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    TwinGemini reacted to APE in Finding Your Murder - Official Discussion Thread   
    I wish these smaller studios weren't afraid to be more open. If they aren't afraid, then it sucks they can't be bothered to be more open.
    Much rather have honest communication with simple details then false guesstimates and hype that miss the mark which seems to be the standard.
    "Alpha is 3 months away, can't wait for you to see everything we've been working on" ..... 9 months later... where Alpha at?
    Frostweaver: Talent Trees in progress. Powers complete. Animations in progress for X race, Y race complete, Z race to follow. Expect in 6.0.
    Advantages & Disadvantages: Postponed to post-launch.
    Were Disciplines: No one likes them so we wiped the idea right off the white board.
    Hype and missed/false promises < Open/honest communication and transparency.
    Same goes for bugs and issues that have had no response (that is in a central location) that would make reporting more productive. No way the known issues list is everything and patch notes seem pretty sparse on what was fixed. Ways to do it that results in less wasted time for everyone.
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    TwinGemini reacted to srathor in Finding Your Murder - Official Discussion Thread   
    Hey when are we getting info on God's Reach?

    How is the char controller revamp going?

    Will the new stuff on test have any outside of spawning parcel effects?

    Are we going to get a knob knurple adjustment or twist on the scoring of the next trial?

    Is picking a guild important when there is not a god damn thing they are doing right now other than being a giant placard?

    Are guild banks planned? For when. How big? Any work done on them yet? How are they controlled? How about bags?

    Will healing ever get points on the boards? How about crafting? Gathering? 

    Any thoughts on just how boring it is to take almost 20 minutes to single cap a fully taken objective? Any ideas on how to spice that up?

    How about the lovely pathfinding ability, which is ignored by the mounts now. Should we have to wait for pathfinding to be done before mounting?

    Any storage ideas coming for the massive amount of single use and disposable drops that will be coming to bloat bags?

    I know yall are working your asses off. What are you working ON?

    Any details? Any news? Any timelines. 

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    TwinGemini reacted to Tinnis in Seasoned characters vs New Players (FAQ discussion)   
    if we are going to talk FAQs, then i don't think they managed to be 'light on in combat healing' and 'avoid firehose healing' either 😜
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    TwinGemini reacted to Jjusticar in Seasoned characters vs New Players (FAQ discussion)   
    I'd LOVE to see this. And I think GW2 did this really well with their weapon system personally. Wielding a 2H hammer made you feel like a big old wrecking ball, while wielding a 1H sword made you feel agile and quick all within the same class. I'd like to see something similar. Having which weapon type you wield augment your base class abilities would be incredible in pushing varying gameplay styles with the added augment of promotion classes could produce some very cool styles.
    i.e something like: colossus smash on myrm stunning with maces equipped or doing more damage and applying an armor break with axes. Or losing dagger spin on ranger if you wield axes or maces, but getting a similar style AoE ability like an AoE bleed or slow similar to whirlwind if you have axes and daze if you have maces. 
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    TwinGemini reacted to coolster50 in Seasoned characters vs New Players (FAQ discussion)   
    We definitely need some diverse weapon styles. There’s not much reason to use a short sword vs a long sword vs an axe vs a mace except for the damage type. I would very much like to see short sword Knights having a different playstyle than long sword Knights and long sword Knights having a different playstyle than axe knights, rather than it just being a personal preference. You kinda get that with mace vs sword (crushing dmg vs slashing dmg), but if mace lmbs had different anims (and maybe a different lmb altogether), it’d probably feel more distinct. No idea if this is just a symptom of pre-alpha and that’s going to be an alpha/beta feature, or if it’s something that’s nice, but not necessary and will be pushed post-soft launch. Maybe the next time Blair/Dogget/Todd are on a combat stream, I’ll ask.
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    TwinGemini reacted to Rikutatis in Seasoned characters vs New Players (FAQ discussion)   
    My post wasn't really a commentary on the current state of the past couple CWs. I know gear isn't even close to being the deciding factor in Balance being so powerful compared to Chaos and Order (although it's still an important factor regardless). I'm not that naive, lol. It was just a commentary on the current state of combat mechanics and the progression/gear power curve. Which I'm sure you'll disagree with me on that as well, but just wanted to clear that out. This is a NOT a "why balance is OP" thread. I've been making these threads with feedback on the power curve for years now, ever since discs rolled in and the gear power creep started to get out of control. And I'll probably continue to make them until launch whenever I happen to be bored and feel like writing on the forums 😂 
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    TwinGemini reacted to Jjusticar in Seasoned characters vs New Players (FAQ discussion)   
    Definitely not a solution, especially considering different import/export rules for campaigns. I'm not sure what a solution is tbh off the top of my head, would need to think about it a while. Just wanted to give my input on the topic. 
    And in response to @Jah's post which I agree with I think organization should continue to play an important role. The issue I see right now is that it's not organization v organization (i.e Guild v Guild in a competitive setting). For a lot of players now, and in the future, it will be organization v a small casual group of friends or small guild. I think that is where the biggest power gap is and I'm curious to see world bands in action to see how that plays out before any massive system changes/balance. That's not to say discs/gear/talents should not be looked at power-wise as well.
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    TwinGemini reacted to coolster50 in Live stream schedule change – Official discussion thread   
    Get well soon @jtoddcoleman
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    TwinGemini got a reaction from JamesGoblin in New player - old questions   
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    TwinGemini reacted to Solarshadow in First Impressions   
    I want to start off by stating that this is a functional pre-alpha game, it is exciting to see the ground works for a project that brings unique concepts and gameplay to the table.
    The things I am bringing up may already have been mentioned in previous posts, I just haven't had the time to sift through everyone's comments. Sorry if I am duplicating.
    The loot UI feels clunky and annoying, every time I loot it wants to pop up every window possible that I may have looked at in the past and failed to close with the [X] button.  If possible it would be nice to see a "Loot All" option in the game settings or key binds to smooth the process out, or have it set so that when looting it only opens a loot window that hopefully could be positioned near my current mouse location. 
    First class I chose was a cleric; it was unapparent to me for the first 2 hours of game play that I was actually a ranged class.  Class descriptions and more obvious spell animations, for cleric at least, would go a long way.
    Learning the hard way that death to a high level player removed everything from my inventory was a difficult lesson, I will use the bank more now; an explanation or description for bank vs spirit bank would help many.
    Personal preference, I wish there were a few more random mobs out and about. I feel like 90% of my time is spend harvesting at lower levels and 10% fighting.  Harvesting resources is a big part of Crowfall but fighting and looting / skinning helps break up the repetition. 
    One button key option to toggle through, harvest, ranged and melee would be awesome.  I found myself dancing around the keyboard like a fool.
    All in all Crowfall is a fantastic enjoyable experience, I will be back for the months or years to come to watch it grow.  Thank you for listening to one person rant about first impressions.
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    TwinGemini reacted to lpcreed971 in First Impression   
    This is my first time logging into this game. I chose a wood-elf ranger, and I am still getting use to the game. 
    I like the mechanics of the crafting system and combat system so far. There are 2 ways to level up, hunting, or sacrificing mats. 
    I like the idea of the PvP aspect of this too though I haven't tried it out yet as I am a low level.
    It would be interesting if there were sort of an area with an overpopulation of monsters with a boss at the end, or in the middle of the pack, AKA a dungeon or PVE material.
    Also, since it is PVP and there is a very good selection of races and classes to choose from, I would enjoy an arena system like what was implemented in Fable which specifically focuses on PVP.
    There were a few bugs as expected from a pre alpha game. First, sometimes the harvesting plants were floating a bit. Monsters would seem to be attacking me about 10 meters away from my actual location. before I logged out my energy would not recharge. Also when I spawned I started on top of a cliff where I had to jump, and lose life, to get to the actual point. I am not bothered by these things as I know that they will be touched up on upon further developement.
    Overall I am satisfied with the gameplay and content that is available so far. I hope to see more and provide more feedback.
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    TwinGemini reacted to bear in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    Permanent Rewards with bonuses are always a mistake. For players that need a reward to play the game there are a lot of other options. 
    On the whole HOA going Balance with WB that's the way the game is set up to be played. PLAY TO CRUSH Everyone new it was coming just didn't think it would be at this stage. Check mate you win the first trial of Alpha; too bad I was looking forward to some good three way fights on NA.
    See you in the field.
    Love bear
    Oh and to the management.... FIX RANGERS
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    TwinGemini reacted to Thevo in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    I think you are squeezing too much this thread.
    As far as I understand, what Todd said is "We identified a potential issue, and we already have potential solutions to test. Be wary, cause we may want to redress it sooner than expected". Maybe it would be nice to add a permanent failsafe as a victory condition. "The winner will be the faction with the most points after 14 days, or the first faction to get X points"
    That being said, there has been a lot of statements on this thread that I just don't agree with.
    "No win, no fun", "Pvpers only care about winning", proposals of mechanics that would just made the Uncle Bob worse and more common,...  If you are aiming for a game where everyone gets to be Uncle Bob itself, then we are target players for very different games.
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    TwinGemini reacted to cemya in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    I am beginning to wonder if answering the questions is the point of this thread at all.  Todd may be playing a deeper game.  
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    TwinGemini reacted to jtoddcoleman in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    Hey gang, let's take a quick walk down memory lane.
    WAY, WAY back in Shadowbane beta (I’m guessing this was 2002?) we had an interesting thing happen.  Our testing community was heavily guild-focused; teams from UO and new groups were waging war and building cities and sieges were happening and, in spite of the bugs, the game was kind of working.  Guilds were going at each other, vying for domination of the Aerynth, the Shadowbane world.
    And then, one day, the fighting just stopped.  A couple of the top guilds decided that, instead of fighting each other, they would work together in a big mega-alliance.  They had enough manpower and enough skill to take over the server.  That guild was called the Rolling 30s, led by a guy named Bone Dancer, and they did a pretty good job of locking the server down for a while. 
    I'm looking at the state of the Trials of Malekai campaigns, and one of them looks strangely familiar.
    So, I have a few thoughts.
    First: if the game literally gets to a point where it is mathematically unwinnable, we can always end it early.  This is testing, and the goal of testing is to (1) find bugs and (2) learn things so that we can iterate over the design.  If we hit a point in this campaign – or any campaign – where we aren’t learning anything useful, then we can (and will) shut it down and move on to the next test.
    Second: while I know this can be aggravating, I want to make it clear that this isn’t a player problem; it’s a design problem.  And it’s not an unknown out-of-nowhere design problem, either… as I said, I’ve seen this before.  One of the major reasons that we pushed off the First Sanctioned campaign is because we didn’t have a rewards system in place that would help keep this from happening (the other major reason, of course, was performance.)
    Will the reward system absolutely fix it?  No, probably not… but it will certainly help.
    Right now, the reward system is about as simplistic as a reward system can be: players on the winning team get a gold badge, everyone else gets silver.  EVERYONE gets the badge.  So, it really shouldn’t be a shock that players are working together to get the gold… because why wouldn’t they?
    A better solution, and one that we’re in the process of implementing, uses a combination of Multi-Vector Rewards and Reward Scarcity.  I was holding off on discussing this because I wanted to lock the rewards down first, but it seems like a number of people are concerned, so let’s go ahead and talk about it now.
    Reward scarcity is just that.  If every person competing at the Olympics could get a gold medal just by holding hands with their fellow participants, we’d see a lot of gold medals and a lot less competition.   So, step one is to limit the number of players who can earn any given reward.
    On top of that, we need to have Multi-Vector Rewards; not just a single “do-this-one-thing-and-only-this-one-thing-to-win” rule because single vector problems are the easiest to game (and as I noted above, this reward system is about as simple as it gets).
    So, here’s an example of a better reward structure (and it’s JUST an example):
    1.      Gold medal for the top 20 players in the winning faction
    2.      Gold medal for the top 20 individual contributors across all factions, in killing/captures/harvest/craft
    Even this super-simple example is better than the “everyone hold hands” model we have on ToM… and more vectors, with varying levels of enforced scarcity, would be even better because it drives players to have to make hard choices to “win”.
    Between now and First Sanctioned, we’ll be spending a lot of time working through the rewards design to help offset this behavior – and once we have more players (and more campaigns running) that will certainly help, as well.  (Dregs will, too, because guilds are more willing to form alliances than they are to form “mega-guilds” as that requires giving up their guild identity.)
    As I said, if the situation on any Campaign gets bad enough, if the game literally gets to a point where it is mathematically unwinnable (i.e. another variant of the dreaded Uncle Bob Scenario) then we will end the Campaign and put up a new one, making whatever adjustments we can.
    I know I could probably step in and ask the main guilds right now to stop holding hands and fight each other… but I’m not going to do that, because it would skew the test and any learning we might take from that test would be flawed.  The simple fact is: our design needs to stand up to actual player behavior, not player-behavior-when-we-ask-them-to-play-how-we-want-them-to.  Once we launch, we can’t expect players to treat our design with “kids gloves” just because we asked them nicely. 
    I know that it can be really frustrating to test an unfinished game, and for that I can only say: I get it, I hear you.  All I can offer in response is: we’re watching, we’re learning, and we will continue to do the best we can to adjust and iterate as quickly as possible.
    Thanks for sticking with us as we work through these issues.
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    TwinGemini reacted to Mayhem_X in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    Kind of a shame when this Thread is more fun than the game itself - Just saying
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    TwinGemini reacted to Scree in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    I think it's fascinating how many people here are engaging in some pointless act of vanity to try to improve their standing within the community. This thread was started by one of the driving forces behind Crowfall's development and instead of the community debating him on the merits of his design vision, bickering and nonsensical debating have filled 7 pages.
    Few people in this thread have actually tried to respond to him, about their concerns with his fix. 
    This is probably why you guys never see them in the forums anymore. You provide zero value to the discussion. Jtodd doesn't give a rats ass about team stacking, populations, or whatever excuse you need to come up with to justify that you wanted to "win" at a pre-alpha test which awards a participation trophy. Keep on going on about it though, I'm sure this thread will join the graveyard of irrelevant discussions that have become the Crowfall forums.
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    TwinGemini reacted to APE in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    I don't disagree but we aren't playing "The Game," but rather a poor version of hopefully what is to come.
    Deciding to give out launch rewards while still in what they call "Pre-Alpha" is silly IMO. There is so much missing and broken that should be fixed now if not by Alpha, Beta, and then Launch.
    Stat/gear gaps that don't reflect the "super shallow power curve," bugged and broken things across the board, lacking NPE, lack of deeper scoring/rewarding, etc.
    They released an update during the Trial that seemed to have broken as much if not more than fixed.
    Should have at least did a full wipe prior to all this (characters/bank/training).
    Playing with what is available and using every advantage to win is how things should be, but currently the "Game" is a mess and trying to pass it off as something more than it is while enticing players to game the system is a recipe for exactly what is happening.
    What did they learn from this? People will stack whatever advantages to win. Really? Who would of known. What I learned from this post from ACE is they might not have the answer to make the game they envisioned and that I imagine many of us are looking for.
    For future trials, I hope rewards are cosmetic only. Although I believe it should be more about rewarding people for testing/playing such a unfinished product instead of who is full on try harding months/years prior to launch.
    As is, everyone can get the same reward, minus the cosmetic differences, so whatever. Still it highlights what is to come if ACE doesn't figure out how to make a game for a large audience. Unless they can keep the lights on with 1 campaign and 500 customers.
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    TwinGemini reacted to Aedius in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    speaking for me and my guild :
    this week-end people from the US campagne come into the EU and it's hard for us :
    they got more stuff, more training, some of them come on our side, and we can see that they are just better.

    As we are speaking of campaign, they are king of boring outside the keep window, we got 2 main issues : 
    - new people doesn't found it fun ( we got 5 new guys on our discord, and they all play only 1 day ) : they are killed near the keep or the fort when farming some first stuff.
    - fighting to defend a fort is almost not an option on EU, we are just not enought and it's just too easy to run away to an other fort.
    with currrent bugs like
    - physics bugs like orbs that fall from the walls, tornado or druid ult that almost kill a full group with fall dommage
    - skill shot that miss targets
    - people cannot be unmount with dammage or stun.
    - fort's wall dont block many people.
    - we were not able to use our ballista
    and with current design :
    - no balancing between classes ( when a dommage dealer class deal less than a tank it's a balancing problem )
    - the map that is not fair ( some faction got only r9  and some got all the r10 )
    - fort are too easy to rebuild, when someone take it, 30 secondes latter they go elsewhere
    Good point are :
    - fight have less lag
    - fight have more fps

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    TwinGemini reacted to A9AM0use in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    For me the biggest difference between this MMO and others is how heavily guilds effect the gameplay. Because there is such an emphasis on joining a guild and team-play, the situation arises where you have vastly different experiences of the game between players who join a communicative guild who captures points and siege; and players who are basically soloing minus campaign wide sieges. These are two massively different game play styles and any system that caters to just one of these play styles or treats them the same will be flawed because it incentivizes one over the others. This isn't such a big deal in other MMOs because in those games you are grinding monster in dungeons to get loot whereas in this game your grinding low level confused players. In CF, the large crafting and harvesting component makes it immensely difficult to keep up with mega guilds who can farm from multiple accounts and having competitive gear is essential to doing well in PvP. People will naturally start moving to bigger and bigger guilds because that is the play style that's being incentivized. There should be some kind of balancing system or loyalty system or reward system in place to get layers to choose under dog factions or guilds. This wouldn't get rid of mega guilds, but it would create a choice for players. Safety in numbers and equipment or better rewards or something. 
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    TwinGemini got a reaction from Aloreal in Unforseen Chat trade spammers? Bubbles! + Player Role Tags)   
    1) "Proximity Chat Bubbles" : 
    An alternative to voice comms and to reduce clutter of spam/fast scrolling chat box resulting in a miss read...(due to Trade/Grouping/Gold Sellers/Item Finding chat spammers likely to come to this game..) .. Is it possible to do bubbles? Even if it just the minimum of a head up display displaying nothing but "..." above their head in certain zones to indicate the player in visual proximity of you said something in chat?
    But more likely if possible Id rather see a Bubble with text. And when in combat mode either be with text character limit / reduced text size/ way above the character model / auto adjusting size on screen,  if your in "combat mode" so then also still be able to see your action combat targets.
    (When you think about it Players in intense combat can't really type much anyway, but still make sure to also then atleast allow the option to turn bubbles on/off of course.)
    Furthermore bubbles in my opinion are immediate attention catching, and would give starting zones a more lively city like feeling of bubble advertisements to their EK vendor server names/rare item offers/cheap or free giveaways to late joiners/guild recruiters/ 2nd account character shouting various information / forming quick safe random harvest groups /etc.
    .. Plus they are fun seeing pre-battle social instigating stuff around enemy factions. Prompting the keep defenders to come out and fight, or maybe a possible negotiation for a faction team up?
    Even after a deathblow, show a bubble... (in this game it would be like the crow spirit speaking/complaining out of its dead body/bone-pile before they accept back to temple...
    (Here is fun small example of a old SWG game video showing a Failed Bounty Hunter getting ganked by another Bounty Hunter player. Saying his 2 cents for nearby players to see before he spawns back Fail Bounty Hunter )
    2) Above character head "Text Titles": Like in Star Wars Galaxies, can we get a form of showing a selected above head "Text Title" obtained by tree skill/mastery/branch. Or a option to examine a player for further info on a players (offered desired roles) in large factions? Helps to find a specific profession advertising player needed to contact for certain crafting mats or combat skill offerings for quick grouping.
    ..I get Discord has a role option, but ingame is always better to quickly see a title and ask someone if they have or can make a quick crafted component/ ask for help/ or just see all the many different roles available around you... feeling like a lived in campaign.
    This then also gives an additional fun mechanic to the player of option to at times then select a "fooling - lesser" obtained title to onlooking enemies in combat zones. An enemy sees them as a crafter/ lesser branch of a skill tree.. but in reality they are also skilled far in combat trees/XP leveled too. (A turn of tide scenario to a failed attempted solo gank. or a trick to look like a newbie to them, hopefully then they leave you alone...heh, hopeful!..)
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    TwinGemini reacted to ZYBAK in Zybak Interview with J Todd Coleman and Thomas Blair   
    I hope you guys enjoy this. My intentions were to have this be an interview by the players and for the players. I asked them some pretty tough questions and I think it turned out pretty well!
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    TwinGemini reacted to Pann in CF Devs live Q&A with Zybak - Official discussion thread   
    Zybak asks questions from the Crowfall community, Todd talks Dregs. 
  24. Haha
    TwinGemini reacted to sanfall in Unforseen Chat trade spammers? Bubbles! + Player Role Tags)   
    Maybe this picture might help. i'm not the best photo editor out there so excuse my poor image. 
    What I don't want to see is this happen, especially in combat. I would rather there be a system for you to get someone's attention, then start a private chat somehow instead of speech bubble. I have no issue with trying to prevent misreads or catching someone's attention. Just not to the point where it could affect gameplay.
    Speech bubble sample
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    TwinGemini reacted to sanfall in Unforseen Chat trade spammers? Bubbles! + Player Role Tags)   
    i don't know. i feel trading one spam for another spam (which fills up your screens) seems like a bad idea. At least with general spam, that is clutter that I know is mostly unimportant. It seems that if you want to talk to someone specifically, don't use general but whispers and you'll see it in the ME window. /say should also be on the ME tab, and since that is local, it fixed your problem which is already in game. Its just that not a lot of people know the /say command. Adding a bubble feature to replace a fix that is already in place seems a bit pointless in my opinion.
    If your argument is that chat bubbles looks nicer and is more convenient for you, sure. That is a valid argument. But to say chat bubbles will reduce spam doesn't seem like a valid argument as I don't believe it will. People will continue using /general, you may get a /say chat bubble here and there, but you'd still need to read general.
    My other point is that in combat, if chat bubbles fills your screen blocking your view of combat, it is a bad thing.
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