoints and things. .. Would create some fun content for stealthers to pick off "runners" away from main battle zergs and content for scouts to report.
  5. I'm more for an easier alternative to obtaining something close to a veterans created "adv. vessel stats". A later in campaign "buff" (god statue buff?) A shy alternative to obtaining veteran created "adv. vessel stats". Offer a "buff" for new/late joiners to atleast then participate in a few combat sessions against them. (A temporary catch-up mechanic.)If a late campaign joiner could somehow get a temporary stat buff (random god statue? offering buffs later in campaign) that would essentially wear off after so many deaths/uses, and its stats just below obtainable Adv. vessels stats. This buff could even have negative side effects after buff ends. Or only offered a limited timeframe, to postpone the player from further combat participation. Thus then forcing them to go out and gain mats/gold and actually gain a new vessel. This to be a solution to players that join late/do not play much/ low gold to purchase (Especially if Tomes are to be purchased by gold as well and their gold already spoken for + gaining their equipment)/no mats/ no starting guild to gain a vessel. These players can then gain a buff to atleast hold some ground against adv. vessels for a time limit.Again, Buff goes away after a number of deaths.? Could have side effects and is temporary. (something that doesn't stack with vessels) Essentially I would like to see Vessels to be more a time invested obtained reward.. and you gain the advance vessel stats only because you obtained it (crafted it) quicker then other players or have more time to invest, rather then end campaign having a huge upper hand. Thus you always have to create a better vessel as campaign progresses and as quick as possible to stay "advanced" then others. A god statue could give buffs at certain campaign time events (Example, like as the seasons change, a new buff is available)
  6. A shy alternative to obtaining veteran created "adv. vessel stats". Offer a "buff" for new/late joiners to atleast then participate in a few combat sessions. (A temporary catch-up mechanic.)If a late campaign joiner could somehow get a temporary stat buff (random god statue? offering buffs later in campaign) that would essentially wear off after so many deaths/uses, and its stats just below obtainable Adv. vessels stats. This buff could even have negative side effects after buff ends. Or only offered a limited timeframe, to postpone the player from further combat participation. Thus then forcing them to go out and gain mats/gold and actually gain a new vessel. This to be a solution to players that join late/do not play much/ low gold to purchase (Especially if Tomes are to be purchased by gold as well and their gold already spoken for + gaining their equipment)/no mats/ no starting guild to gain a vessel. These players can then gain a buff to atleast hold some ground against adv. vessels for a time limit.Again, Buff goes away after a number of deaths.? Could have side effects and is temporary. (something that doesn't stack with vessels) Essentially I would like to see Vessels to be more a time invested obtained reward.. and you gain the advance vessel stats only because you obtained it (crafted it) quicker then other players or have more time to invest, rather then end campaign having a huge upper hand. Thus you always have to create a better vessel as campaign progresses and as quick as possible to stay "advanced" then others. A god statue could give buffs at certain campaign time events (Example, like as the seasons change, a new buff is available)
  7. If it ever got that bad I would definitely want a hotkeyable option to turn off/on.
  8. (SWG economy/marketplace inspired) With all the different goods enhanced with lots of random different stats that we will be creating and placed into the multiple player vendors. Some world placed hub vendor computers / "Terminals" would then simplify and reduce most trade chat spam by simply placing these terminals in some map locations. "linking together lots of vendors/goods to browse through". Again to cut down performance issues of trade chat spam, and to help find various items. 2 versions of accessible vendors I would create: Random vendor "Terminals" - These vendor hubs would act like a terminal purchase (online computer sale) but you have to travel out to go pick up the good. These vendors would include most player EK server vendors to be linked "together" and easily browse within the UI marketplace window. (Pending on design, maybe to include Beachhead and Free city vendors also?) The EK vendors can include the campaigns 1 temporary spirit bank items to sell within their EK vendor during the campaigns duration. (locked to the spirit bank, and vendor.. not to be placed in EK as a campaign won item) These Vendors in EK zones to be required to be "player unlocked/public" for your whole faction (or everyone) to have access to visit it. This then allows displaying your decorated EKs to all faction onlookers/potential shoppers (and creates a fun bonus element displaying your won campaign cosmetics/trophies). Having to shop elsewhere then just within your campaign allows the campaign forts to become somewhat vulnerable by forcing some players out shopping in other maps/EKs. (as well as those gathering/regional harvesting. Then having to "rely" on social comms to go back and defend keeps. (make the keeps longer duration to break down too) These terminals do not link ALL vendors out there... These placed "Terminals" are to link most "but not all" of the EK faction wide vendors. Only advanced more higher "tree trained skilled vendors/players would get the special "terminal ad placing access". (or maybe lower teir vendors because keep vendors within a campaign may be more worthwhile/profitable) Temporary on road "campaign" player shops ("node placeable vendors", and "time restricted accessible". For lower skilled players/vendors). Designed for quicker/easier access and for those rolling through campaign regions including Keeps, Forts, and Camps. (maybe also includes temporary Beachhead/FreeCity shops?) Would appeal to the keep campaign defender players or maybe they could offer some rare goods that the browsing Terminals wouldn't then necessarily have in them. (shopper has chance to stumble upon a random better sale, or desirable needed "now" item. (like food/potions))
  9. I like your idea. Are you talking "Keep" and "Camp" temporary vendors? But would it have "multiple placing vendors" that create performance issues in prone combat areas due to increased players/decorations around? Would also probably include increase of population of the dedicated players that are strictly only crafter tree speced then there too viewing all these random vendor goods)? My idea (maybe adding to this) Random campaign placed Computer Terminals like "Online sales". (Beachhead,FreeCity, and EK vendors filled with spirit bank temp campaign items, and travel to pick up good), and Temporary time accessed in campaign shops. (for quicker/easier access for those rolling through campaign regions (keeps, forts, camps) As far as permanent vendors, I would like vendors placed in EKs than to be required as "unlocked EKs" to your whole faction. This then allows displaying your decorated EK to all faction onlookers (a fun bonus element). And allows campaign forts to become vulnerable by forcing missing players out shopping as well as the regional harvesters. (have to rely on social comms to go back and defend) Adding to this, id like random placed computer like "terminal access hubs" to link most "but not all" of the EK server wide faction vendors and goods together to browse though. Then only advanced more higher "tree skilled vendor players" would get this special terminal "ad placing access" that would then allow showing their advanced vendors around the "campaign universe" on other linked computer terminals. I think, with all the different goods enhanced with lots of random stats that we will be creating, Terminals then simplifies some social things like multiple advertising. Id like your idea though, to place in Keeps/beachheads/camps with the "temporary allowed" stall vendors. (would appeal to keep defenders or maybe you could offer some rare goods that the terminals wouldn't be able to show.) Would also appeal to quick sale rather then travel. Most vendors though I would think for performance sake, to keep most back at EKs, free city, beachead. (a separate server, but most tied to "terminal access") I now started a thread on this.
  10. I appreciate your replies and trying to understand this all with me. Its taken me a few posts to fully read into this and I still cant grasp it all. I give game developers credit as design is hard and this particularly is a tough system to address. "Sociability" to me is crucial and should be as many platforms that you can provide in an MMO. Def not having your game strictly rely on 3rd party social apps to provide a greater upper hand to the grouping of people that choose to use them. or possibly early later players fortunate to then find out about them, or not able to get into locked channels/ see text on 2nd monitor/etc.. (it even hard enough to quick form guilds through the forums without some form of ingame way to do it as well. (To see accepting guild recruiters visually for you then able to change over to join theirs instead if yours falling apart.). The devs have stated this and are now looking further to address something like that.) Sorry I'm rambling.. anyway.... Thanks for agreeing that bubbles would atleast look better. I guess mainly to me seeing a few bubbles here and there on the battlefield is a joy to recognize. Battles on youtube and such look kinda boring without that social aspect. (unless the video has voice recording of the discord). Its like seeing kids on a playground yelling that instigates further fun. And the shouting in Beachheads for trade deals can make the beachhead feel MUCH more alive and a place to actually want to be in with vendor /crafters/recruiters advertising and such. Newbies would like to see this interaction. I'm not sure if I'd agree bubble chat would be too distracting in combat zones as its tough enough to partake in action combat targeting and the combination of fireing off abilities. The random bubbles would only happen if one found a way to get out of combat for minute to type up something long. (then, again I would then want restricted txt characters) The random small text shouts would be fine I would assume mostly "leaders" trying to grab attention with bubbles during field combat. This would include then other faction members to maybe tag along in their groups/discord restricted directions. As far as bubbles helping with spam. I would say they do greatly help. A fast scrolling chatbox is way worse having to go into mouse-mode to scroll up and try to find it. Especially if there is scrolling trade/grouping/random spam. (for example, say a Vendor advertiser stated an item that interested you into thinking about purchasing. Only to be like a few seconds later you think "ya that sounds like something i need, wait who said that?" You would have to enter mouse mode and scroll up in the chat box and try to find it again.. if even possible to see again if chat is too busy. (or your in a busy situation) If it was visually in front of you, (prob in a town) would be much easier to find out who to contact in their random text bubble that lasted at least visually for a few seconds. Or pointing you the location of the nearby NPC set up vendor at beachhead/town. This would also "keep advertisers in city/town like places" as well, again make those zone feel alive. Otherwise if only a chatbox the further suggests the multiple "repeated" spam attempts would happen in every possible channel, creating a greater chatbox nightmare.) Otherwise I would assume to cut down chat trader spam.. we need a general Auction house to be able to find these player vendors locations/goods with MULTIPLE different stat combinations. (was random Bazaar terminals in SWG to browse all)
  11. This right here is what bubbles may help with. If there is trade spam on multiple channels.. then at least bubbles would allow you to talk to the "viewing locals" Also maybe if there is a dedicated trade channel then you could "report" General spammers to be blocked a time duration from General tab and such.
  12. "..." above a character head would visually indicate what player character is talking. I meant this is the minimum visual prompt alternative to then look to your chat window if full text bubbles above head wouldn't work.(a standard text window might scroll too fast) This would be the restriction to being in combat mode or say a restricted bubble zone. (maybe could display the first few text words/way above head/or smaller text.. but could possible still be distracting in combat) Full chat bubbles maybe only allowable back at the beachhead for services and advertisements. I uploaded a sample improved chat box above. Hopefully that explains a more simplified chat view with the bubbles also being a viewing option in certain places (as i would assume yes, spam on those channels might scroll faster in certain zones.)
  13. I don't even check the multiple prompts of the other chat tabs even as of now. Hard to click them number one, and you receive too many. Plus it doesn't fix the problem of a spam crowded scrolling general chat that is yet to really be seen. I believe when the game gets going and the way crafting is, you will start to see more spam, especially for good sales/grouping. Bubbles would at least help see a character in front of you trying to get your/groups quick attention. Or to see messages/advertisements of characters around you much easier. You should only really have 1 maybe 2 message tabs/separate chat windows to keep an eye on. A Combat/Faction/Me/Group or Guild chat with customization to possibly be in just one tab/window with different colors. And then a window for "proximity" shout outs or trade discussion window for proximity bubbles of spam advertisements. Since again, its hard to click on multiple chat tabs these 2 windows could essentially be always on. You use to be able to key "Alt" to switch to mouse mode.. but now it only possible with opening a window i guess. An option to turn bubbles off with hotkey would be nice addition to this feature as well. I honestly think though that it's crucial for this game to atleast have the option of bubbles for the general/multiple playstyle population.
  14. 1) "Proximity Chat Bubbles" : An alternative to voice comms and to reduce clutter of spam/fast scrolling chat box resulting in a miss read...(due to Trade/Grouping/Gold Sellers/Item Finding chat spammers likely to come to this game..) .. Is it possible to do bubbles? Even if it just the minimum of a head up display displaying nothing but "..." above their head in certain zones to indicate the player in visual proximity of you said something in chat? But more likely if possible Id rather see a Bubble with text. And when in combat mode either be with text character limit / reduced text size/ way above the character model / auto adjusting size on screen, if your in "combat mode" so then also still be able to see your action combat targets. (When you think about it Players in intense combat can't really type much anyway, but still make sure to also then atleast allow the option to turn bubbles on/off of course.) Furthermore bubbles in my opinion are immediate attention catching, and would give starting zones a more lively city like feeling of bubble advertisements to their EK vendor server names/rare item offers/cheap or free giveaways to late joiners/guild recruiters/ 2nd account character shouting various information / forming quick safe random harvest groups /etc. .. Plus they are fun seeing pre-battle social instigating stuff around enemy factions. Prompting the keep defenders to come out and fight, or maybe a possible negotiation for a faction team up? Even after a deathblow, show a bubble... (in this game it would be like the crow spirit speaking/complaining out of its dead body/bone-pile before they accept back to temple... (Here is fun small example of a old SWG game video showing a Failed Bounty Hunter getting ganked by another Bounty Hunter player. Saying his 2 cents for nearby players to see before he spawns back Fail Bounty Hunter ) 2) Above character head "Text Titles": Like in Star Wars Galaxies, can we get a form of showing a selected above head "Text Title" obtained by tree skill/mastery/branch. Or a option to examine a player for further info on a players (offered desired roles) in large factions? Helps to find a specific profession advertising player needed to contact for certain crafting mats or combat skill offerings for quick grouping. ..I get Discord has a role option, but ingame is always better to quickly see a title and ask someone if they have or can make a quick crafted component/ ask for help/ or just see all the many different roles available around you... feeling like a lived in campaign. This then also gives an additional fun mechanic to the player of option to at times then select a "fooling - lesser" obtained title to onlooking enemies in combat zones. An enemy sees them as a crafter/ lesser branch of a skill tree.. but in reality they are also skilled far in combat trees/XP leveled too. (A turn of tide scenario to a failed attempted solo gank. or a trick to look like a newbie to them, hopefully then they leave you alone...heh, hopeful!..)
  15. 1) As in Star Wars Galaxies, Are we getting above character head "text Titles" of completed tree skills/masteries/branches. Or a option to examine a player for further info on player roles in large factions? ....Helps to find a specific profession advertising player needed for certain higher tier crafting mats or combat skill offerings for quick grouping if they so choose to display a service title? 2) An alternative to voice comms and to reduce clutter of fast scrolling chat box spam resulting in a miss read... Is it possible to do "Proximity Chat Bubbles"? Even if it just a head up display displaying nothing but "..." above their head in certain zones to indicate a player in front of you said something in chat. Or maybe a character limit / reduced text size/ way above character if your in "combat" to still be able to still see your action combat targets? (+ allow the option to turn on/off of course) . ....In my opinion they are immediate attention catching, and would give starting zones a more lively city like feeling of player advertising to their EK vendor server names/finding certain skill offerings/rare item offers/giveaways to late joiners/guild recruiters/etc... plus other fun social stuff toward enemy faction.)
  16. Some Further Iteration - I guess I just don't like the fact that zone chat can be up scrolled quick/cluttered easily in busy areas. You end up miss reading most messages if this happens.. And yeah I can understand some of the frustrating screen clutter issues so no problem with maybe an on off button. Even after thinking on this, I now realize a few new problems with bubbles as this game has action targeting combat.. But I do still would like to see them work somehow! So if performance allows, make zone bubbles only visible in survival tray mode and only your groups bubbles then visible in combat mode? (edit: Smaller text or higher up bubbles if in combat) or other workable options like making them with a character limit, way above the head, certain zone use. or only display "..." as a bubble indicating a heads up.Auto fill while on a crafting screen, that could be easier yet. That is a step further then my orig suggestion of click on just the crafting screen mat needed boxes to import the default item.Titles, if a clutter/performance issue, a hover over info box instead? SWG even had further info box options to "examine" players of all their "masteries" the character obtained and achievements they completed. Once you start leveling up other classes/specialties. Would be kind of fun to see the vet players out there and give a sense of achievement that carries over to other campaigns to be visible to others. Titles Mainly helped characters find a certain crafters to message for needed services/items after seeing they "mastered" a certain tree. (cut down on spamming looking for "" in zone chat a little.) Finding an actual "master" of a certain tree skill would end of having better experimentation gear results/finding certain items you need.
  17. Some suggestions to hopefully see in near future after I tested/viewed the current game 1st campaign state in 5.8 Would like to see a few hopefully do-able short term goals: Proximity Chat bubbles or text above head (a proximity in-game voice chat may get too "busy" in areas though would be a nice addition as well)- Prox chat helps with sales or advertising goods for sale via trade. (or giving away freebies to faction newbies entering late) Bubbles helps the world to feel more "alive" (yes seeing chat bubbles can maybe be somewhat annoying to some but they give realism of a lived in campaign of players offering services/ shouting their kingdom vendors name/random good offerings or services in keeps/talking with outside guild random people/guild inviting/ identifies players by character view, rather then just a chat box) Chat bubbles are easier to read and will help with spam in the general/zone chat too. (because their proximity & visual player attention grabbing) Bubbles can help with "faction teaming up" when in 3 faction campaigns - (if one faction is dominating you could better find ways to talk to other sides and tell them to team up against that 1 faction like using a proximity chat shout out "we come in peace,lets discuss and pull together tonight" in front of large guilds. but moreover chat bubbles help enemies see quickly a direct message said to them before they end up killing you.. (a quick reminder your factions are teamed up to the unaware player, a beg for mercy, etc. or.... .. proximity shout out verbal demands upon enemy keeps (or face the consequences) for fun early engaging combat :). Can also be used for friendly opposition duel invites/ $*it talking/calling out bad plays cause your overgeared or unfair player number to the viewing proximity. Friendly party only bubbles can indicate a battle heads up prompt following group leaders orders/ and can be used for quick trading attention during battles) Without Bubbles I would assume faction players would likely be stressed to find an invite to that known very large cluttered Faction guild relying on a 3rd party comm. Likely rolling in large/boring gank squads, and the faction most organized in 3rd party comms that could disperse themselves effectively would always win. This I fear would result in less game population, rather than also allowing having ingame of many sized guilds including: Small camp fighters & defenders/ small organized groups of good friends/small faction supplying vendor players / keep crafters /new player stealthers/keep rebuilders resuppliers/assassin gank groups/social in game gathers/and new exploring players. etc, Those people may prefer their small group play (and most only at first to branch out into a more effective large guild/guilds). Without, I fear you may loose those players early prospecting game interest after realizing (the hard way) the only way to play is to be directed in a large faction guild that mostly rolls over those smaller groups (made up of those exact people im talking about). They might be just trying to get the hang of it at their own small group pace, or just perfer small group play without complicated direction/getting yelled at/annoying voice comms. (Bubbles would allow that initial cross communication to then have them form into a more organized guild. And again, provide that more game "social lively environment" for everyone to "easily" use.) Crafting - an option for double clicking for required default components within the crafting screen Regretfully right clicking out of my inventory i end up sometimes accidentally clicking and eating benefit food (or activating items).. Also its sometimes hard to find right components out of cluttered and shifted inventory to place into the crafting screen. · If there was an option to double click on the "required component within the crafting screen", (to add default/direct basic crafting component in inventory), it would be easier/quicker to craft with less wrong clicks too. Professions/skill mastery/talents/ "Titles" under our overhead character names Like guild crests, Titles helps identify people that are advertising their pursuing/mastery skill "services" to benefit their fellow faction. (or "hiding/fooling" a title on what they truly might be to enemy on-lookers/gankers ... Like displaying "Novice Melee/Novice Weapon handler", rather then "Novice One-Handed Melee Handler" which is their higher tier but they chose to display their earlier acquired title instead to fool. Or many other acquired titles they earn) Gives the player more attachment feeling to their characters title and choice to advertise different roles at times they want to play too. (like a weekday crafter) · · Side note: I do like the hiding of XP level.. Grants low levels players ability to venture out, and creates a harder observing decision for evenly matched players to attack or not. But with this said, I do think suvivability should last longer health wise, a basic assassin shouldnt always get the upper hand by attacking first and halfing health. (they already can call in friends/scout undetected.. assassins should almost be the weakest class IMO, unstealthed easily, and non stealthers be able to run around if the assassin cannot keep cc'd well). · · A trade off though I see on the flip side of not showing XP level can cause a "no guilt" felt by an attacker on a low level player. At least until the player is dead and inventory loot is shown... but whos not gonna loot them anyway once the deed is done...and yes i guess this is a resource gathering forward game to loot anything you can to win..) Better system “message pop ups” for beachhead players to be forced to participate freely in a random large/sieging battle to learn from. with a easy brief tutorial direction how it would work. ...Id like to see a timed large siege battle message directed to the faction beachhead somehow (or a safe runegate directly to and out of a free for allsiege map/keep defense), nothing that hinders new players much, just rewards the victor sieging faction and teaches new players sieging and pvp combat mechanics to look out for out in the harder campaign PVP worlds where are better mats. Maybe with this option, then you could make world runegates be a certain level XP to get to before venturing though? (..keeps the veteran players to gank higher level skilled players instead of just "everyone".) A tutorial like battle that kinda brings back the "Tree of life" pre alpha battleground test, or hungerdome type of tutorial. (cause your first few world pvp ganks and loosing yor sacrifice XP resources can be a turn off to the game since your new to "pvp mechanics" and need to try to learn defense first somehow before entering main PVP zones/runegates..) Creates a fun event for newbies/vets to be able to participate “quickly” in a large, temporary battle and be protected within sieging equipment and rolling with large faction battle groups. (keeps interest in perusing further into the game campaign/viewing a trustworthy fighting guild/ excitement of viewing large battles that shows the glory of veteran PVP combat you could achieve someday by continuing to build/level up your character.) · - A "any XP friendly battle", rather then feeling to “level far first by sacrificing/gathering/crafting stuff mainly” before participating beyond beachhead. (cause truthfully you need XP talents unlocked first to fight... or sadly you'll find out the hard way to stay at the beachhead for a while..) But yes, off these timed battle events, beachheads should have a large population of new+old players made up of - XP levelers/ learners of combat+harvesting/ prospecting guild recruiters/shop advertising sales/safe banking/friendly duels/socializing/general basic gear crafting/general prepping/gear repair-enhancing/1to1 trading...etc.)
  18. How about God statues with fricken laser beams attached to their heads!
  19. Nice ideas. Something to build off of after profession/skill titles are put in. In SWG you had a character profile sheet as well that you could also examine on players that listed all the achievements they accomplished. Where as the little name "titles" on screen was just a way to help identify certain skill set players if they wanted to be found.
  20. Not sure if this has been brought up or is being designed. But are we getting character profession or combat role "TITLES" to display under our ingame names? (optional title selections from a list of obtained abilities from skill trees/branches/ and the like?) If not, let me describe what Titles were to me in SWG and why i think they provide a good way to interact with fellow players: First off, in Star Wars Galaxies, titles were obtained from completing a Novice skill tree box, branch, or whole part of a skill tree, and the only way to obtain those titles was to have completed the skill training. You lost or had no access to old titles after you "re-spec'd" to a different skill tree/profession. And you had the option to have any actually "obtained" title or none at all if you wished. They were displayed in short text under your character name in the world. Main reason to have the profession/combat role “Title Identification Tags” is for a more natural stranger interaction to be able to either: ask of crafters to obtain certain mats for their needs via trade, or hire other players for combat/pvp roles. (May it be guildmates not being on at a specific needed time. Or not having to rely on traveling afar to find special mats from player vendors. The “Title Tag” simply advertises locally a player’s desired play-style role and an easy way to help identify how a player could help you with an ingame task or reach out to them for custom build order. This creates a fun system in a sense because there are many different skill tree “branch titles” to be selected within a skill tree a "veteran" player could choose from. Not just novice or master crafter tag, but maybe things like Novice Blacksmith/Weaponsmith/Armorsmith/Master Blacksmith/Factory Smelter..or Master Swordsman, Fencer, One hand Swordsman, Two Hand Swordsman, Master Swordsman, Master Apple Finder, (or maybe a title selected from one of the Discipline Runes, just to state you really prefer to use that skill/ability) .. etc. ON THE FLIP SIDE FROM ENEMY PERSPECTIVE.. the ability to choose "at will" the selection of titles was a excellent mini game in itself for the small group PVP conflicts because enemies at a glance could read the opposing players “selected title/s” and decide weather to harass or ignore the lonely/small group spec crafters/harvesters. It might state that they are a certain crafter type, thus maybe lacking some combat skill tree stat points or indicating they may have certain needed items on them and would further cause PVP conflict to obtain them from them. But with that there may be consequences from reading into a title too much as well, cause on the other hand it might be a trap/trick as the player is actually a veteran with multiple titles from many obtained skill trees, who just happen to chose a certain earned lower title tag. (or maybe a trap provoking combat because the identified player/s are protected by other stealthed friendly players nearby while they are crafting/harvesting, ending in a combat decision loss.) (Also note: Knowing "titles" also states to not internally gloat so much too when overpowering someone after knowing the possible advantage outcome one might have over the other "titled" in a fight. Because if you knew your skill tree points were all spent in combat lines, and you just overpowered a more crafter skilled player, or possible newbie joiner whos tree skill is just starting to train up. Without a stated title its hard to know of a skilled up crafter, unless the fight was next to a crafting station. (they could just be out harvesting or out for small combat from other chosen skill lines as well..) So in conclusion, in PVP you wouldn’t always know if someone was a novice or more of a master at something. But atleast partial skill was spent there, and they chose to display that Title tag. Maybe the player was indeed an actual newbie that is currently progressing further into a skill tree. (which could also be a bad PVP conflict decision too cause they don’t necessarily have good stat components on them and would be a waste of time causing a unnessisary conflict. Or on the friendly side of it, could indicate to the faction they may need more protection/equipment.) .. Anyway, "Titles" provide the needed heads up quick information for faction needs. But best of all it’s optional to select a title, but really smiled upon when indeed used. Glad on test server we currently have stocked vendors with mats, but maybe would like to see more player trading interaction come closer to beta. Adding simple titles may just provide that player driven/guild establishing boost. Could also open future doorways for a “find player role” search tool option if population is low from server/team campaign deserters, to make those quick acquaintances.
  21. Guess I'll have to switch my "drinking" hand to my left hand now.. lol. Kinda liked holding down "F" with my left hand so I could have some game "downtime to eat or drink". But then again I can always hotkey the mouse click to a keyboard key... I do though have the feeling my right mouse index finger is gonna take a beating after combat fights with now adding harvesting too to the mix. (not to mention a beating on my mouse button hardware too) I do however, like the "survival tray" to also be the "out of combat stance" concept. And a place you can put all your potions or different harvesting tools. (Does this mean they won't be in inventory that are subject to PVP lootable?) Do we get instant health pots now to use in the survival tray? ..Health Potion would help harvesters as a "retaliate ability" on any first unsuspected incoming combat blows. (a harvester will encounter fights as an ambush every time as they do not see anything on screen but the targeted "node") I would allow harvesters to use survival tray abilities like healing potions. But have attackers who are already in combat (and in a melee/ranged tray), not to be able to switch to the survival tray until out of combat again (after potion global cooldown). This may help out the first ambush attack on harvesters sustaining a dizzy knockdown. Heh, or maybe just give survival tray users who encounter sudden combat a different more powerful "retaliate" ability. Will be interesting how this new tray concept shapes out.
  22. I haven't been able to test the new build much, but from the little I have been watching of the new disciplines and graphic upgrade in play, the combat neon particle effects seem quite distracting and "over-bright" in group PVP battles. I started loving the new discipline magica effects when i saw them individually. But then when i start to see them in combat it reminds me of the old SWG to NGE surprise of overpowered/overbright partial effects . Or maybe I'm just older and appreciate the dumb down simple visual game response. The too many neon effects currently feels like a seizure coming on if i pvp for too long. lol. But seriously, I personally would rather appreciate being able to see all the good character animations. Or even some ground/environment physical effects instead of seeing flashy lights in the air we have currently. (where neon color blooms run together too much IMO and feel mostly all magica abilities). I'd like to see a graphic slider for particles as an option where we can at least dial down and reduce un-needed or non-heads up particle effects. (Some examples would be like removing basic sword swing trail effects, or over bright "pick up resource" effects... etc.) Or maybe add different visuals like picture icon effects for "power up" type abilities rather then air swirling neon particles. (like the bard abilities, or Champion "ult warrior" power up having a dim photo icon above head instead of the huge yellow "flash bang" visual. (and really just the character animation and body growing animation is really enough IMO.) Melee swings, like from the Knight should maybe not have purple (magical) trail effects. This would help distinguish different classes on the battlefield. Basic melee swings, in my opinion, should have white particle trails at most, as basic melee attacks are not magic. and the ranger yellow flash bang when shooting a bow doesn't look quite right. (the yellow bang effects should come from pistols only). (I am though, definitely on board with your environment lighting and weather graphic upgrades! Looks great, please go nuts with that! As well as all the different discipline skill customization for different races! More player customization is always better!) Thoughts? Maybe I'm the only one bothered by too many neon particles in group fights and would like a graphic particle slider? **Edit: I hear more tech has yet to come online, (like manipulate the environment/throw things) so maybe i spoke too soon and we have the bright effects in there to maybe just test performance right now. Graphics are indeed looking better each week too.
  23. For many concern reasons, I can sympathize with looking at grouping being Zero too.. and I almost would have another gripe if we are going to have a lobby showing all player names/guilds in the beginning of a campaign, as this would allow large 3rd party voice comms working together with other party groups in the campaign. Verses a team with multiple small comms. (many small guilds) Also please no game maps or coordinates. Let the groups start out finding other party groups and POIs "blindly". (kinda like they were in previous HD and SP) Though, with a longer duration "campaign", who's to say group parties belonging to larger guilds wont find each other eventually anyway and group up with their large discord voice room.
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