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    TwinGemini reacted to ilogos in Unforseen Chat trade spammers? Bubbles! + Player Role Tags)   
    Sorry if this isn't the right thread for this, but I've given thought to how trade or "open market economy" is supposed to work in-game as well. This is one of my main turnaways from the game currently because unless you are well connected or in a guild, there is little you can do with your inventory other than spamming chat or crafting your own items. 
    My solution to this in a previous post was to add the ability for players to temporarily set up a site for selling goods (e.g. laying down a carpet). I understand that player trade stalls are already something that can happen, but in my opinion there is a bit of a curve to get to that point; and that while having permanent stalls is a good idea in some situations, it might also be a good idea to have temporary stalls for other situations.
    For example, lets say I am in my faction city and not vulnerable to other players being able to attack me. I select the "set up trade camp" ability and my character rolls out a trade carpet with some generic design decorations. Above my head there would be some kind of indicator stating that I am open for business, and selecting on my character would open up a store with the goods that I have for sale. 
    I see two main issues with this thought :
    It removes the need for more permanent player-based trade stalls  It utilized  more server resources because more people will be sitting afk and cluttering certain areas My main solution to the above two issues is to have a timer on the temporary trade stall. For example, every 24 hours you can only have your stand open for 2 hrs total. Once 2 hrs is used, the ability will be unavailable again for 24 hrs. This can also allow people to quickly set up shop and leave if the area is too dangerous or not enough people around. 
    In conclusion, I think this would remove from some of the spam of selling and buying goods if it was more centralized and structured like the situation I described above.  
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    TwinGemini reacted to miraluna in ACE Q&A for January - Official discussion thread   
    Good to hear some concerns addressed, and future things are still truckin' along in a positive direction.
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    TwinGemini reacted to miraluna in My chat channel tabs are gone? I can't talk!!   
    Until chat is fixed we must use the universal mmo communication code*:

    *Disclaimer: In Crowfall, jumping may have negative side effects such as reducing your chicken ticker.
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    TwinGemini reacted to sheen in Any plans for in game Proximity Voice Chat?   
    Proximity Voice Chat adds a lot to emergent gameplay among strangers, and adds an added layer of social interaction (mmorpgs are supposed to be about social gameplay right?)
    Last I heard it didn't sound like proximity chat was big on their list though but that may just be me reading too far into things. 
    I hope they have it though, and obviously for those opposed to it there could always be an off-switch.
    It's the year 2015, typing your communications in-game seems a bit antiquated. 
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    TwinGemini reacted to skytea in Any plans for in game Proximity Voice Chat?   
    Are there any plans for in game voice chat being implemented? This will make it possible for roleplaying, and countless other interactions with other players because of the ability to communicate on the fly. I feel like without voicechat we are limiting many options we have when encountering strangers (which basically results in kill on sight).
    I made a post going more depth about this topic in a similar alpha game's forums which gives many reasons why  in game voice chat is needed for most MMO's to provide a better experience for the players. Here is a link: https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/6564-Let-s-talk-about-Voicechat-and-why-a-built-in-Proximity-Voicechat-system-is-bene/
    EDIT: People are getting the wrong idea, here is a good reply that sums it up
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    TwinGemini reacted to BarriaKarl in The Role of Negativity in Crowfall   
    I won't. I am one of those that will keep your guys properly equipped so that you can bash each other skulls with maximum efficiency.
    50v50 dont concern me. And neither are they fun enough to interest me as they are now. Too much flashing lights and group hugs, too little skill or tatics for me.
    I will be among those whose fights will consist mostly of 5v5 or 10v10 while I am in the field doing my thing.
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    TwinGemini reacted to Nerd in The Role of Negativity in Crowfall   
    The bitter Shadowbane vets in this thread need to realize one thing:
    Shadowbane is a dead game.
    Sure it was entertaining at the time.
    Yes it made some memorable moments.
    Is it still a commercial success? No. The game is dead. It's not even on life support like Eve or Albion Online. It's done.
    If you've come here looking for an exact replica of Shadowbane with better graphics and some minor QoL changes you are simply dreaming. The developers are here to make money. Shadowbane has been proven to not be successful 10 years ago, and without learning the lessons from all of the failed games that have come after it will result in it dying again, we will have all wasted our money, and it will join Shadowbane in the trash heap of dead games.
    That's not to say that you can't take some positives from Shadowbane. Most of us bought into Crowfall for the PvP aspects of it which use a similar framework to Shadowbane. I think posters like OP acknowledge that certain mechanics need to be tweaked which is a perfectly valid opinion pre-alpha.
    The bitter Shadowbane vets need to understand that some elements in their game resulted in a terrible death, and instead of rejecting change, embrace it. Find areas of common ground. We have to work with the framework of Shadowbane and make it better. Put the nostalgia away and lets get to work.
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    TwinGemini reacted to raeshlavik in 5.8 - Things that are awesome   
    In game development the things people like are usually drowned out by the gripes and complaints - but both are valuable; a team also needs to know what the good stuff is so that they can make more of it.
    So this is a 'good stuff' thread.
    For me, who hasn't really played any pre-alpha content since HungerDome, it looks a bit like this:
    The sacrifice system is fantastic. There needs to be voluntary economy sinks, and this is a good one. It handily turns crafting failures into some sort of return on the materials, which is a nice 'feel good' for the 'feel bad' of a failure. Which ties into crafting... I've not really delved the nuts and bolts specifics of it like some other folks, but what I've seen so far is really fun. I especially enjoy how much input I can have on the process - from materials to choices in experimentation. It's infinitely better than the fare you get in some other MMOs where crafting is that button you press ten thousand times to get to that one thing you really want to make. Gathering is nicely varied and I can go for an hour or two without triggering my allergy to repetition. I especially like the fireflies and lighting on harvestables as it makes them easier to find in the massive world... It also makes gatherers easier to find, which adds complications when I'm gathering, but that's part of the game. The world is gorgeous, and the procedural assembly is really great. I can recognize the individual land 'module' once I'm in it, but the random assembly of modules adds a ton of replay value as it feels like a new place to explore with each world. The scale of the game world is amazing. By this I'm referring to the structures like the faction temples, keeps, forts, etc. But the landmass versus travel speed is really nice too... I was worried that the mounts would break the massive feel, but I'm happy to report that even at epic mount speed the worlds are still adequately huge - without being so big you never see anyone else. The character model customizations are coming along nicely. I'm really grateful for the inclusion of some non-standard races as it really sets the IP apart from the hordes of MMOs where character choice is short, tall, thin, fat, or oddly colored human. The combat, for me, has been really great - in my limited exposure. The pacing is good as it lends toward a tactical feel versus pounce and gib where the victim has no real say in the process. And it's easy enough to figure out how to do it, but I can see that mastering a class / sub-class will take some work and this is a good thing... It really reminds me of Shadowbane (natch) in that the 'meta' was always whatever a really good player did with whatever crazy thing they came up with, then everyone would do whatever that player did - poorly - until the next great player with a crazy idea... The secret sauce was always the player more than the specific race, point, or discipline allocations.
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    TwinGemini reacted to Phr00t in Quality of life improvements   
    Edit: Probably posted this on the wrong board so delete if needed 
    List all your desired quality of life requests! These are all my opinion and are most likely not informed of future plans or balance decisions.
    Chat, Map, Inventory, talents and all other UI screens usable without breaking auto-run Auto-take option for crafting, to skip having to click "Take" after every craft Changing off Survival Tray while mounted auto dismounts Player-set map markers that become nodes on the compass Hovering over a player should show class and level Feedback when hitting motherlode armor and such to show that you're not breaking through (show "0" damage?) UI element that shows location of banks with items ("Items in Sunset Keep, soandso Fort") Friends, ignore list, online notifications for friends/guilds, etc Crafting tracker that lists materials required for target pieces, like a quest tracker  
    Not QOL but (controversial?) requests anyway:
    Crow should run at swift mount speed, or death shroud duration should be dramatically reduced, both of these combined means there's a lot of downtime just to be able to play again Crow can fly over gaps Re-buff healing blockers
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    TwinGemini reacted to Pann in “Stories from the Front” contributors wanted   
    We are looking to create a series that will debut alongside the release of 5.8: First Campaign. “Stories from the Front" will be a daily report that chronicles the status of the Campaign and will be hosted on the Official Crowfall Twitch channel.
    We’re looking for volunteer correspondents, players interested in sharing highlights from their guilds or factions. The plans are still very much in the planning process and we’d love to hear your creative ideas about the type of content you’d like to contribute such as podcasts, blogs, livestreams, gifs or any other approach that you think the community would like to see.
    Our goal is to have a schedule of who and what will go live during that first week or two as the Campaign kicks off. With your participation, it could become an ongoing thing. And that would be awesome.
    So, how about it? Let’s roll!
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    TwinGemini reacted to ACE_JackalBark in Unconsciousness, Resurrection, & Beheading - Official Discussion Thread   
    Take a look at the new systems surrounding death!
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    TwinGemini got a reaction from Gaiawyn in Guardians of the Spawn Camps   
    How about God statues with fricken laser beams attached to their heads! 
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    TwinGemini reacted to Frykka in 5.5 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for March 9, 2018   
    A lot of the "dust drop" issue appears to be that dust is only leaving a trace or dropping below ground level... in many instances I could just see the top or shadow of the blue dust globe in the grass and could get it.   Players were probably missing them...   some dust appeared to also be inside or under logs...   rarely saw the dust doober but got about 10-12 per 10 min potion.

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    TwinGemini reacted to Keaggan in Hungercast Special Guest...Gordon Walton!   
    Hey @everyone!
    This week on Hungercast we have the special guest of Ace Co-Founder, Mr @Tyrant himself, Gordon Walton!

    Since it is rare that he steps into the spot light we wanted to involve the community as much as possible. So as part of the show we are going to be fielding questions from Discord, Twitter the forums and especially from the live chat during the Hungercast! 

    Post your questions here and we will feature the best ones live. So come on by say hi and talk with other crows. 

    Show is THIS Saturday 3/10/18 @ 2pm CST

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    TwinGemini reacted to headlight in More on Action Harvesting - Official discussion thread   
    just shove a credit card underneath the edge of the left mouse button, right where it meets the scroll wheel. hands free.
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    TwinGemini got a reaction from JamesGoblin in More on Action Harvesting - Official discussion thread   
    Guess I'll have to switch my "drinking" hand to my left hand now.. lol.

    Kinda liked holding down "F" with my left hand so I could have some game "downtime to eat or drink". But then again I can always hotkey the mouse click to a keyboard key...  I do though have the feeling my right mouse index finger is gonna take a beating after combat fights with now adding harvesting too to the mix. (not to mention a beating on my mouse button hardware too)

    I do however, like the "survival tray" to also be the "out of combat stance" concept. And a place you can put all your potions or different harvesting tools. (Does this mean they won't be in inventory that are subject to PVP lootable?)

    Do we get instant health pots now to use in the survival tray? ..Health Potion would help harvesters as a "retaliate ability" on any first unsuspected incoming combat blows. (a harvester will encounter fights as an ambush every time as they do not see anything on screen but the targeted "node")
    I would allow harvesters to use survival tray abilities like healing potions. But have attackers who are already in combat  (and in a melee/ranged tray), not to be able to switch to the survival tray until out of combat again (after potion global cooldown).  This may help out the first ambush attack on harvesters sustaining a dizzy knockdown.

    Heh, or maybe just give survival tray users who encounter sudden combat a different more powerful "retaliate" ability.

    Will be interesting how this new tray concept shapes out.
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    TwinGemini reacted to VIKINGNAIL in Make it pay to play   
    I find that in PvP games I would prefer to play vs skilled players so I'd rather as many people play as possible. 
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    TwinGemini reacted to Ceollach in First picture of the Crowfall booth on the Gamescom   
    Let me know what you think of our "Tree of life" for our Gamescom booth :).

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    TwinGemini reacted to coolster50 in What discipline powers would you like to see?   
    I would love to see a minor Disc called Tubthumper that passively made you immune to knockdowns (or significantly reduced the cooldown of retaliate), with the flavor text, "I get knocked down, but I get up again. You're never gonna keep me down."
    (Kudos to those who get this reference)
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    TwinGemini reacted to Bravehorn in graphics overhaul   
    Hello all fellow forumers Bravehorn here and today i just want to say a few things sonce the changes to the graphics overhaul.
    Now i play tested the game almost 4 months ago when big worlds just got introduced and i liked what i saw even though the game was quite basic and the graphics were on par with WOW.
    But since being able to play test 5.0 i just want to say awsome job guys seriously, the graphics overhaul is a huge huge big step in the right direction for me as software and programs get better we should see better graphics.
    I play tested for about an hour and i was really happy with the changes along side a few hiccups i came across.
    The thing i want to see improve asap is the skill lag and lag in general, if these can be improved on this game would be amaze balls :D.
    Thank you for the great update and giving me the chance to see it improve keep up the good work.
    See you all in game soon.
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    TwinGemini reacted to Xarrayne in What discipline powers would you like to see?   
    P.S. ACE have said they have physics-related Powers slated for development, but the tech side isn't ready yet. We'll have to wait for those, I'm sure the Devs have some pretty interesting ones of their own!
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    TwinGemini reacted to Pann in "Massive Reveal" Day - Official discussion thread   
    The day has finally come for us to pull back the curtain!
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