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  1. From the last live presentation, it just looks like ACE could have the ability to do a plot-able map system that could be shareable, adding player positions wouldn't be too much more work for them as well as a list of party leader names to add to the revealed map. I just picture sending scouts off as messenger crows where they do a Scan/Search ability to cover a certain part of the map then ride to the next location to reveal another section of the map. (all while trying to be stealthed and not get caught due to revealing abilities)
  2. If your talking about large already established guilds who play multiple game titles then sure I agree. But its not like you can't use both voice comms at the same time with an ingame push to talk.. But assuming your going to "screen" every guild joiner in order to join your 3rd party Voice room, where does that leave the guild seekers or solo players that want to play campaigns too? Wouldn't it be easier to let people join a guild as long as they follow you and participate and they can't really cheat due to voice proximity?
  3. I would see the in game voice system being the main voice system.. detering other 3rd party voice rooms. Guilds get big to where leaders dont see the spies in their voice room Arkade, on 27 Jan 2017 - 07:40 AM, said: Yes guilds will have 3rd party comms, but "push button" ingame proximity voice would be main and deter 3rd party ones. also I think guilds get too big to manage where leaders dont see spies/AFKers joining their discord voice room anyway.
  4. EDITED. Since I now see what others were trying to point out to me here below. (Basically describing to me that large 3rd party guild channels would always exist and have the upper hand no matter what communication system a game puts into place)... I now foresee a problem with any uncoverable map system for this game. (Todds scouts suggestion ) Reason that I think we would have a problem, if map visuals have to be constantly refreshed or put together in pieces by scouts.. As the campaign progresses, a team/faction made up of 1 large discord channel, would uncover a map layout easier then a team/faction made up of many small discords channels.(or smaller guilds) More smaller discords rooms would equal less organized team because things like map screenshots would be taken and shared, as well as their fluid communication about the campaign layout of parcels would be easier for them to figure out and share as well. (with coordinates now too) I think we need to keep the idea of just the compass system, where we only know where our party is and what they are doing. Not a map of knowing what other faction parties (friendly or enemy) are accomplishing on a campaign world. Please keep the map layout a secret to all parties, and have them be forced to venture out and decide to either find other groups, or take on objectives that are only in their "sight range" they decide to overtake or not. (like in Hungerdome and siege perilous test layouts) Though unlike the hungerdome and SP lobby.. I'm not even sure knowing at the beginning of the match "whos player names" or "whos guild names" seen joining, other then your own party, is a good idea either.. It's another simple reason of being able to communicate with other known guild party teams on what they have seen or are discovering in their campaign map and figure out how to group up quicker. I'd now say keep it all random. I see a frustration too of campaign timelines and the constant logging off players on a team but ill leave this topic alone for now. My head hurts..lol _____________________________ Original post: During the last live Twitch event Todd gave a vision hint for "Scouts" role in Crowfall: I would like to suggest a further role for scouts that I think is important regarding a possible problem with "Large" Discord channels and the ability to share enemy position information between voice channels. The possible unforeseen Discord problem?: As the campaign progresses, without a system of ingame proximity use of voice, I can foresee a problem with enemy eavesdroppers listening to the other faction sides Discord channel. This means anyone can have the ability to spread information to their own team/guilds Discord channel about where the enemy team is, and what they are focusing their efforts on. Examples: taking over a mine, or small crafting building. etc. Do we need Proximity Communication? ...for the reason above, I would like to see an ingame proximity voice system and a proximity chat system . A proximity voice area for the "main keep" and various proximity voice for party groups out in the "battlefield". Where you have to be in a certain area to hear the groups. The chat system is also set up the same way as proximity only with the exception of "tells" and maybe "party chat". ("Global chat lobbies" is also maybe allowed too for random socializing of RL news..) This brings Scouts an additional role: In the campaign server, as Todd hinted at, "having scouts/trackers be the ones to bring back map information to a gathering table". Does this mean only updates to enemy land plot claims?.. ... I would suggest go a step further for scouts to seek out other "friendly" team parties as well within the campaign map... Have scouts also bring map "snapshots" of friendly party positioning to other various friendly parties throughout the battlefield. This map may also include an update to any new appointed party leader names, (after other party leaders have logged off) Having these given names allows leaders to communicate to each other via sending chat "tells" since they can't reach each other with the proximity voice. After leaders receive the scouts map information, maybe only leaders with the leadership discipline be able decode the map and be able share it to the party to plan various collaboration efforts or possible scheduling of a meet up with other parties to discuss further objective plans via proximity voice and chat. Conclusion: So with this suggested role for scouts and the suggestions of implementation of an ingame voice proximity and chat. It would maybe deter 3rd party voice apps from being the "main" "go-to" game server channel where anyone and everyone will be sharing verbal information, The reality is sadly all you have to do to cheat is join in an enemy Discord room to hear them.. Maybe, you may have to be a member of a guild to join their Discord channel, but who is to say you cant have a second character account (spy) sitting AFK in the room and in the campaign? Or they have better allegiance to another guild.. We should rely on the game to show us different plans playing out. Not get most info from "on all the time" voice room/rooms.) Let me know your thoughts! P.S: I think it would be nice to have "keep/castle proximity chat bubbles" as a player option to turn on or off. It adds a nice "social" role play system and an easy to determine "heads-up" conversation in large player groups or camps, (to negate a fast scrolling chat box and name matching to various character bodies). They also serve as a roleplay mechanic for things like vendor daily sales and location coord spamming in large EK keeps/cities to make the city look thriving to the new players. (reminds me of SWG city of Coronet/Theed, where it was the default gathering place to see all different types of geared players/NPCs/classes/professions/vendor advertising/combat duels/social bars. - All incentives for new players to fulfill different roles and continue playing the game.) ***Edit: Yes, large and already established guilds will have their go-to 3rd party voice channels. I'm not saying they shouldn't... Because can't they use them both? (as an ingame push-to-talk mechanic), I'm just saying for any new players, solo players, guild seekers or small guilds who want to tag along on large faction teams made up of many different guilds (faction goal), they wwould be able to do so easily (and not really be able to spy for other faction/guilds too much due to prox voice and limited large Discord rooms). I see it as an effective way of communicating between one another when the game is being "played". Already having a setup ingame prox voice chat would be far easier for them to quickly say something helpful, as combat is too fast paced to type. That is if they see their message in a scrolling chat box, oh also if they can quickly match the name to the character (cause no implemented chat bubbles or heads up). An ingame proximity voice + chat bubbles would cater to a wide range of players for this game and guilds of all sizes for various campaigns.. just sayin.
  5. Without an ingame proximity voice, I can foresee a problem with enemy eavesdroppers listening to the other sides discords channel. Then spreading any information to their own team/guilds discord channel about where the enemy team is focusing their efforts. In other words, where the enemy plans to take over an area of a campaign map. ...so for this reason alone I would like to see ingame proximity voice. A proximity voice for the main keep and a proximity voice for parties out in the wilderness/battlefield. The chat system is also set up the same way of being proximity only with the exception of "tells" and party chat. (Global chat allowed too for random socializing of all crowfall players) But in the campaign server, maybe have scouts/trackers be the only ones to seek out friendly team parties within the campaign map. A messenger crow so to speak, who brings map "snapshots" of party positioning to other parties throughout the campaign timeframe. (And maybe be able to share updated party leader names, for them to communicate via "tells", as different leaders log off for the night.
  6. I agree with OP and Whip. SWG chat bubbles were great. A little spam annoying in main cities when it cluttered up the screen and caused some lag. But bubbles added immersion that indicated it was the place to hang out and find daily player vendor deals and vendor coordinants/locations (these bubbles were being yelled by bots, so now could maybe be a job for thralls/advanced vendor skill in crowfall!?.. And with the concern of the MMO getting stale and only catering to organized guild PVP, I do hope we do have a casual main city in the EK for the new player/unguilded to collaborate with others (having duels/combat dummies, at a bar with replenishing food, viewing large flagged PVP/duels, to be able to seek out a new guild from member recruiters, auction bazarr, seeking out on duty crafters with weapon/armor repairers, etc. Chat bubbles did in the day help group leaders give orders with a quick heads up display to the player, but with today's very fast pace and aiming combat in Crowfall it would be hard to give out orders on the spot and be onpar with any voice collaborate group. So I would agree we maybe need some kind of dedicated ingame VoIP system to compete with already well organized 3rd party voice guild groups. This forces the guild to communicate when they are in a larger faction group with any unknown group members using a better "ingame" team voice channel. And any new player/casual player/small guilds in the group would get instant voice commands from the more organized larger guild. Instead of having the confusion of dealing with some 3rd party voice apps and their many chat rooms being too confusing and cumbersome... Unless discord is going to be the ultimate "go to" for Crowfall now?.. I just wish chat rooms would be auto placed for teams. A push button for talking to team/faction.. And a push button to talk to group.. ....And what is stopping an enemy from eavesdropping into the other teams voice room and listening to their battleplans?(AFK player) Maybe game should only have have faction voice dedicated to only the castle/keep area..and any AFK player inside it can be auto flagged and kicked from group. Or hunger reach zero you end your campaign session early. (For the group voice chat out in battlefield, allow NO "auto-follow" feature.) But yes, the bubble option would be a great addition, being for various casual and collaborating MMO reasons.
  7. I really like the scouting ideas of bringing the changing map layouts back to base! I think would be really fun. I would also like to see some kind of map or compass system to "reveal combat areas", to see where beginning fights breakout. (like ESO PVP map has). It helps small nearby groups pinpoint where help is needed. (Mostly for large faction campaigns.) With this I also hope they change the current "hearing harvesting before seeing player visual" mechanic or atleast reduce the sound draw distance, as the harvesters/gatherers need a survival chance if they successfully see an enemy team approaching them. (Which should be the same time the enemy stumbles upon them by default.) unless enemy is tracking, stealthed, or riding loud mount straight to you. But I guess we'll get this info when tracking details surface.
  8. Good find. So what about an option of a heads up notification of only showing a very small bubble above their head with ONLY: "..." (indicating that close character on your screen has typed something) ... like a leader of the group where it's important to look at chat at that quick moment. I think this would help a lot since most attention is focused at the middle screen cross-hair and action is very intense to try to pay attention to all the chatter. It's also going to be hard to type back while fighting. (It was easier in the old SWG days, where you had a combat queue list of executing abilities and you could type much easier during intense play) VoIP is almost going to be the standard for most communication here, so any little help to chat users is needed.
  9. Chat bubbles would be really nice.. but I understand the frustrations it can cause with long text. (SWG market traders memories ) So... Maybe SMALL bubbles with "..." above peoples heads after they say something in chat? (a heads up notification) I would like to know if someone in front of me, or on my screen speaks and I'm not glancing at chat ATM as I'm too busy playing/fighting.
  10. #featherofcrows #crowingcrows #crowfallowers / crowfollowers #CrowNest
  11. Great match. Sadly I didn't survive to see how it played out, (dreaded mid-air crash). But glad to see we won that one! https://youtu.be/xj-xi5pK1rc
  12. Great to see different types of testing on other parts of the castle wall. Can't wait till actual stealth is implemented. Though I have a feeling most will not leave the castle then..
  13. Your probably talking about my vid? The last part was of Destrin's footage was just clipped in. We were were trying to figure out the 80% damage from exiting a catapult. So I just edited it in to to show both sides of what caused the high damage. Anyway, nice vid. Loved the part where player fell after loosing that chunk of the keep wall.
  14. Yeah you guys were camping us badly that round. I saw your name and just gave it at that point.. lol. No arrows, no gear, no sustain, and Tinnis? = Eff it. .
  15. Thanks, I updated a little cleaner version now. (tried to clip out the profanity)
  16. https://youtu.be/UqqcfrcnzWg Here is a video / tutorial of Siege Perilous (attacker side). Note: AUSTRALIA SERVER EXPECT HIGH PING / ANIMATION LOSS. (Plus I was running at 2560x1600/low graphics on 4G internet) 7/30/16. This is the "pre-alpha" Siege Perilous 2.0 test map *updated a cleaner version
  17. yup that was me. I simply cast the "BeamMeToSP" ability.. apparently didnt work. But, ya, I posted the bug in test feedback already. It's ranger daggers #3. They may have already fixed some of it cause that ability felt less motion on the later test. But was def a crazy ride.. Now I just need the vid of me being chained pulled off top of the keep all the way to bottom last test to add to the collection..
  18. You can't upgrade your KS package to a higher KS anymore or even to a 2015 tier package (which ended Feb). Currently you can upgrade your package to the latest released "mini bundles" which give a small price discount to gain earlier testing access and also small perk discount (VIP,Mounts,Pack Pig, etc.) Just visit store when logged in to see the mini bundle upgrades in red lettering. If you consumed your KS bundle already the mini upgrades still apply and do not affect your original KS perks. Though, I see your Amber Status and the mini upgrades may only be for smaller package tiers. More info: http://crowfall.com/en/news/founders-update-toppling-castle-walls/
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